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Just A Mamma: Top 10 Baby Essentials

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Baby's First Year, Just Motherhood, Pregnancy | 0 comments

When it comes to parenting and raising kids there is never a shortage in new products and gimmicks promising to make things as easy as can be… As a mama of 3 (and lover of “the new”) I have tried my fair share of wonderful and wasteful products claiming to be baby essentials. Now I give you “our list”.

A list of 10 baby essentials we (myself, Mr. Perfect as well as our family and friends) love and use.

1. Nordic Nuss Baby Nest

When it comes to co-sleeping comfort and peace of mind the Nordic Nuss Baby Nest is the best. Snug and cosy, imitating the safety of the womb. Easy to take along anywhere, this nest grows with baby and creates a familiar sleeping environment anywhere. No need for any other co-sleeping gadgets. Also a fantastic substitute for camping and carry cots during those 1st few weeks.

2. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

With so many different monitor available, we still love the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor. It’s simple and easy to use and covers the basics. I would be way too tempted to watch our baby’s every move if I had a video feed but the breathing detection pad is something we can’t go without, especially after our sick baby days with Lia.

3. Pure Beginnings Baby Skincare

Being one of the 1st organic and proudly South African baby skincare ranges available back in the day we have been huge Pure Beginning supporters. We’ve been using their bum cream, body washes, lotions and more for 5+ years, without any complaints. The smell is amazing and even though our girls do struggle with sensitive skin, they have always been able to use the entire Pure Beginnings range. With an ever growing product selection we look forward to trying some of their new baby products too. (I smell a future review…)

4. Ewan The Dream Sheep

If you haven’t heard… We LOVE Ewan. If I’m invited to your babyshower, you are getting one… Read why here!

5. Hansel & Gretel Leather Diaper Bag

I am obsessed with diaper bags. Owning some of the most gorgeous proudly South African and international brands available over the past 5 years. This 3rd time around I know what to look for as well as the importance of having your hands free. I adore backpack style diaper bags. Leather is also a must, not just for the quality and durability but the stylish look and feel too. Being petite, I don’t want my bag to be wearing me but with 3 little ones I need to be able to pack a lot. Hansel & Gretel pride themselves on making “high fashion“, “bewitching” bags and baby goods and boy do they deliver! It’s still early days but my Hansel & Gretel black leather back pack diaper bag might be the best bag I’ve ever owned – watch this space!

6. Baby Blankets, Wraps and Swaddles

You can never have enough baby blankets. Using them to wrap baby, cover the carseat or pram, laying down somewhere or using as an emergency breastfeeding cover if needed. BENA Loungewear‘s 100% cotton knitted grey and beige baby blanket, My Little Dumplings organic cotton muslin swaddle and the Babysense Cuddlewrap are just some of the brands we have collected and use again and again.

7. Ubuntu Baba Babycarrier

I’m a firm believer in the whole 4th trimester hype and just like co-sleeping we are big into “baby-wearing”. It’s not just something for mama, dads are great at wearing little ones too. With many options available we still prefer the Ubuntu Baba Babycarriers. Firstly because they are super easy to use – no need to origami wrap yourself into a french pastry just to get baby close to your body. Secondly for the great support it lends to our back, making it possible to carry baby for longer. Also for the breathable, organic hemp fabric it’s made of, no sweats or cold, just perfectly regulated body heat during any season.

8. Mother Nature Products All-in-One Bamboo Cloth Nappies

Biggest money and planet saver and best choice you can make… GOING CLOTH! It really isn’t as gross or difficult as all the disposable brands would have you believe. Mother Nature Products All-in-One bamboo nappies are our 1st choice. Being proudly South African makes them affordable and easy to order online, Bamboo is the BEST being more absorbent and anti-bacterial. Read all about cloth nappies here and expect some future cloth nappy “how-to’s” soon.

9. Krôkenoster Baby Gym

Baby Gyms are available everywhere and anywhere and really depends on your own taste but one thing about having 3 kids… the toys can become a bit much and to help us tame the Disney World vibe all over our home we have developed a special love for wooden toys. Wooden toys aren’t just a prettier, more classic and durable choice but some studies have even shown the added benefits of playing with natural fibres and material instead of plastic. For all these reasons we love the Krôkenoster Baby Gyms with their cute felt dangles and medicinal sheepskins.

10. Mayalief Baby Book

Lastly, something to treasure those memories… In our world of Facebook and Instagram we forget the charm and beauty of print and the written word. Mayalief has designed these gorgeous monochrome baby record books. Perfect for documenting your pregnancy and little one’s 1st 5 years. Elegant and gender neutral. A must for mama to document all the most important moments and events and a special keepsake your little person will love “reading” one day.

Our Top 10 baby essentials, waiting to be your top 10 too! You won’t be sorry.

Keep an eye out for full features on some of the above mentioned baby essentials. Some are just too good not to tell you more…


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