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A DIY Superhero birthday party for our SUPER 6 year old!

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Just Kids, Party Inspiration | 4 comments

Last month Eliana turned 6 and in keeping with her current super hero obsession (have a look at her day as Super Girl here), we threw her a Super 6 Superhero birthday party! Since she is now a “big girl” we wanted her to join in on the party prep and planning, incorporating as much DIY as possible!

Superhero birthday party super girl

Easy DIY Superhero birthday party decor.

One of the 1st steps in planning a pretty party (no matter the theme) is setting a colour scheme. Black is a must seeing as it’s still Eliana’s favourite but she isn’t into monochromes so pops of colour needed to be added. We found cute pastel coloured garlands at MRP Home and decided to combine black and white with those pastels as well as bright yellow. In an attempt to echo the superhero theme we made our own garlands too. Black superhero masks cut from cardboard, stuck onto string.

Superhero birthday party decor

Once again the black board signs Mr. Perfect made me, all those years back, were used to welcome guests and explain activities. The only decor piece we splurged on was the superhero themed play mat made by Rising Heroes. A custom piece printed in the colours of the party and cheekily named Elianaville. This wouldn’t just be a cool backdrop but also part of her birthday gift. (Top Tip: If you can use a birthday gift as decor it’s a bonus and great money saver. Less waste as well.) 

Superhero birthday party backdrop

Black balloons here, there and everywhere added that special party feel. A last minute gazebo set-up was needed seeing as the day was extremely hot – and there’s nothing super about a sunburn. We had all the food and drinks together and everyone gathered on blankets on the shaded grass. Our little heroes were going to play and run so no need for fancy tables and chair this year.

Superhero birthday party table

Finally it was time for the SUPERS to arrive!

Superhero birthday party DIY cape and mask

Let’s Hero up!

Of course everyone needed a superhero cape and mask… Together, Eliana helped me cut out 20 “no-sew” fleece capes that could easily be fasten around the neck. 20 Capes needed 20 masks, so I made some using black felt and elastic. Our little heroes were greeted by this SUPER craft station.Superhero birthday party DIY cape and maskSuperhero birthday party DIY cape and mask

Glitter glue, golden stars and lighting bolts was all that was needed to decorate and get kitted out in superhero style! Seeing those little faces shine with delight as they transformed into their “super-selves” was the sweetest.

Superhero birthday party DIY maskSuperhero birthday party

Super fun and entertainment!

We like to incorporate traditional party games when we can. Easy, simple activities sure to provide tons of joy. Being a superhero isn’t easy and training definitely helps to keep those super senses sharp!

So, first we tested their super seeing powers with a game of “Pin the mask on the Hero”. (a.k.a “Pin the tail on the Donkey“). This is the 2nd year I painted a theme appropriate version and with this classic kids party game proving to be such a hit time and time again I’m sure I’ll be doing another next year too.

Superhero birthday party kids games and entertainment

Next up; super bounce ability! What better way to get from one emergency to the other than with super bouncing skills? Besides, no-one can argue the awesomeness of a Bouncy Pals jumping castle (if only they came in more colour options though…).

Superhero birthday party

And lastly, super aim! Our heroes practised those sniper skills in a round of “Knock em Down“.  Another easy DIY carnival game. After collecting a few empty food cans Eliana helped me paint them black and white with lighting bolts; just to make them super and all. The cans were stacked and every hero was given 3 tries to knock over the tower with a bean bag. What a hit! The delight in those little faces once all the cans disappear was sheer satisfaction. Superhero birthday party game ideas

Food and treats!

Whether it’s jello cups or fruit skewers, we always make at least one party treat or dish with the girls and after seeing the cool Oreo Monster Pops Nina and Angie made on Tastes like Nice we knew we had to try them, but with a superhero twist. The photos don’t lie, they weren’t perfect but they were devoured 1st…

Superhero birthday party DIY cake pops

Other go-to party food we always include are mini marshmallows and lightly salted popcorn served in pretty treat boxes and cups.

Superhero birthday party food

My foodie sister-in-law helped out in the menu department, making layered jelly squares to match the party’s colour scheme and mini homemade beef sliders with onion relish and tomato sauce for everyone to nibble on. She also tried her hand at superhero themed sugar cookies which I think came out really fun.

Superhero birthday party DIY cookies

The dreaded party pack…

Am I the only mom that cringes when I see a party pack? Don’t get me wrong; I know it’s a party and only one day, and a little bit of sugar now and again won’t kill you but I hate the artificial, MSG loaded, unhealthy junk some party and events companies tend to put in party packs. We always prefer assembling our own. (Top Tip: Skip the conventional, overpriced party boxes sold at party shops. Keep an eye out for alternative packaging. This year we found these pretty yellow tinfoil baking trays. Add a cardboard mask cutout and voila! superhero party packs.)

Superhero birthday party packs

Eliana and Lia packed and assembled all the party packs themselves and made sure to include:

All of Eli’s favourite snack time treats, all available at Checkers. Still yum and fun, just with a little less sugar and a little more of the “good stuff”.

Next a help yourself drink station with something for those Super Moms and Dads…

We had our regular drink station with water, homemade ice-tea and wine. (Top Tip: Having your own decanters are fantastic and we use them so many times a year, it’s definitely worth buying 1 or 2. These days they are so easily available at most home wear stores.)

Superhero birthday party DIY drink station

Or make your own Super Smoothie!

We had to have a SUPER SMOOTHIE BAR! Another request from the birthday girl and I have to say, I was impressed. Eliana wanted to make her own fresh smoothies (probably thanks to the Baby Bullet we’ve been using – It’s more like a “toddler bullet” in our home – but more on that soon.)

Superhero birthday party DIY smoothie bar

So what made these smoothies so super?

Firstly, the bottle in which the smoothie was served. Glass bottles (also bought years ago from Plastilon and used over-and-over again) dressed in mini black capes (felt cut-outs) with reusable plastic straws (also Plastilon), because we all want to save our oceans.

Superhero birthday party drink jars

Secondly, the fruit selection of course… Mango, Banana (Top Tip: do not peel or cut these beforehand), Strawberries, Pineapple, Blueberries and Rasberries.Superhero birthday party DIY smoothie bar

All our heroes got to choose there own fruits, added yogurt or coconut milk, maybe a drizzle of honey or spoonful of peanut butter. Any combo you like! For safety purposes my sister and her boyfriend played “bartenders” but our guests, and even some of their parents all enjoyed sipping on their own “personally made” smoothies.

Superhero birthday party DIY smoothie bar

The CAKE!!!!!

It’s no secret, I don’t bake hence I order. And when I order cake, I only phone one person; Charlene from Mmm Macarons! Her cakes aren’t just gorgeous but also the yummiest in town and never traditional.

Superhero birthday party cake

Eliana wanted a vanilla cake with a super girl crown and although I love how she’s always liked simplicity I wanted to surprise her with a cake that would WOW! A funfetti cake with a hidden centre would be perfect!

Superhero birthday party birthday cakeSuperhero birthday party funfetti cake

Don’t you just love the flood of sprinkles, sugar confetti and hundreds-and-thousands bursting out all over? Eliana certainly did and once again there wasn’t even one piece left-over.

Super cute outfits for our Super Girl Squad!

If you’re looking for “kick-ass”, cool girl outfits, Lullaby Rock is where it’s at! Amy has been designing and making the coolest, rock-and-roll inspired baby and toddler clothes for the past 5 years and has even expanded some of her designs to fit older kids too. It’s one of Eliana’s absolute favourite brands and she has never loved a dress more than this beautiful custom made LBD. All we added was a  superhero kit by Rising Heroes. The kit included a personalised cape with Eliana’s name, a mask, lightening bolt arm cuffs and a lightening bolt belt. Just look at that smile and pose, confidence overload.

We kept Ava comfortable in a fun, unisex lightning bolt romper and Lia was “almost twinning” in the same dress as her big sister, just in a polka dot version.

Superhero birthday party super girl outfitSuperhero birthday party girls dress

Just look at the stunning back detail and the pockets! Seriously, I need a dress like this.


Amidst the playing, celebrating, hosting and enjoying we never have time to stop and take photos. That is why we asked Anje from Madison & West to come work her “superpowers” in capturing the day. If you’re in Pretoria and looking for a lifestyle photographer, Anje is one of the best. She has a way with kids and a true talent for seeing those precious, important instances. (Top Tip: I highly recommend budgeting for a photographer. Every birthday with your child is a gift and I know we will always treasure the incredible images from this day.)

Superhero birthday party super dadSuperhero birthday party

Looking back this was probably one of my favourite birthday parties. Planning every detail with Eliana, letting her help, make decisions and helping her vision become a reality was incredible. Seeing her enjoy everything was even better. This little lady sure is something different and without a doubt a superhero all in her own right!

Superhero birthday party decor light box


Eliana’s Superhero kit: Rising Heroes

All the girl’s outfits: Lullaby Rock

Hair accessories by: Mia Mae

Party Superhero back drop  / play mat: Rising Heroes

Cake: Mmm Macarons

Jumping Castle rental: Bouncy Pals

Photographer: Madison & West

Superhero birthday party ideas


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    Welldone mamma

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    What a gorgeous party, and I love the theme for your precious big girl x

    • Mari-Louise

      Thank you Caley we enjoyed it too!


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