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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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Our 2 most used baby products of Ava’s first year

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Baby's First Year, Just Motherhood | 25 comments

I’m still getting use to saying this but, our baby is ONE! I can’t help reminiscing about the past 12 months… It’s been magical, emotional, amazing and hard – all at once. Sharing our journey with YOU has been a new experience and so unexpectedly wonderful. We have also come across so many fantastic new brands and baby products. Ones that made Ava’s first year a lot easier. The 2 most used baby products (except diapers and wet wipes) in our home has to be our Nordic Nuss sleep nest and Ubuntu Baba Baby carrier. We use both every, single day!

The Nordic Nuss Sleep Nest  / Pod

Just a Mamma nordic nussJust a Mamma nordic nuss

From her first day home this has been Ava’s little safe haven. Easily taken along wherever we go. Indoors, outdoors, room to room. We co-slept for most of the her first year and our sleep nest made things easy and safe. You can read our full review here.

It’s been invaluable during the transition from our bed to her cot and finally her own room. Ava feels safe and secure (and sleeps like a dream) as long as she’s snuggly tucked into her sleep nest.

Just a Mamma nordic nussWe still haven’t used our old camp cot when away. The sleep nest is compact and ideal for travel. Over the months the nest has grown with Ava too. Our once oval shaped pod now works fantastically as a cot bumper.

Creating a familiar sleep environment, anywhere. This is an essential we can’t do without and a must for every baby.

Other great products from Nordic Nuss…

With a custom print as cute as the signature Nordic Nuss forest theme, they had to make a play mat. We couldn’t love it more. It’s beautiful and being padded it’s comfy too. Perfect for tummy time, outdoor play and mommy and me chats. Now that Ava’s older, we use it as a warm winter quilt too.

Just a Mamma nordic nuss

Easy to take care of. Just pop it in the washing machine and it’s ready for more memories. We have ours handy at home and in the car.

Just a Mamma nordic nuss Meet Buddy, Eliana and Lia’s favourite cuddle friend. It’s a fun and playful toddler bed bumper that has kept Lia from falling on the floor countless times. He’s also their guard dog, keeping “monsters” away.  They simply adore him.

Just a Mamma nordic nuss

Buddy also doubles as a maternity pillow, a tummy time pillow and a cot bumper. The whole family will love him.

Just a Mamma nordic nuss

An Ubuntu Baba Babycarrier (or two)

Our next “can’t do without”, most used baby product from Ava’s first year… Our Ubuntu Baba babycarrier. This has become a massive everyday essential. We rely so much on ours, we have two. We have one at home and one in the car. No need to use a stoller.

Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier These carriers deliver on their promise. Simple. Breathable. Comfortable. We first put Ava in one when she was only 6 days old and there she’s grown.

I’ve tried a few different carriers over the years, local and international brands. Nothing comes close to the Ubuntu Baba. I can babywear for hours on end with fantastic back support and the softly padded waistbands and shoulder straps provide comfort, lessening strain and pressure. Made from breathable hemp means Ava stays cool and comfy too.

Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier

My favourite extra feature: The hood, perfect for discreet breastfeeding and extra head support during nap time.

As a mama of more than one I can’t stress how life-changing baby wearing has been. It has given me sanity when I’m being pulled in all directions. Provided loads of precious bonding time between me and Ava and most importantly given me the freedom to still be a hands-on mom to our other 2 girls.

Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier

Mr. Perfect loves our Ubuntu Baba carrier too. It was a lifeline for our family during those first newborn weeks after Ava’s birth. (Read more here.)

Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrierJust a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier

Alec’s favourite extra feature: The handy zip pocket. Big enough to fit all the most important bits and bops. A nappy, wet wipes, bum cream, keys, bank card… Anything he might need.

Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier

Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents… Any shape and size. These carriers work for everyone and not just because of the classic, simplistic look but also because of it’s easy adjustability. Lengthen and shorten the straps to fit securely, making baby (and mom) snug and comfortable.

Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier

We will never be able to thank Ubuntu Baba enough for making our transition from a foursome to a family of 5 so much easier and filled with the best loving memories. To many more months (no years) of baby wearing!

Just a Mamma ubuntu baba baby carrier

“The Ubuntu Effect.”

We want to make your baby’s first year a little easier too…

Win your own Nordic Nuss sleep nest (in the design of your choice) and a Stage 1 Ubuntu Baba Baby carrier (in the colour of your choice). What awesome additions to an already great prize!

Just a Mamma Best baby products prize

How to enter?

Find this adorable photo of our cutie-pie on our Instagram (@justamamma) and make sure to follow the instructions below it.Just a Mamma Babys 1st birthday

SOMETHING EXTRA!!!! For an extra entry leave us a comment below telling us which design you would like for your sleep nest or which colour Stage 1 baby carrier you prefer. Visit our previous post, “Turning 1: Celebrating with a cake smash and giveaway” for full terms and conditions regarding this competition.

Remember to follow both on Instagram @nordicnuss and @ubuntubaba

And give them some love by liking them on Facebook @nordicnuss and @ubuntubaba

Gain 3 MORE entries by leaving a comment on these giveaway posts too:

approved banner eots rect a


  1. Lia

    I already have an ubuntu baba which is why I would love to win this and gift it to a dear friend who’s expecting a little boy my ubuntu has made life so much easier and an absolute must have. I think the navy or sage would go perfectly with her. Thanks Mari- louise this is such an awesome giveaway series. Xx

  2. Lauren Hogarty

    I thi k both these products are so incredibly helpful and practical! I would love the sage Ubuntu carrier or the grey woodlands nordic nuss sleep nest!

  3. Sharne Kriel

    Loads of love toward this competition.
    Have struggled during my first child if only i had these item, life would have soooo much easier and practical.

    Would prefer grey in both as when Im finished using them, I will be able to share the love to another mommy.

  4. Michelle Graham

    I would love to own an ubuntu baba carrier in Grey!!!!

  5. Khadija Fakir

    I l❤️ve the Ubuntu Baba baby carriers. I love the grey. But all the colours are gorgeous, so hard to choose. I am expecting & would love to win this carrier to allow my hands to be free to see to my kids and still keep baby close by & breastfeed.
    I love the Nordic Nuss plain grey sleep pod. I am still co sleeping with my lg, we just couldn’t love her to the cot. I plan to do so with this baby as well. This will make the transition to cot, bed smooth and easy.

  6. Marilize Nel

    I also LOVE my Ubuntu Baba carrier!! Don’t have one for the car yet… 😉 I would love the grey also! Or maybe I should rather give it to my sister as a gift!!
    And the grey woodland Nordic Nuss sleep pod would perfectly for our family of four all sharing the bed!

  7. Robyn

    Grey woodland is my favourite of the sleep nest

  8. Jade Hattingh

    The grey woodland sleep nest is the cutest thing❤️And I always have been in love with the sage colour Ubuntu Baba ? Pregnant with my first, so excited to have these items to help ?

  9. Aimee Stander

    Navy Ubuntu Carrier & Grey Woodland NN Sleep Nest. ?

  10. Megan Gibbons

    I am expecting my first baby in November and would love love love to win the Ubuntu Baba carrier in grey and the Nordic Nuss sleep nest in white?

  11. Megan

    Oh my goodness – I am a month away from giving birth to baby number 2 and both the sleep best and baby carrier would really be an answer to prayer! I plan to co-sleep so the best would really come in handy and it will be so nice to have something that’s easy to move around. And with a toddler I seriously need a comfortable baby carrier – and I have been dreaming about an Ubuntu Baba carrier for so long … especially love the navy one! PLEEEEAAAAASE PICK ME ?

  12. Mahnaaz Essa

    I would love to win an Ubuntu baba carrier in navy. It has been on my wishlist for ages

  13. Joy

    Baby no. 2 is due October so I am in need of a stage one so I can still play with my toddler while cuddling or breastfeeding baba. Definitely grey for the Ubuntu Baba and the sleep nest in white and grey. I didn’t have a sleep nest with my first (did not know such an item exists) and she was a terrible sleeper. Really hoping to win this and praying it will be a game changer this time round!

  14. Anmar

    Wow – both these products are so incredibly helpful! My favourite ubutu carrier would be the grey one.

  15. Lize Buitenweg

    Looks like amazing products that are both definitely on my list of things to get! I love the grey Ubuntu baby carrier and the grey woodlands Nordic Nuss sleep nest!

  16. Beaugary

    Both these products are so amazingly useful and lets not forget practical! I would ❤️ the grey Ubuntu carrier or the grey woodlands nordic nuss sleep nest!

  17. Claudia Mc Namee

    My baby would love the Nordic Nuss he is such a “ball’ sleeper and the carrier so practical with a ” creche” I have at home can attend to baby and kiddos hands free would definitely love it

  18. Taneale McFarlane

    I had never heard of Nordic Nuss before – what a clever product, and such a great way to keep your little one snug and safe in the first years.
    I am such a big fan of baby wearing, and would love to try an Ubuntu baby carrier (funds just won’t allow at the moment!)

  19. Kristin Hofmeyr

    I love the Nordic Nuss in white woodland, the print is so gorgeous. And I think navy is a winner for the Ubuntu Baba carrier. Just these 2 products alone could save any mom’s sanity!

  20. Ninette

    I love the grey woodland theme for the nordic nuss co-sleeper and the navy Ubuntu baba carries is to die for.

  21. Rizwana

    I really hope to win this as i have my heart on an ubuntu baba carrier but the price is too high. Your review makes me want it even more. Would love a grey.

  22. Jacqui Trinder

    I would love the little Nordic nuss in plain white with monogram. So cosy like a little Hiawatha canoe!!!

  23. Amica Newman

    My beautiful baby girl is due in October and I am just so excited to be a first time mama 🙂 I absolutely love the Nordic Nuss baby sleep nests and hemp Ubuntu baby carriers and know she will too! What a wonderful giveaway for any parent ❤️

  24. Michaela

    My baby boy is due in January. Would love to try both these awesome products. Love the grey Woodland sleep nest and grey Ubuntu Baba ❤

  25. Vikki

    I would love a navy stage 1 and grey woodlands nest! ⭐️


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