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Ava’s little girl room reveal: Purple and Florals everyone can love

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Home, Things we love | 6 comments

Finally! The day has arrived to reveal Ava’s little girl room! It took months of planning, sourcing, emailing and carefully selecting all the items fit for our baby lady’s little girl room. For some reason it has been my most challenging room make-over to date.

Now that it’s complete, I’m so pleased with how everything came together. Best of all, Ava LOVES her room too! We find her basking in the sun, playing with her toys and simply enjoying her pretty new space all throughout the day. The transition from our room to her own has also been a breeze but more about that later…

Lets take a tour of Ava’s floral inspired little girl room!

It all started with these incredible watercolour wall decals by Kikki & Franki.

Just a Mamma little girl room

They are so easy to apply and instantly inspired me to take the leap and go all-out feminine and floral. Purple was the colour that had been following me all throughout my pregnancy, I knew it would be dominant in the room but toned down by soft pinks and crisp whites. So we painted 3 of the walls white and I ombred the brick wall in shades of purple.

Just a Mamma little girl room

Starting with the darkest purple at the bottom and moving through lighter shades all the way to white. After deciding on a colour scheme I approached the room as any other, planning out “zones” for Ava to enjoy.

ZONE 1 – Obviously the sleep zone

Being a bedroom, this is the most important zone. Ava still sleeps in a cot – the same cot we used for both Eliana and Lia.

Just a Mamma little girl room

We use a Nordic Nuss sleepnest and blankets so bedding wasn’t needed. I did however splurge on a stunning custom made triangle quilt by Love DW.

I got to choose the design, colour and fabric options for Ava’s quilt. The pretty hydrangea fabric was especially ordered, just for us. This is one of my favourite items in Ava’s room. Beautifully designed and made. The quality is amazing and I know Ava will one day be able to pass it on to her own babies.Just a Mamma little girl room

I placed our feeding chair next to the cot seeing as feeding time is calm and quiet too. Remember to have an ottoman and side table close by – cluster feeds could keep you in one spot for some time.

Just a Mamma little girl room

The cot bumper was a steal from Mr. Price Home and I  couldn’t resist having Mayalief design prints from my maternity milk bath photo session (see it here) and the follow up milk bath session after Ava’s birth. It’s such a special “then and now” set.

Just a Mamma little girl

Michelle also gave Ava the prettiest embroidered name for her birthday and I added a fern botanical artwork from Velt to complete the gallery wall. As soon as December comes, I’ll be ordering another floating frame filled with tiny hydrangea flowers. These are stunning and timeless. It’s “something” that can grow with Ava as her bedroom changes.

Just a Mamma little girl roomJust a Mamma little girl room

Mayalief also makes personalised sheeting and blankets. The angel wings was especially designed for Ava and having her name at the bottom just ads an extra touch. Other bits and pieces you’ll find in her cot is her beloved Ewan the Dream Sheep and sleepy Ellie from Tiger Lily.

Just a Mamma little girl room

Zone 2 – We added a bed

Not because Ava needed another sleep zone but because we co-slept and I wanted a place to cuddle if need be without having to take her back to our room.

Having a bed and a cot meant I couldn’t fit the diaper changing station. The bed works well for this – we keep all our cloth diaper and changing essentials in baskets under it. Easily accessible while I change or dress Ava on the soft doily carpets on the floor.

Just a Mamma little girl room

Ava’s feminine, soft bedding is from Volpes. They have the best winter bedding and you can get all the details from our previous post, Setting up Ava’s room. The Vintage washed cotton range is still our favourite and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for spring.

Just a Mamma little girl room

We hung Ava’s grey Zhoozsh Linen soft canopy over the bed to enhance the cozy feel of the room.

Just a Mamma little girl room

Cute extras include a sweet deer doll from Kara Kenya, pom pom garland (also Mayalief) and an adorable bear chair by Hello Dovetail. You won’t find better kids furniture. We have a few products from their range, all sturdy, practical and playful.

I like buying furniture that can be used for more than one function, that grows with our girls so, for now we use the bear chair as a bedside table.

Just a Mamma little girl room

Ava has however already figured out it’s her own little chair. We find her proudly perched on it regularly.

ZONE 3 – A place to play

Every little one needs a corner to explore freely. Ava has 2 play zones. The first being at the bottom of the bed – her play pit. The second – in front of her window.

Just a Mamma little girl room

Play Zone 1 : The Play Pit

Mommies, your baby needs one of these! Whether you use it as a ball pond for sensory play, a play pen to keep baby safe or play pit to climb in and out off… It’s a must. I can’t tell you how much fun Ava has in hers.

Cherry Dot Studios makes the prettiest play pits in a range of gorgeous colours and it’s big enough to fit all three our girls with ease. All of them love playing in it. Another must-have item from their product range are the mini knotted bell balls. Ava shakes and throws these all over the room and enjoys sticking her fingers in between the braided knots. Once again the colours are divine too.

Just a Mamma little girl roomJust a Mamma little girl room

All Ava’s toys are kept in a seagrass woven belly basket from Simply Child and a vintage rattan stroller I found from Old is the New NEW. (Mouse and Wolf dolls from Wolf Wolf)

Play Zone 2 is intended for calmer, quiet play.

In front of the window are three of the most delicately crocheted Bella Poppelina rugs. These rugs are handmade and one of a kind. They are thick and perfect to play on. Best of all, when they get dirty just toss them in the washing machine and lay flat to dry. Easy care!

Ps: How fun is the girly llama print by Tiny Tiger Kids?

Just a Mamma little girl room shelf

We have a mirror on the wall on floor level. We did this with all of our girls.

Just a Mamma little girl room

Hours are spent looking and interacting with “the baby on the other side”. It’s also the perfect spot for tummy time and a little reading. Once again our Olly Polly shelves have come in very handy. Use them as is for book shelves or…

Just a Mamma little girl room

Turn them upside down to use as a shelf for small toys like these Tiger Lily Bear Nesting Dolls and Rose & Vickory stacking ring. I also hang some Little Me dangles (Ava’s favourite) from the bottom.

Just a Mamma little girl room book shelf

And lastly, Zone 4 – Ava’s closet

The same second hand wardrobe used in Lia’s room will have to do for now in Ava’s little girl room.

Just a Mamma little girl room

All we added was a Mayalief “Story of you” poster to help me keep track of Ava’s milestones and 1st year as well as three Nectar & Ink wooden hangers. They are great for displaying some of Ava’s most treasure outfits.

Fun extras:

Diamond shaped wall hooks are so trendy at the moment how could I not add one to Ava’s little girl room? (Available from Mayalief) It displays some of our current favourite things:

  • A beaded garland by Tiger Lily
  • A limited edition James and Jaxson story telling blanket
  • Ava’s flower crown from her Frida Kahlo inspired 1st birthday
  • A Mayalief rainbow wall hanging
  • Rose Gold Fairy wand
  • And Ava’s wooden name disk used in her birth announcement (also a Nectar & Ink creation).

Just a Mamma little girl room

Every piece in Ava’s little girl room is a treasured keepsake but 4 pieces I hope to keep for her till the day she becomes a mom are:

  • The exquisite Love DW quilt
  • Her fern botanical art piece by Velt
  • The Mayalief personal pregnancy print
  • And Ava’s Tiger Lilly wooden rattle with her name painted on.

Just a Mamma little girl room

So, what do you think? Do you love purple a little bit more after seeing how we used it in Ava’s little girl room? Anything in particular that you thought was pretty? Or maybe the room was a miss.

I’d love to hear your thought so please leave us a comment below.

Just a Mamma little girl room

For more room inspiration check out:

Eliana and Lia’s bedroom to share


Our hygge inspired master bedroom and baby nook.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West.

Just a Mamma little girl room

(Special note: Ava is wearing the Ava romper by Everli Baby, lovely vanilla popcorn bonnet my Mia Mae and cute shoes by Harry & Boo.)


  1. Momma Jo

    OMGsh its gorgeous! I saw the sneak peak on IG and was dying to know what it would look like. Well done Mamma

    • Mari-Louise

      Thank you so much. The purple was definitely out of my comfort zone but now I love it!

  2. Salome van Wyk

    Dit lyk ongelooflik mooi!! Ek is verlief op haar kamer!! ♡

    • Mari-Louise

      Oooh yay. Dit was lekker om bietjie verlore te raak in als wat meisie is. Een van die dae jou beurt.

  3. Rachelle vd Merwe

    Pragtig! Was die wag werd…mag sy hope mooi memories hier maak.


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