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A Room To Share: Hygge Master Bedroom and Baby Nook.

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Home, Things we love | 8 comments

When it came to preparing for baby number 3, Mr. Perfect and I decided to minimise and prioritise. Being realistic about the 1st few months of “newborn life”. I knew I would be in a haze of baby cuddles, diapers, burping and breastfeeding while Alec would be taking on more responsibility with our other 2 girls. Having another pretty nursery wasn’t important to us… We needed a sanctuary of our own where we could destress and power-up for each day’s challenges, but we needed to share this space with our new little person too. Functionality and luxury was at the top of our list hence the idea to create a hygge master bedroom with a nook or two for baby.

Hygge what?

Yes, I know… it’s the buzz word of 2016 and also so “us” – well, most of us. It’s become a trend – “The danish way to live well” –  but at it’s core it’s actually a feeling. After reading “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking I finally understood our design (and life) style. Something I’ve never really been able to describe… Somewhere between minimalism and slow-living, between farm life and city charm, between nature and man-made. There where we find beauty, warmth and security in modesty and simplicity. It’s way too much to get into here so I highly recommend getting your own copy of Meik’s book.

Tackling the master bedroom…

At the end of last year Lovilee blog featured an incredible macrame, boho feel bed set from The Bedroom Shop Online. Everything about that set spoke to my soul, the colours, textures and feel. The Sanura cotton bed set from Linenhouse would be the main focus of our hygge inspired master bedroom.

I knew this was going to be a huge renovation, knocking out walls, redoing floors, electrical and lights, painting, building… You name it! Prep did take some time and with bad weather and delays, it felt like a never ending project but in the end it was all worth it.

Step 1, increasing natural light by knocking out our bedroom wall and making space for a gorgeous Jarida custom industrial style steel frame door and windows. Then a screed finish floor replaced our worn carpet. Lastly some crisp white paint “prepared our blank canvas”, ready to be decorated.

Side note: The iron frame door and window do not come with glass. You’ll have to organise your own team of glass-fitters to come finish the doors and windows once building is done.

At Kamers Makers earlier this year, we fell in love with Dismoi Calabash Lights. We knew their gorgeous lights would work well with our exposed roof beams and give a natural and proudly South African feel to our bedroom.

Another light necessity for our bedroom, a bedside lamp. The Jenny table lamp from Emerging Creatives has just the right amount of vintage and minimalist appeal and gives enough light without brightening the bedroom up too much.

Now that we had bedding and great lighting I added some other details, increasing the overall “hygge”.

A stunning vintage looking rug from Hertex.

Emperor pillows with covers from @Home, perfect for a king size bed.

Cozy chunky knit merino wool blankets lovingly made by my mom (see her knitted creations @snugly_baby).

Scatter cushions for added texture from Sprout Kids Co. and Mr. Price Home.

An indoor plant or two coz greenery is always good!

A space for ME.

No denying it. We ladies have a lot of stuff. Accessories, straighteners, curling irons, gizmos and gadgets, keepsakes and treasures, all those things that make us look our best. We need extra space to keep it all. I’ve never found a dressing table I’ve liked but when we came across an old apothecary cabinet while thrifting at Sinkhuisie Antiques (one of  our favourite shops), I knew that with a little love it could be just what we needed.

We replaced the broken and old glass fronts with perspex. Sanded and added fresh paint as needed and with the addition of our gorgeous Retrend gold frame oval mirror, WHOILA! A dresser myself and Mr. Perfect loves and can both use.

Other great storage options:

ZANA soft pots to keep all those bits tidy.

The Dovetail tree coat stand for scarves, our Ubuntu Baba babycarrier and more.

Simply Home wall hooks by the door for displaying my hat collection and amazing Hansel & Gretel diaper bag.

Next a nook for baby!

Eliana spent the 1st 3 months of her life in a carrycot, next to our bed. Lia slept in our bed for at least 6 weeks and only moved to her nursery at 6 months. We knew our winter babe would definitely be spending the 1st 6 months, maybe even more in our room. The Stokke daybed worked well for Lia and stays a winner with it’s simplistic, classic design and look. The addition of a Zhoozsh Linen soft canopy creates a darkened, corner hide-out. Perfect for newborn sleeping and getting use to life outside the womb.

Babies don’t need duvets, pillows and loads of bedding but you can never have enough swaddles and blankets. Trestle South Africa‘s Freya ladder makes for an easy access and portable storage solution.

Big supporters of co-sleeping we see our Nordic Nuss baby nest as an essential. Creating the perfect sleep environment for baby whether it’s in your bed, in the crib or even on the couch. (Full product review coming soon).

Being a space for baby but in a room for adults, we wanted to include some cute elements without compromising the style of the room. Not knowing baby’s sex we needed to be gender neutral too… La Fede to the rescue! Chantelle understood exactly what hygge was about and came up with the most adorable bear themed goodies. Cute, kid-approved but without being over the top and too childish. From teddies to embroidered hoops, a magical set of bear family pen and ink sketches and even a special “Bear Mountain” play quilt. Made with so much love. Our baby bear is one lucky person!

Extra’s that made the baby nook even prettier:

A soft medicinal sheep skin from Krôkenoster. Not just warm and fluffy but also great for baby’s development.

I think Tiger Lily Tots wooden bead garlands makes any space prettier.

Tiny Tiger Kids was also kind enough to make an incredible, one-of-a-kind custom made leaf wreath to add life to our space.

Other baby basics we included:

Our reupholstered Biggie Best rocking chair is comfy and the best place to relax and spend hours reading and cluster-feeding your growing baby. Not forgetting an ottoman for putting up your feet and a little wooden cupboard (also from Sinkhuisie Antiques) to keep water and reading material close by.

Invest in good quality, easy care block-out curtains to darken the room at any time as well as a panel heater or two to regulate room temperature and keep everyone happy.

Side-note: Thank you Cactic Manufacturing for once again making another stunning custom decor piece for us. A raw steel curtain rod spanning across all our windows and doors. 

A basket full of friends to play with and love. Each a gift from someone special.

I couldn’t resist this intricately made macrame swing from Euro Bébé. Who  doesn’t want an indoor swing?

Extra space for baby…

We really don’t want to leave our hygge haven and are fortunate enough to have a biggish master bedroom so we added the baby changing station as well. Another big sister hand-me-down, Lia’s compactum was given new life with a white coat of paint and caster wheels. Diapers, wet wipes, baby toiletries, towels and more all at hand.

Side-note: Screed floor are cold. Add warmth with different textured and styles of carpeting. In keeping with hygge principles we went natural – a cow hide. We’ve had ours for ages but Alex & Marla just started selling these, see their collection here.

One of my favourite features at the changing station is the monochrome bear dangles by LittleMe. (More about why I love these so later).

Olly Polly saved us with their coloured strip book ledges. Making and delivering in record time! Huge thanks to Genevieve and the team for making our display dreams possible. We used 2 of our 3 shelves as intended but opted to hang the 3rd upside down creating a ledge and clothing rail to display special garments and extras.

Beautiful treasures on display at the changing station:

Hand drawn pen and ink bear family sketches by La Fede.

Bear Family Nesting Dolls by Tiger Lily Tots.

Wooden rattle by Houtkappers.

Baby’s 1st shoes by Shooshoos – who else?

Another touch of green and macrame with a hanging planter found at Retrend.

Hygge master bedroom and baby nook achieved!

We can’t wait for hibernation to commence as soon as we welcome our 3rd blessing. As an extra bonus for baby I also cleared some closet space to make room for our little person’s tiny outfits. We didn’t want Eli and Lia to feel excluded so they each have their own mattres hidden under our bed, ready for all day pyjama parties and weekend sleepovers in our room. It’s going to be crowded, cozy and fun. Perfect for creating forever memories.

I’d love to hear what you think, please feel free to leave me a comment below or even share our room with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison & West.

Special thanks to byroeline&co and Yummy Maternity for always making me look and feel great. 


  1. Janie

    O this is just gorgeous! I want a hygge and a little pink foot after reading your blog xx

  2. Samantha

    What a gorgeous space.

    • Mari-Louise

      Thanks so much Samantha! I appreciate the positive feedback so much. xxx

  3. Shardae

    Absolutely love this. We are also expecting our 3rd and this is what we are experiencing too… Nice to read what you have done best wishes mamma xx

    • Mari-Louise

      Congrats Shardae and thanks for leaving such a lovely comment. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, hope this helps you guys. xxx

  4. Lolita

    Beautifully done. Where is the bear-face basket from? Its so cute…

    • Mari-Louise

      Thank you Lolita. I bought it a while back at Mr.Price Home. Not sure if they still have any… Hope you find one. xxx


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