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A Happy Birthday to our SUPER 6 year old!

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Just Kids, Party Inspiration | 4 comments

Another year, another birthday. Another moment that has come so soon. How we treasure every day we get to share with you! Our Pickle. Last year it was donuts, this year you’re showing your SUPER powers! Eliana you’re 6, SUPER 6, as you like to put it and we completely get why…

You’re SUPER in so many ways!

You’re a SUPER big sister! Not just looking out for your little sisters but loving them so much it make OUR hearts hurt.

That love doesn’t end there. Ooh no! You’ve got a SUPER big, endless amount that you spread everywhere you go. It’s for us, your family, friends, your beloved cat, dog, chicken, bunny and tortoise… It never runs out!

Your heart is SUPER kind, always helping others and wanting to be a good friend and even when you lose your temper you’re SUPER fast at saying sorry.

Your SUPER faith, even at only 6, inspires us. And your SUPER gifts, given only by Him, are growing stronger day by day.

You are a SUPER acrobat. From splits to cart wheels and fold ups. Impressive is an understatement. Paired with SUPER swinging and SUPER trampoline flipping feats! The sky’s the limit for you, our SUPER girl.

Always know you’re SUPER awesome and there’s nothing you can’t do!

You have SUPER hoola abilities too, hoola-hooping like it’s nobody’s business and even going doubles.

Dad loves your SUPER counting skills. It’s a power you two share. Going all the way up to 30, no help needed. Even basic addition and subtraction is a breeze to do.

You have a SUPER imagination. Sharing stories of worlds that can only be dreamt up by a SUPER mind. You play for hours on end – spying on you is one of our favourite things to do.

Your SUPER LEGO skills are insane, we love finding castles and ski-scrapers all over the house.

You are a SUPER talented little artist. We know it’s early, but WOW, we wouldn’t be surprised to see one of your originals on display at the MOMA one day.

Even your hair is SUPER with the prettiest curls. Mama pays a lot to steal the look and even then it’s not the same…

And that smile… SUPER heart-melting abilities right there.

You just lost your 1st milk tooth and you’re SUPER excited to lose the rest asap.

I know growing up is SUPER fun and being 6 is a big deal! You need two hands now… but please remember even SUPER heroes need a break and that’s when SUPER mommies are SUPER handy.

We are the luckiest parents to have YOU our SUPER daughter, teaching us so much, showing us so much and even awakening our own SUPER powers too! We are SUPER proud!


Always and forever there for you our SUPER girl.

SUPER love
Mom, Dad , Lia and Ava

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

Special note: Awesome super hero apparel by Rising Heroes, Cool Tee sets from By Roeline & Co. Lia and Ava’s shoes, Shooshoos.


  1. Caley

    What a SUPER cool post to your gorgeous SUPER hero big girl x

    • Mari-Louise

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you gorgeous mama! x

  2. Michelle Goosen

    Aaah dis sooo oulik. Ek staan en huil nou super groot trane. Geluk Eliana.
    Ps. Dit vat n super awesome mamma om so SuperGirl groot te maak… girls…

    • Mari-Louise

      Dankie dame.Dis die grootste kompliment. Darem so baie lekker aan Mamma-wees!


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