Mari-Louise Candiotes a.k.a Just a Mamma

Just a Mamma, Mari-Louise Candiotes a.k.a Just a Mamma


I am Mari-Louise.

A proudly South African, Pretoria mom who hates warm drinks and can’t eat enough salted tomatoes.

In my pre-baby life I used to be a teacher, I used to be an artist, a world-traveller and semi-party animal. Then on the 13th of February 2012, life changed forever! Little Eliana Maria a.k.a Pickle, made me a Mamma (Most amazing title ever, right up there with becoming a Mrs. – EST. 2008).

Fast forward a couple of years and a truck load of ups and downs to now… I am still married to Mr. Perfect, the Candi-clan is growing strong with the addition of Miss Lia Alexandra a.k.a Lillipit, back in October of 2014 and our calm cutie Ava Loïs in July of 2017. Yes, we have THREE beautiful, bubbly girls filling our home with joy, messiness, LOADS of chatter and love.

Just a Mamma, Mari-Louise Candiotes a.k.a Just a Mamma

Challenges are inevitable and even with so much negativity in the world, I am determined to make the most out of this “motherhood journey”. Filling our lives with God, love, adventure, fun and the odd Mojito or two. I share the ups, downs, highs, lows and pajama drill moments as well as some awesome tips, finds and things I am learning as we go along.

Welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood. I invite you to be part of this mamma-squad of girl-bosses, mompreneurs and awesome stay-at-home mammas, fiercely raising their tribe coz deep down we are all “just mammas”.


Just a Mamma, Mari-Louise Candiotes a.k.a Just a Mamma

Hearing from YOU is the best! Please email me at with any comments, suggestions or just to say hello.

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