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Best local online shopping For dad with Superbalist

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Being a Dad, Just Fatherhood | 0 comments

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist.

Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to spoil the special guy in our home with a special gift. This year we are keeping things simple, yet thoughtful, with the help of Superbalist. Staying home and staying safe with a little local online shopping. There’s something for everyone…

For the “metro-dad”

RED DANE Skincare for Men.

Mr. Perfect loves the look of this premium men’s skincare range. Made right here in South Africa using natural ingredients, vitamins & antioxidants. It’s animal-friendly, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and looks really cool too. Maybe this will motivate our guy to use these products daily.

Our favourites on his wish list include:

online shopping for dad shopping for daonline shopping for dad
  1. An “all he needs” shaving set.
  2. Beard oil is always a winner for the “no-shave dad”.
  3. Or maybe rather an elixir for a soft, smooth beard.
  4. No fuss, skincare to help dad take care of his skin.
  5. Or a lovely soothing shave oil to protect dad’s skin and make him feel pampered.

For the “best-dressed dad”

S.P.C.C. Sergeant Pepper Clothing Company

A local label born on the Streets of South Africa circa 2012. S.P.C.C combines gritty street influences with astute, sophisticated design to deliver an Iconic Men’s Denim brand. The designs are exciting and cool.

We may have been watching too many @whatmyboyfriendwore reels on Instagram, but this is Mr. Perfect’s wishlist…

south african online shopping gifts for dad
  1. You can’t go wrong with a few “denim basics” from a “denim brand”. Slim fit, black jeans can be worn in many ways, and how cool is that Supulveda denim jacket.
  2. The mid-rise Redmond engineered leg woven bottoms are relaxed, yet still stylish. (Available in green and black).
  3. I know Mr.Perfect always needs a new pair of jeans. Wearing a pair until it can’t be worn anymore! Maybe it’s time to give a pair of classic S.P.C.C rinse jeans a try?
  4. Update dad’s “essentials” with some short sleeve tees
  5. Or long sleeve ones. Available in black or white.
  6. A classic polo tee. Available in grey or blue.

Jonathan D – “In the company of wolves, one sits in silence.” A brand that’s been around since1978. Aimed at pushing the boundaries of sophistication and elegance.

south african online shopping for dad
  1. Something for “prep style” dad… A regular fit branded long-sleeve rugby polo paired with a pair of slim-fit khakis.
  2. Loungewear for the “cool dad”. This oversized-fit crew neck sweater paired with matching sweatpants makes for an on-trend ensemble. (Available in green too.)
  3. A long sleeve check shirt for the dapper dad that can be dressed up or down.
  4. A winter must-have to keep dad toasty and warm; the quilted zip jacket.
  5. Or the zip-through rust jacket – if dad likes to make a statement!

Aca Joe has been part of the SA fashion scene since 1988. Enduring styles tailored to our relaxed South Africa lifestyle. No trend-chasing. No fast fashion. Simple and uncomplicated. A few items catching Mr. Perfect’s eye include:

online shopping for dad superbalist
  1. A comfy fleece crew neck pullover to keep dad warm. (Available in 4 colours).
  2. With a pair of tailored joggers to match. (Available in black and green).
  3. Or maybe something a little more stylish like these long sleeve button shirts. (Also available in 4 options).

The fun dad…

Franklees – “Too good to keep on the down-low. ” Everyone wants these undies…

online shopping for dad underwear
  1. Whether dad prefers long leg trunks OR
  2. Short leg trunks, he will love these fun designs and comfortable fit.

* These come in a variety of designs and there’s a classic briefs option too. My favourite print has to be the cheese and wine.

A South African classic!

Veldskoen – The sole of South Africa, and because every guy needs a pair of vellies to match his “soul”

veldskoen online shopping for dad
  1. This was actually last year’s gift for Mr.Perfect and my own dad. Both of them love their vellies so much and wear them almost daily. Mr. Perfect has the yellow but has been eyeing blue and grey too.

There’s lots more great gift to shop online via so be sure to have a look simply by clicking on any of the links above. Happy online shopping and enjoy Father’s Day next Sunday.

Photo Credit | Cover photo by Tamaryn Lee Photography


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