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Volpes Winter Bedding: Setting up Ava’s room Part 1

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Home, Things we love | 8 comments

We are merely days away from our little Ava’s first birthday and setting up her nursery is top priority. Ava’s been co-sleeping with us and it’s been an incredible experience but the time has come for her to move into her own room.

Something comfy, cozy and beautiful. The transition won’t be easy (especially on mama) so, we are approaching this nursery a little differently. I’m sure we’ll still be co-sleeping for a while and have decided to include a bed in the room. Ava won’t be using it by herself but I foresee some precious cuddle-time as we both get use to not sleeping in each others arms.

A bed means we need some pretty bedding. Something fitting for a nursery but that will grow with baby into a toddler and little girl’s room. Quality is very important. Bedding that will last over the years, wash-after-wash, staying soft. Style and practicality are both key.

Another consideration is going for something that can easily be tied into any theme.

Just a Mamma Volpes

Thank you Volpes.

Leaders in the South African linen industry, Volpes was established in 1929 as a mail order business in Port Elizabeth. Today they are a modern day brand with over 27 stores countrywide. Although many things have changed over the last 89 years, their roots have stayed the same. Still proudly based in PE, where they locally manufacture majority of their products and continue to strive toward supplying top quality linen, curtains, bedding and bathroom goods.

Volpes was kind enough to give us a helping hand with Ava’s room. Spoiling us with a R1000 voucher. I couldn’t wait to start shopping!

Just a Mamma Volpes

Spoiled for choice.

I was surprised to find so many pretty things under one roof  and their latest range certainly doesn’t disappoint. Including global design trends such as monotones, dark contrasts, sophisticated modern touches and some classic prints.

Going dark and moody is one of this year’s hottest trends and exactly what we have in mind for Ava’s nursery. I painted a feature exposed brick wall in shades of purple. Starting with an almost black shade of purple at the bottom while gradually working my way towards white as I reached the ceiling.

Next up bedding…

Cotton is perfect for every season and the latest addition to the world of bed linen is vintage washed cotton. This is by far my favourite from their entire range. The pure cotton fabric has been especially laundered to feel extra soft and has a lovely “lived in” look that never needs ironing – perfect for a kids room.

Just a Mamma Volpes

It feels luxurious and ticks all our hygge boxes. Available in plain colours such as white, rose, natural, charcoal and denim.

Just a Mamma VolpesJust a Mamma Volpes

After a lot of back and forth we decided to go with the rose.

Now to add an extra layer of warmth.

Sheeting and a pillowcase or two are essential when putting together the perfect bed. Winter calls for a little extra heat. Brushed cotton isn’t just wonderfully soft but also warm to the touch.

Just a Mamma Volpes

Crisp white sheets and pillows aren’t just a classic choice but also create a stark contrast.

Time to accessorize.

A winter bed isn’t complete without adding a throw or blanket and at Volpes there’s so much variety to choose from. This was a tough decision but with quilts making a comeback I couldn’t resist going for one of their bed runners. (How have I only now discovered bed runners?)

Just a Mamma Volpes

Get that comfy, layered look you see in store by adding a bed runner instead of an entire blanket or throw – no fancy folding needed. Simply drape the runner over the foot of the bed.

A muted shade of violet tied in the purple feature wall keeping the look of Ava’s bed soft, feminine and calm.

Finishing touches…

And so with the help of Volpes we have started on Ava’ nursery. Setting the look and tone for things to come. We’ll be adding some finishing touches with scatter-cushions and maybe another throw.Just a Mamma Volpes

What do you think? Should we add a pop of colour with a silky Shimmer Soft throw or glam things up with a Faux Fur throw adding a bit of texture?

Just a Mamma Volpes

Be sure to let me know your choice in the comments below and keep an eye on our social media for the final room reveal in July.

You can also check out more of the stunning winter bedding available at Volpes by visiting a store near you or going online to . Also give their Facebook page a like @volpessa and follow Volpes on Instagram @volpes_sa.

Blankets imagery curtesy of Volpes.


  1. Anje

    Oe dis mooi!! Ek love d hasies natuurlik ook hehe!!

  2. MrsFF

    So beautiful!!! And actually looks like something even a grown up would enjoy…. that for me is the hallmark of any nursery.

    • Mari-Louise

      Thank you! That is such a lovely thing to say.

  3. Lauren

    So pretty! I’d go with the faux fur throw… I visited a friend with one and my little eight month old just LOVED the texture. Also love the colour!

    • Mari-Louise

      It is so soft. Really love it too. And thanks for the nice words.x

  4. Momma Jo

    That knitted blanket is to die for! The faux fur throw is what I’d go for too. If she is tactile (likes rubbing things through her thumb and index finger) that is a sure winner.

    • Mari-Louise

      Mmm… Good point mama. She is very tactile – didn’t even think about it like that. Thank you.


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