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Mommy and me favourite toy picks from baby’s 1st year

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Baby's First Year, Just Motherhood | 23 comments

A while ago I did an entire #momming101 post regarding play and all the fun toys we love. (Read more here) but when it comes to stimulating and playing with your baby, you really don’t need much. Today’s post is all about our number one toy(s) – Ava’s top pick and mine. It’s about the toy(s) that always grabs her attention and keeps her occupied for ages. The one(s) she simply cannot get enough off and has loved from birth till now. Toys that aren’t just fun but educational and worth while.

For Ava it was an easy choice…

Nothing beats her Little Me high contras dangles made by Little Interiors.

Just a Mamma Little me dangles

I love them too! They keep her happy and occupied during nappy changes, play time and even while we massage her. And with an ever growing collection of designs to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect dangle for baby’s nursery. Or maybe you’re like us, changing things up as often as possible to increase and ensure maximum stimulation.

Just a Mamma Little me dangles

At first we hung bears over Ava’s changing table. Then when summer came we swopped them out with a bell, mermaid and flat face dangle.

Just a Mamma Little me dangles

Naturally, Christmas called for festive dangles (because we’re dangle obsessed) and it’s the perfect gift for any baby.

Just a Mamma Little me dangles

These dangles are so much fun but they are serious too. SERIOUSLY important. Overstimulating little babies, especially during the first three months of life is a bad idea and unfortunately it happens easily . The entire world is new to your little one… Touch, smell, sight, sound. So we actually try to create a calm, warm, peaceful environment with low stimuli.

Just a Mamma Little me dangles

Other than focussing on mama while being fed, black and white high contrast “targets” are what babies see best and this alone will spike a massive visual stimuli on their retina. This doesn’t just lead to sight development but also increased brain activity and brain development but without overwhelming or confusing baby. Basically, every time your little one looks at one of these dangles he / she is becoming smarter!

Just a Mamma Little me dangles 9

It’s been a highlight seeing Ava move from noticing her dangles, to reaching out, swatting and then finally grabbing on to them. The way she interact with the different designs is one of the cutest things ever. The flat dangles worked best while she could only lie on her back but the others were a hit during tummy time and as soon as Ava could sit.

Just a Mamma Little me dangles

Now that she’s turned one, she still likes looking at her dangles and I’ve made sure to include a few in the play corner of her room. (Keep an eye out for her gorgeous room reveal soon).

Please note: these dangles weren’t meant to be used as a teether so please be careful when baby investigates them. That being said, Ava has dangles all over the house and has never hurt herself while playing with one.

My favourite toy shouldn’t surprise anyone…

It’s a My Tiny Teepee of course.

I know you’re thinking, a teepee can’t be age appropriate for a baby, but I beg to differ. It’s a safe haven perfect for bonding, cuddling and reading stories. We use it as our hide-away when we need to escape the chaos of big family life. It houses our memories, now and forever.

Just a mamma how to stimulate your baby

Ava has her very own, doll size teepee (and when I say doll size I mean mini- teepee. It can fit a lot more than just dolls.)Just a Mamma My Tiny Teepee

It started out as a cute decor piece and photo prop for special occasions but now we take ours along everywhere we go. Easily folding and fitting into our car.

Just a Mamma My Tiny Teepee Just a Mamma My Tiny Teepee

It’s the perfect outdoor shelter for play and picnics.  It also makes for a sturdy beach tent, protecting baby from the sun and wind. I use ours for some private breastfeeding,nappy changes or a snooze. There’s also no need to be careful with your teepee. Simply pop it in the washing machine when it gets dirty. The fabric is thick and durable. Each teepee is made with incredible skill too. We’ve never had any of our teepees tear or unravel (and we use ours A LOT).

Just a Mamma My Tiny Teepee

We spend hours cuddling in ours, escaping from the big, vast world. And when Ava’s inside her teepee, a round (or ten) of peek-a-boo only seems natural.

Just a Mamma My Tiny Teepee

Best of all. This “toy” grows with our babe and soon Ava will be joining Eliana and Lia (with their teepees) for outdoor camping and fantasy play.

Obviously we have a few more toys we adore.You can find them all here, LET’S PLAY: HOW TO STIMULATE YOUR BABY DURING THE FIRST YEAR.

Now, time to share some toys with you…

Win one of the NEW playgyms by Little Interiors. Black or white – your choice. They’ve even included 3 dangles too. These playgyms are stunning. The metal and wood combination is modern and stylish. A beautiful addition to any nursery.

Just a Mamma Little me dangles 9

And as an extra bonus, My Tiny Teepee is also giving away a R350 voucher! YAY!

Just a Mamma My Tiny Teepee

How to enter?

Find this adorable photo of our cutie on our Instagram (@justamamma) and make sure to follow the instructions below it.

Just a Mamma Babys 1st birthday

SOMETHING EXTRA!!!! For an extra entry leave us a comment below telling us which colour play gym your like best (black or white) and what colour teepee you would buy. Visit our previous post, “Turning 1: Celebrating with a cake smash and giveaway” for full terms and conditions regarding this competition.

Remember to follow both @little.interior, @littleme_decor and @mytinyteepee on Instagram

And give them some love by liking them on Facebook @little.interior and @mytinyteepee

Gain 4 MORE entries by leaving a comment on these giveaway posts too:


Just a Mamma Baby's 1st year


  1. Lia

    Love the white playgym will go with any colour. And we looovr my tiny teepee and would also go natural off white or cream!

  2. Michelle Graham

    Oh wow the white playgym is stunning!! And would love a tiny teepee!! So difficult to choose a color! But I think a white or brown ?

  3. Annessa

    Hoe adorable is the little mermaid dangle? And I love the teepee!

  4. Khadija Fakir

    I would love the white play gym.
    I would love to have a Teepee in the colour natural. Everything in natural with a few extras; an internal pocket, teepee floor and door ties ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Joy

    Definitely the white play gym! I love white? and definitely a neutral colour teepee, maybe even white? it will have to be shared between my daughter and soon to be little boy?

  6. Marile

    I like the white play gym. The Hunter green teepee would look stunning in my nursery. Thank you for a amazing blog

  7. Nelmarie Nagel

    I would love the white play gym and a Teepee in natural or white with baby pink door trim and pole sleeves ?

  8. Lauren Paulsen

    Aaah it’s so hard to choose! But I love the white play gym and the natural/off white teepee!
    Happy birthday Ava! ?

  9. Zeenat Carrim

    Absolutely love the black play gym! I love all but my fave is the honey teepee ❤️

  10. Anmar

    I love the black play gym! And my favourite colour is red, so I’ll definitely buy a red teepee?.

  11. Lize Buitenweg

    Love the white playgym and the natural coloured teepee. Beautiful and useful products!

  12. Beaugary

    I love the black play gym plus honey coloured teepee is gorgeous

  13. Nicia Manders

    I would love a white one and a light pink teepee this would be amazing for my little one

  14. Claudia Mc Namee

    This is such a hard choice but I would say black play gym and a natural colour teepee ?

  15. Taneale McFarlane

    Wow, what an incredible giveaway!
    The white playgym is favourite, as is the teal tiny teepee ❤️

  16. Kristin Hofmeyr

    Love this giveaway! I would choose the white play gym and a natural colour teepee. I have a weird obsession for things natural and white 😀

  17. Lauren Hogarty

    Such beautiful products! I would love a white play gym and a white or grey teepee.

  18. Carmillia

    The white play gym is gorgeous. Matched with a the chute teepee would look amazing!

  19. Amica Newman

    Also calling my little girl Ava ? She’s due in October and I couldn’t be more excited! These toys are just wonderful- a great addition to the nursery and playtime!!!

  20. Michaela

    Black play gym is gorgeous and love the natural teepee ?

  21. Vikki

    The black and ehite hot air balloons are really cute, and then the Khaki colour teepee ⭐️

  22. Anien Janse van Vuuren

    I like the white play gym and the white teepee, seeing that I don’t know what the gender of my fourth baby will be?

  23. Jade Hattingh

    Ooh! I’m going for a black and white, with a bit of grey look. So love the black play gym and the white my tiny teepee with grey trims! ?


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