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Helping Mama recover post birth: The Ubuntu Baba Baby carrier

Aug 16, 2017

One truth about having babies; it doesn’t get easier. Whether natural delivery or caesarean, the challenge, pain and discomfort is inevitable and c-section number 3 was definitely more sore than 1 and 2. Recovery also took a little longer seeing as I was experiencing more pain and bleeding than I expected.(Apparently all normal for a 3rd round.) Thank goodness for our Ubuntu Baba baby carrier (and Mr. Perfect)!

Life outside the womb can be lonely and as we all know most babies are happiest when close to mom but comforting baby during this 4th trimester can become overwhelming at times and all mamas need a break every now and again, even more so whilst recovering. Baby-wearing and movement mimicking life before birth are great ways to help baby during this time and that’s where the Ubuntu Baba baby carrier is VERY useful.

I could rest and relax as needed with complete piece of mind. Ava felt safe and secure on her daddy’s chest while he tended to our other two ladies as well, and basically ran the house. I recharged with much needed “me-time” – even if it was only a shower – and Mr. Perfect bonded with the new woman in his life.

Special features we love about our Stage 1 Ubuntu Baba Baby Carrier:

Designed to help you meet the needs of your newborn baby quickly and easily. 

This is the Ubuntu Baba promise and they deliver! We’ve been using our carrier from day 6 and Ava’s never complained or been uncomfortable – even when we were using it wrong, and proudly posting about it… Thank goodness the Ubuntu Baba team were quick to help us out with some pointers. (If we had read the instructions this wouldn’t have been needed but being our 3rd we though we knew it all… wink wink.)

Ava settles within minutes after being put into her carrier and can sleep peacefully for at least an hour or two without feeling too warm or constraint.

The plain colours and functional design makes this carrier dad-approved too. Nothing girly or meters of fabric to tie making dad feel like an Arabian princess and the criss-cross buckled shoulder straps are easy to put on and take off.

Adjustable string ties for knee-to-knee support doesn’t just make baby more comfortable but also ensures that there’s no unwanted pressure on baby’s little legs which could be bad for development.

The large front pocket is handy for storing all those extra baby (and toddler) bits and bobs.

Our Ubuntu Baba baby carrier made the transition from 4 to 5 so much easier on all of us…

6 weeks in and we use our Ubuntu Baba baby carrier every day! It has replaced our stroller and gives me the freedom to spend time with my other baby girls too. No one feels neglected and sometimes Eli and Lia will even ask; “Where’s Ava?” – not noticing her at all. I can still play and spend time with them and everyone is happy.

See how easy babywearing is with the Ubuntu Baba baby carrier in our little tutorial below.

Just follow the T.I.C.K.S.

If you are a babywearing mama or papa, or think you might be, go like Ubuntu Baba’s Facebook page and join the Ubuntu Baba family by following along on Instagram @ubuntubaba.

You can also order your own baby carrier here.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

Helpful info: We chose the colour sage for our Stage 1 Ubuntu Baba baby carrier.  It’s gender neutral for mom and dad to use and easily goes with any outfit, coz babywearing should still be stylish. 

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