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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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10 Reasons why Dads ROCK with Lullaby Rock!

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Being a Dad, Just Fatherhood | 124 comments

Becoming a parent is the biggest gift one can hope for but it’s definitely not for the faint hearted… That’s probably why “it takes too to tango”. I know for sure that raising ours girls alone would be close to impossible and although I usually think I know what’s best; Mr Perfect has it covered too. I just need to take a step back and appreciate the reasons why Dads ROCK!


10 Reasons why Dads ROCK

  • Thank you for being their first…

Whether it’s being a daughter’s first love or a son’s best friend… Dads provide that very first relationship where trust, respect and love is earned, fostering a child’s sense of self worth.

  • You “see me”.

Dads have a way of looking past the developmental delays and the little things we moms tend to focus on. They simply see the little person standing before them, eager to get to know who they really are.


  • Kids thrive when dad is involved…

Countless studies have proven the benefit of having an involved dad. From better academic results, to healthier relationships, stronger morals and better social development.

  • Together we raise stronger adults!

A dad’s approach to parenting and play differs from a mom’s. We tend to prioritise being loving and providing care. Dads tend to challenge their kids in fun new ways giving them a little more space to explore, make mistakes and learn.

  • We all have more fun thanks to dad.

You are fearless and fun and don’t mind when we ruin our outfits. You let us “break the rules” and bend the routine… You’re the good cop to mom’s bad cop (and vice versa). We swing a little higher, splash a little more and scream louder when you’re around.


  • You’re breaking gender stereotypes!

It’s not the 50’s anymore. You’re not playing babysitter. It’s time to join the new generation of dads – the incredible men who are involved, taking care of the kids, making dinner, changing diapers, waking up at night and helping with homework.

  • Dads teach things mom simply wouldn’t even think of…

We may be equal but men and women are definitely not the same. We don’t think, react or see things in a similar light and therefor we will pass on different skills and life lessons to our kids.

  • You remind us what matter most.

Is staying clean really important? Do my shoes need to match my outfit? So what if life isn’t perfect… We will get things done, we will raise happy kids one day at a time.


  • You make me a better MOM!

I can be really hard on myself – sweating the small stuff, worrying about the future. Trying to be the best, struggling to do it all when it really is unnecessary.

We are a team, we are in this together. When we share the burdens, struggles and joys of parenting I find time and space to remember and take care of myself too. Asking for help, leaning on you and letting go a little more helps me be a better mother, wife and friend.

  • Our family feels whole with you by mom’s side.

We know there are women (and men) raising their children alone – you are real life heroes but, when you’re lucky enough to have a man being an involved dad (no matter the relationship status), it completes your family, especially for the little person you brought into this world together.


Dads, we salute you!

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  1. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel

    my husband is such a proud father I’ve never seen such a devoting dad like my husband. He will feed our sons breakfast before work, puts them to sleep every night. Not once has he let our sons down. When I’m sick he’s like the mother and father to our sons . Honestly he surprises me everyday with what a amazing incredible father he is. Blessed

    • Leanne

      Lovely Justmama you’ve out did yourself here, this is such a beautiful post and honor to our hubbies who do the most!!
      My baby daddy, hubby is truly our hero! He is hands on, patient (something I struggle with), devoted to making sure the boys have a balanced diet (sugar police) and has the ability to take over from me when I’m milliseconds away from a meltdown!! We’re truly blessed 🙂

    • Quraisha Kodruth

      My kids have the most amazing and loving father any kid could ask for. He is an extremely good listener which I feel is really important for communication in the home. He is understanding and is a real team player when it comes to sharing parenting duties. While other dad’s may be shy about it, my hubby will dive in and help in any way he can. I think another bonus my kids have is that they spend lots of time with both their grandfather’s so there is a very strong paternal presence in my sons lives. Here’s to all those doting dad’s who are real heroes in our children’s lives. I loved reading the blog article and also the other ladies that contributed. I think all are so beautiful to read. May the best entrant win!

  2. Robyn

    Baby daddy rocks because he is the most loving and playful dad, getting smiles from our baby even when she’s miserable

  3. Yvonne

    Dad is the rock! He keeps everyone calm and grounded! Playing endlessly, loving everyone unconditionally and providing in the everyday stuff! Dad rocks!!!

    • Lione McLaren

      My baby daddy rocks our world. He is always there to assist. He is the first one to wake up and take our daughter for feeding and nappy change. He will take the extra night shift when I am tired. He gives his baby girl all the love in the world. He is the one who baths her when he is home. He wakes up earlier to make sure her bottles are washed and sterilized. He also supports me when I have the baby blues.
      He is one amazing daddy that deserves to be spoiled rotten.

  4. Marizanne

    My baby daddy rocks as he is always there for us and love spending quality time with his family! He is our Hero ?‍?‍?‍?

  5. Dominique

    My baby daddy absolutely ROCKS because he would go to he ends of the earth for myself and out gorgeous little girl! He is up with me at night when it’s feeding time and helps me get bottles ready for the next day..
    He puts our little one to sleep every night while I get to bath and relax. We are so blessed to have such an amazing man and father in our lives.

  6. Michelle

    Our Super Dad LAS is :


    • Fatima

      There is an endless amount of reasons why my husband and baby daddy rocks. He makes sure we are cared for and loved every single day. He provides for us every single day. He makes sure we are comfortable and happy every single day. He looks out for us every single day. He is always the one who is cleaning up after us. He is always ready to make us pancakes when we are craving something sweet. He is always ready to go for walks when we feel like being outdoors. He makes us laugh on a daily basis. He reminds us to pray to our Creator. He always always always makes time for his family. He also always remind us that the family he creates is more important than the family he came from. He is literally and genuinely the best dad to our baby girl and i couldn’t be more happier and i am thankful everyday that i have been granted such a wonderful husband.

  7. Dheepa singh

    Dads are the greatest gift on earth…because they believe in us…they are alwsys there to pick us up when we fall…and are out biggest supporters…love u dad…

  8. Liezel

    I would like to state why my Stepdad rocks… He has stepped in as a father to me.. The only dad I know and is the main father figure for my son. I know he’s not a baby daddy… But he’s the best dad and gramps to us

  9. Broni

    My hubby is the best dad to our son! He works so hard to provide for our family and always puts us first! We love him so much!

    • Natasha wilson

      My husband is the best dad! He works hard to provide for us and will do anything for his daughter, even if it makes him look silly!!

  10. Maryke Fritz

    Baby daddy rocks because he is our rock! He is always there for us and keeps everyone happy and calm. He deserves the world for everything he does for us.

  11. Nashieta

    My baby daddy rocks because, He provides without fail always putting himself at the end of the spectrum, He sacrifices so much for us and his the sole bread winner in our home. And he stepped up his role even more after my sons father passed away he took that title and has been looking after him for 8years just like a father would.

  12. Shaun Vermaak

    My dad is the best in the world because no matter the situation he is always there to support us, from my bike racing to just being a ear to talk to, he is always there, don’t know what I will do the day he is not there anymore

  13. Connie Goosen

    My Husband: he is not only the most stylish daddy he is an absolute GEM when it comes to raising my 2 girls. There is nothing he won’t do… he does not see himself as a helping hand he sees it as his responsibility as well. Without him my girls would not learn courage and bravery. How to be themselves and to take the world head on guns blazing. He completely submerges himself in their little personalities and that makes my heart swell with pride every time I see them together. He is my families rock…. He also plays his roll?

    • Brenda Fernandes

      My #BabyDaddyRocks as he’s mine. I hit gold when I met him and my daughters love him to bits

  14. Adeline

    My babies’ daddy rocks because he is a hands on dad who loves his kids

    • Angeline

      My Babies’ Daddy ROCKS! Because he’s not afraid of doing the usual “Female-Like” chores. (Dishes, Sweeping and cleaning).

      He brings me coffee in bed, every single morning, he lets me sleep in. He considders my feelings as well as the girls’.

      Every decision he makes is for the sake of the girls. We love him!

    • Stacey

      WOW where do I even start…. Without my husband I don’t think I would survive motherhood ? We are an awesome team and together we can achieve anything ♥️ He works very hard to support his family and he has even given me the awesome opportunity to be able to stay at home with our beautiful girls so that I don’t miss out on anything and this I will be forever grateful for ? He would work a very long day and still come home with a huge smile on his face ready to play with our toddler and baby. He helps where ever he can and he lets me sleep in on the weekends ??? He is our rock and holds everything together and we love him with all of our hearts ♥️
      PS: He also plays the drums so he DOUBLE ROCKS ??

  15. Michelle Goncalves

    Even thought we sometimes have a moment because he doesn’t wake up at night to go to our tot, I still love him with all my heart and even more for making me a mother to our gorgeous little boy and another babe on the way. Without you our little family would be incomplete and without love and laughter ❤️ there is Noone else I would rather do parenthood with.

  16. Sharleen

    My hubby plays the role of dad(and grampa) to my daughter from a previous marriage as if he was made for the role. We love his love

    • Sofiah

      U give me a break so I don’t burn out plus I adore seeing the two of you play and laugh together. It always makes my heart so content, could not do this without you.

  17. Judele

    My dad is my superhero because he always worked hard to provide for us and now in he’s old age we need to give back for all the pain and worries we put him through. Thank you dad for being the fun, loving, caring and honest man in the world. I love you

  18. Judele

    My baby daddy is my strength, without him I might have been a craze mommy, he helps me a lot with the kids and he works very hard to make sure that the kids and I have everything that we need. Now it’s time to show him how much we appreciate him by giving back.

  19. Mariaan Smith

    My Son Robin Smith became a Dad for the first time and we became Grandparents of a Beautiful little boy,we are totally Smitten over Ayrton, my Son is such a hands on Dad,he honsestly does all Moms would do for their babies,it Melt my heart to see the way he handle this fatherhood thing,it bring us so much joy to see him interact with Ayrton,this is the 2 Loves of my Life,1 Proud Grandma ???

  20. Jessica Barnard

    My baby daddy ROCKS cause he is the head of our house, he leads with humility and kindness. He works incredibly hard to take care of us and protect us. He is the “fun one” who wants to swing our 4 month old and puts sunnies on him just to have a laugh. He is my biggest fan and will do anything for his family ? ❤️

  21. Rushana Meyer

    My babies dad ROCKS his is loving,caring,the teacher to them whats wrong or right,he is always with his kids playing having fun and his my dayghter hero when she was 2 she took a hard sweet without us knowing and she choked and we didnt even know her dad saw that why he is our HERO AND MY BABIES DAD ROCKS AWESOME DAD.

  22. Jacqueline Engelbrecht

    He is the wild to my calm the fun to my strict the rebel to my routine. He is a safe space for my children where they are loved unconditionally. Through his example he teaches them to be kind and treat others with respect

  23. Anishka

    My husband is an amazing hands on dad, his so involved and meticulous with our little boy , his everything to us, we had prayed for our little family to be someday and his been incredible from the get go, throughout my pregnancy and arrival of our son. His such a god fearing man, who cares for us, loves us and teaches our little boy new things daily . The love that we are shown is so precious. His truly a super dad❤️

  24. Loné Dann

    Since the birth of our daughter, I have seen my husband love like he has never loved before!! He is just so invested in our little girls’ life and it is such a big blessing to me and her!! ?

  25. Leya

    He’s no a millionaire but the little that he gets or has always spends it on us nd the little 11. He shows us everyday that we matter nd lives spending time walking around with his pretty daughter. He made us his world nd he became our hero

  26. Teresa Verdonese

    He is our daughters first love and our sons hero.
    He is there for it all good and bad and our safety net!

  27. Roxette Malala

    My baby daddy rocks because he used to be a taxi driver and our son had everything he needed and more. He put in extra hours before he was born so that he has everything. He is now the coolest bus driver transporting school kids. Every time our 2 year old sees a bus he says, “Mama, bona daddy” (Mom look its daddy). Fills my heart with joy

  28. Monique

    Love, love, love hierdie!

  29. Erina Cooper

    When I look through the eyes of my children I dont see just a dad.For my son he’s a SUPERHERO and for my daughter he’s her PRINCE CHARMING.He is the provider who always have their best interest at heart,the doctor when they feel sick, their safe space when they are scared and have tons of love to give and also like a second mom to them never afraid to babysit 24/7 even if it means babysitting after coming from nightshift ,he’s not affraid to get dirty with my son or to be used as a dummy to get you toe nails cutexed if mom doesnt want to.He is a great example for both to show how a man should treat his wife and also how a lady should be treated by a man.I couldnt asked for a better daddy in life cause he is REALY 1 IN A MILLION.When it comes to duties our list is the same we are equaly commited in making them the best they can be.

    • Bongiswa

      My fiance is sure one of a soon as i got pregnant i wanted to be a stay at home motger abd we dont have much but he agreed csyse he knew how much i wanted to have that child..he bending back and forth for the past 3years making sure we have evrything..and this would be a great thank you from us me and daughter plus you guys to show him that we appreciate everything hes doing for us.

  30. ntokozo majola

    where do i even start wow that man has amazed we are first time parents well young parents im 23 his turning 25.when i gave birth to our son he spent the whole 3days i was in hospital with us he slept in his car even when i told him it was okay to go home and come back in the morning he has been nothing but an awesome Dad to his Son his not home full time because he is still studying,his finall year this year. he calls every single day and everytime he visits leaving is so hard for him i swear he literally sheds a tear everytime?..happy first fathers day to baby daddy

  31. Shaaista Mahomed

    “Daddy” is amazing.. even though he has crazy working hours he always ensures he makes time to play with kids.. He is the fun one in our house. He helps with everything from the time they were born, even giving mum some Time off to binge watch some tv series

  32. Jacqueline Velleman

    My baby daddy rocks because he is just so amazing with our daughter. She is only 2 and she adores him so much. He will play dolls with her, when she brings them to him, he is not at all shy. He is caring, loving understanding and patient. He will stop what he is doing in that moment and give her his full attention. He truly is such an awesome dad.. really does Rock!! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful dad for my daughter.

  33. Shajal

    My son’s Papa is the kindest most caring man that he and I both know . He is our pillar of strength. Our knight in shining armour, our story teller , our midnight snack bringer and most importantly our protector. He is my equal and shares in all the daily duties in bringing up our son. Whether it’s changing dirty diapers at 2 am or letting me sleep in after a long week of temper tantrums and reruns of the movie cars. He is the definition of a father . We love you.

  34. Siobhan

    I never thought it was possible to love my husband more, but then our little baby girl arrived. He is such an amazing and helpful dad. Not only is he a great dad, but since she has been born, he has done all the cooking?? So I have been extremely blessed. He is most definitely the most rockin’ dad.

  35. Tanielle

    Zach’s dad Rocks because having a dad as you grow up by your side is so important, and he does the BEST job at it 😉

  36. Nikiwe Dlamini

    My baby daddy rocks because he is so hands on in raising our kids.He is the one who takes our daughter to the clinic as I am always busy with work and school.He has so much love for our kids and its evidence in his eyes when he looks at them.

  37. Simone

    Daddy keeps us grounded when mommy loses her patience because, well -MOM! He has a very good balance between discipline and not sweating the little things, which I LOVE about him! He will do anything in his power to make sure we are all happy and safe. He is certainly the best Hero and role model mommy and the kids have!

  38. Kim Williams

    My hubby totally rocks as a dad! I sometimes think that he is a better mother than me! When our lg was born I was very adamant that Dad should also ‘learn’ how to handle her, and I must say, he has completely mastered the art! Our little girl is 1, and dad is able to do everything that mom can do! He can bath her, dress her, feed her, put her to bed, entertain her, and even takes turns every week as to who gets to sleep on her side and tend to her in the middlw of the night! I don’t know of a lot of men who do the same! He is such an amazing dad and we are so blessed to have him in our lives! #daddyrocks

  39. Bianca Moses

    Ah man those pics are amazing!

    My Chad and baby daddy is the most incredible dad to our girls. He has taken to barbies, painting nails and tutus so effortlessly. He almost lost both youngest and I this year during her delivery and he was our total rock during that hectic time. What I find most amazing is that he has a high stress and demanding job but always tries to be at all doctor visits and appointments that involve the girls. He makes the moments matter. So blessed! He leads our family with grace and love.

  40. Theshnee Reddy

    My baby daddy rocks because he wakes up 4 :30am every Monday to Saturday.. He goes to work, finishes at 5 pm.. He is home by 6 sometimes 7 pm depending on traffic.. He gets home and still makes time for our sons.. You would expect him to pass out because of his long hours.. However he always makes time for us.. Always there when we need him.. He doesn’t complain.. Doesn’t moan.. He is simply the best husband and father

  41. Tiffany Nieuwenhuizen

    My sons Dad is the best Dad to my little man. After being told we were not likely to fall pregnant , he still stuck by my side. We then were given our unexpected miracle baby boy. From the moment he was born there has been this unique bond between the both of them . He is such a devoted dad. My son is an extremely lucky boy to have a dad who loves him so much.

  42. Farrah Rymer


    He takes the best care of sick little babies that arent his own. (He is paed anaesthesiologist).
    Even though his job is demanding he always makes the best quality time with his two little girls. Bath and story time are THE MOST SPECIAL TIME FOR THIS DAD

  43. Tersh Kgaphola

    My baby daddy/husband Rocks, because he embodies patients and unconditional love. I had a high risk pregnancy last year and had to quit my job and he was right there by my side, and stepped up to doing every single house work, homework and caregiving till the end of my pregnancy. Just when he thought he had his partner back, i suffered from Depression post birth and i pushed him away and isolated myself, he remained strong and supportive even when i was horrible to him. I got help and am on treatment and i would love to show him how much i care and thankful for him by winning this competition. I just want him to feel special and loved to make up for all the things i put this beautiful soul through. Thank you. And good luck to everyone.

  44. Danielle Gluckman

    Love my husband to bits. He is the most incredible dad to our little girl. I am do lucky yo be able to observe the amazing quality time these two have.

  45. Tiffany Lottering

    Brendan Deetlefs is the best father ever. From playing fantasy games with his 4 kids, to super star rugby with his eldest son, buying ladies items for his teenage daughter, putting a cranky baby to bed so mom can catch up on some zzzz to colouring in with his 5 year old daughter unicorn pictures in hospital. He truly rocks. No shame to show his soft side.

  46. Jeannie Mostert

    My baby daddy ROCKS because he’s always there for his girls and he is proud to be a girl daddy. He packs their food for school, helps to bath them, fetch them from school, doesn’t moan when he has to go with to watch Lollos or Buster & Bella. He is our absolute favourite!! ?

  47. Leanne

    Lovely Justmama you’ve out did yourself here, this is such a beautiful post and honor to our hubbies who do the most!!
    My baby daddy, hubby is truly our hero! He is hands on, patient (something I struggle with), devoted to making sure the boys have a balanced diet (sugar police) and has the ability to take over from me when I’m milliseconds away from a meltdown!! We’re truly blessed ?

  48. Cara-Lee Keane

    My ‘baby daddy’ rocks simply because he’s an amazing father and partner. There’s never a day that goes by that he doesn’t make mom & son’s life that bit easier and better!
    If moms had a dreadfully long night with little one, he’s the 1st one up to make sure moms got a hot cuppa coffee to recharge her engines (he sure knows the way to my heart)!
    When moms about to loose her $&@!, cause little one has decided to through his “meal made with love” on the floor, simply because she left the skin of his apple on, he simply steps in to take over, without me even having to ask, he just knows I need him and he’ll be there. When my sons asks me to play, but I can’t at that moment, dad will say ‘come Grey Grey, let’s go play outside.
    It’s not only the everyday father “duties” he does, it’s the small things he does every single day that makes me a proud mom to call him the best dad ever!! Loving, caring, doting and providing for his family is just what he does, he loves it, he loves being a father, a husband and mentor. That’s why we love him! That’s why he’s the BEST!! ❤️

  49. Erica Myburgh

    Why my husband ROCKS…?? The best feeling in the word is seeing him love our children with everything he has. I could not have asked for a better partner. He is hardworking,devoted and he makes us happy. If you take away the material things all we have is each other and the love we have. And boy o boy do we love our papa. Im grateful and blessed.

  50. Michaela

    My babies daddy is their world! He spends hours playing with them and giving all the attention they want. Hearing the laughter and silliness from another room makes me so happy. I am so grateful to have a partner who is so hands on and is the best daddy to his children. Seeing him with our babies makes my heart bursts with love for him! ❤
    Done all steps ? Fingers crossed!

  51. Kim

    My baby daddy and I meet on high school back in 2003, we had a Rocky start to our relationship. After 2 years of dating we found out that we were pregnant ?. It was a teenage pregnancy and we were both unsure of how to deal with it, but to my surprise) Kyle did not leave he was with me throughout the whole pregnancy. He work to support us (yes it was a minimum wage) but he provided. Today I can proudly say that my baby daddy is an operations manager for one of the biggest call center companies in Cape Town, his is also my king, and awesome father and the best thing that could ever happen to me ❤️ ? ? ♥️

  52. Andrea bester

    My baby daddy rocks because never in my life did I think having a dad like him (for my kids) was a real was always- no that’s like a “TV dad dream”. We are so blessed to have him , he is loving ,caring ,hard working, supportive, hands on ,funny .He full on goes in character to play with our daughter -if she says daddy wear a dress ..he doesn’t hesitate he does it. He never says he is tired or can’t do something. He definitely ROCKS in our eyes and the best thing of all when you have a partner who loves being a dad it makes you love them more .

  53. Karien Coetzer

    My baby daddy rocks because he is always ready to do anything for me and our little boy. He supports me in my dreams and aspirations. He is the best dad and is so dedicated to our boy he baths him every night and puts him to bed and he calls it their time and he doesn’t miss it for everything.
    He is the love of my life and the best husband a girl can ask for.

  54. Teniele Bishun

    My husband aka Baby Daddy Rocks!!!!! Why??? His the cutest most loving dad. On the day our baby girl was born, even though his terrified of blood – he did skin to skin contact with her as soon as all her vitals were done. He changed her nappies (and still does) although using 15 wet wipes for the first nappy. He wakes up whenever she cries and has always been awake at every moment I had to feed or just rock her just to make sure we are both fine. He’s not afraid to eat the already half chewed food our daughter gives him just to see the smile on her face after she makes him eat it. He would sacrifice his last cent to make sure both his girls have everything they need before his needs. His not afraid to wear a pink t-shirt to match his little girl. His being a super awesome dad. We recently moved to JHB as he got a promotion and he has given me a year off to stay at home with our little girl until we have fully settled in our new home. His the most loving, kind and caring husband and dad and that’s why he ROCKS!!!!

  55. Danielle Daniels

    My fiancé is the best dada for our little terrorist. He is our best friend and biggest cheerleader ♥️

  56. Samantha Coetzer

    My hubbylicious ROCKS because he is our home! He is our rock that we can depend on. He holds us together and always puts us first. He is everything and more that our two little girls could ever need in a daddy! He is our Coetzer.

  57. Ncuthwa

    My Baby Daddy Rocks bcs he is the coolest loving Father i have. He loves his children and he is always ther to support us and he is a full time parent..I am grateful to hv him in my life.

  58. Dannielle Hartley

    Our baby daddy rocks because he is the most selfless person I know. Nothing is ever too much for him. He always puts the kids needs before his own. And will always play, read that story or cuddle with them. He never gets flustered and is so calm. He is our rock and I would love to show some of our appreciation to him this father’s day ?

  59. Mia Stander

    My Baby Daddy Rocks because he’s my daughter’s first love. She adores him and he adores her. Just like it should be. She has him wrapped around her little pinky at all times. Daddy’s girl through and through.

  60. Chane Wolmarans

    My baby daddy Rocks as even when I’m at my weakest he keeps building me up. He helps and truly is in a partnership with me not just someone who stays on the side. And while I am not able to do everything all the time, he fills the gaps.

  61. Lianti

    Our first baby is due at the beginning of October, so my baby daddy to be rocks because he already cares so much about our little girl. He talks to her daily and tells her he loves her. He wasn’t as ready as I was for this baby but seeing him get more and more excited has been amazing. He also helps me with all my weekly crazy nursery DIY projects, so he deserves all the love he can get!

  62. Sha-ne

    My baby DADDY Rocks because he is so special. He’s helpful, strong and smart . Times are dun when he is around .He is the most loving and playful DAD . He always puts Me and his baby girl first and work so hard to provide the best best for us as a family. We are as lucky as can be because the worlds best DAD belongs to my daughter.❤️??

  63. Camilla Meszaros

    Because without him I wouldnt be half the human I am today for giving me the gift of life, not once but twice. By making me a momma, my baby daddy made me more of who I was born to be, a mom of boys raising real men. ❤

  64. Antoinette Otto

    My husband rocks. As i am a doctor who works night shifts, since our baby boy was 4 months old he has been looking after him many nights alone, doing the bathing, singing our little boy to sleep. He also has a full time work. He never complains once. Him and my son have such a beautiful bond. He is now almost 2years old. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband or dad!

  65. Edean Prinsloo

    My husband (BabyDaddy) and absolute best friend is by far the best dad on the planet! I have never come across a love so deep as between my little baby girl and her daddy! His whole world revolves only around us but especially around her! Bath times however are my favorite to watch since they have this amazing bond it’s the sweetest thing to see them splash and laugh together! I think he definitely most certainly deserves ‘the best dad’ award! My little girl’s dad ROCKS!

  66. Khuselwa

    My Baby Daddy Rocks because he is a present father to our kids, emotionally, spiritually and financially of course but most importantly he is very loving and he supports our kids.

  67. Lynn botha

    My baby daddy rocks.. He always puts the kids and I first, makes sure we have everything we need and takes care of us.

  68. Alison

    My hubby and son’s dad rock as he is such a hands on dad changing diapers, burping late at night to attending every doctor and vaccination appointment. Our son lights up every time husband dad enters the room that watching it is just pricelesd

  69. Shandre Bornman

    He is loving and kind, he is someone who listens, suggests and defends, he is patient and proud and never complains, he is never too tired or too busy to help out or just simply play catches, he is the strength in our household, the storyteller, the teacher and the bestest friend to our son!

  70. Elana Steenkamp

    My baby daddy Rocks, because its his first time and he is totally a pro. Man, he gives me mommy time to relax( even if its a bath where I can wash my hair AND shave!!)
    He baths bubs in the evening and gets her ready for bed, its their bonding time.
    He cooks, cleans all while also having a full time job. My husband is literally the best.
    And yes he is real. God surely blessed me with the best. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  71. Peyton & Poomie

    My daughter and her dad are the bestest of friends ? Dada rocks because he’s just an awesome human being who is fully present in our lives & in everything we do.
    He has decided to take on the financial strain this year so I (mom) can go back to school and finish off my degree. We love him and truly appreciate him & this gift could just be the cherry on top to show him just how much we do. ?

    – @peyton.and.poomie

  72. Bhavana Singh

    My babys dad rocks for so many reasons! He loves unconditionally, helps with taking care of them, school work, cracks jokes, keeps them stimulated with playing board games, sport outside and so much more! He knows everything and does it so well too, he is out Rock! He deserves a WIN, FINGERS CROSSED!

  73. Ibtisaam

    My baby daddy rocks because he is the most amazing father to our two beautiful kids!!! Our kids ADORE him! It melts my heart to watch them all be “cuddle buddies”. Provider. Spiritual leader. Lover. You name it…he’s got it! It’s hard to find a man with as many good qualities as my hubby! The best part…he’s as humble as they come! He may be super successful. He may be HOTTER than hot. He may be romantic. He may be super dad. But he would give the shirt off his back to anyone and everyone! He’s as humble as they come! I truly mean that. Anyone that knows him very well, knows that about him! I am not sure I have ever met anyone who DIDN’T like him. He loves his children and he is always there to support us all the way. He never complains that he is tired or can’t do something.

  74. Claudia Mc Namee

    Because school projects a day before due date just seems effortless ….a teething baby sleeps like a dream because dads arms are just bigger ……school sports grounds should be his second home….mommy gets sleep in days after a long night of no sleep syndrome ?? all in all cooks like a chef and cares like a nursery teacher….soft but not too soft…loving but strict The smile that slips on when its bed time stories with changed voices I just cannot imagine anything more greater than my babies dad ? if only now he can learn where the washing basket is he be perfect ??

  75. Kim Stradling

    My baby daddy rocks because he does cool stuff like ditching homework every now and then for sand boarding down the sand dunes by our house with cut up boxes!

  76. Ruth

    My babies daddy ROCKS way harder than your usual dad.
    From the second my son was born, a true rockstar dad was born too.
    He is the absolute best daddy and superhero to our little boy. He helps with everything, he makes his dinner and feeds him, reads him bedtime stories, he takes him to school most mornings.
    Whatever we need he does his best to provide.
    We couldn’t ask for anyone better ?

  77. Cindy

    So many things in this post ring true for our family. My husband is usually the good cop. He’s the fun guy that rolls onto he floor with Kayla and Liam. He’s the one making supper and teaching them some magical tricks in the kitchen. I could go on forever, but one thing I know for sure is that our lives are definitely richer for having him in our lives ?❤️

  78. Zita

    My, oh my! Such a wonderful competition to recognize the other half of the parenting equation!

    My baby daddy rocks for so many reasons! Definitely including all 10 above! I honestly don’t know how I’d get through a day with out him! We are the perfect team and when ever ” I don’t got it” he does and when he “don’t got it” I do! He knows exactly when I’m at my tipping point and will take over just in time! My anxiety has most days feeling lager than they actually are or some stress inducing situations that much more stressful, and he honestly really saves my day.

    He’s also most definitely the fun parent! The one that gets down and dirty! (I’m the neat freak) and I’m so thankful that he plays with our children! I get to doing the things that need to be done while our children smiles and laughter are seen and definitely heard!

    He also constantly reminding me that I’m beautiful and that our children have a great mom. Or thanking me for being a great mom! This honestly goes such a long way!

    Thanks Team xxx

  79. Maxine King

    My baby daddy rocks, because he is a amazing father, a wonderful husband and everything in between…. He treats my daughter and I like royals and calls us his queen and princess…. He is a hands on deck dad and helps around the house he makes being a Mom easy peesey…. He is a Gem and one of a kind I would not trade my Hubster for anything in the world

  80. Yvonne Ras

    My husband rocks because he helps with everything! He makes sure my daughter and I are fed, get rest, he helps change her diapers he helps cook he helps drive her to her grannies house every alternative week, he helps with cleaning, laundry, everything plus he works 7 days a week! When I need to pump (I’m an exclusive pumper) he takes her for me… He really looks after his girls and I don’t know what we’d do without him! He plays with her and makes her laugh like no other, he is just the best dad ever and he Rocks because he is so amazing!

  81. Terry

    Baby daddy and I have been together for 16 years (high school sweethearts) – after 2 years of struggling to fall pregnant we made a little miracle – I had a very scary birthing experience and through it all – my husband showed what an amazing father and husband he really is – he loves us both sooooooo much and I feel it every day in all the things he does ?

  82. Tara

    My hubby rocks because he is genuinely superman. He has a 2nd job being a spinning instructor at 5 am or if hes not on duty he gyms, runs or cycles. He then comes home and packs the lunches, makes breakfast and gets us up and drops kids off at school. He has a 8 to 5 30 job and still comes home and assists with supper and cleaning. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. The one thing I can say is hes like no other as he looked after me when I went through a traumatizing c section last year & was bed ridden for nearly 2 months. He served me hand and foot and helped with the new baby and our toddler. He is an absolute rockstar husband & I am so blessed.

  83. Boitshoko Mankuroane

    Dad is my special person, my rock, he kept me grounded and discipline. He encouraged me to do good all the time and forgive my enemies so that I can find peace in my heart.

  84. Thandie Phakati

    My Twin boys have an absent Dad but when he was present I used to notice how happy they would be. On the other hand, my Dad and I didn’t have such a great relationship growing up but now it’s the best ever more so because he is so involved in my children’s lives and they love him to bits by being so involved .

  85. emlyn thomas

    I’m so thankful for my baby daddy in my life he’s been nothing short of a blessing I wouldn’t know how to function in this place called life if it wasn’t for him he’s my rock I love him to a million and one pieces he’s the best daddy to his kids that any dad could be I’m blessed ✨?

  86. Elisabeth Meyer

    My husband Rocks as the baby daddy! Fatherhood is a hard job just as motherhood is. It also a heart job. It requires strength and gentleness, patience and time and my husband is doing it beautifully, if my son grows up to be the kind of man his father is, I’ll be one proud mother indeed.

  87. Thanishiya

    My Baby Daddy Rocks from when we were conceiving through pregnancy and now he’s a first time Dad and doing an amazing job… singing baby to sleep, changing nappies in the middle of the night- dodging wee and poo! Rocking baby to sleep in his big arms, giggling and playing with him when he comes home from work… we love our Baby Daddy

  88. Kelly Jennings

    My hubby is always helping our children. Putting their needs first. We are always put and about and he loves being outdoors with our children. We always busy doing something and If we at home we are in the garden and he is playing sport games with them

  89. Megan Little

    My husband and I started dating when I already had a one year old. He totally took on being her Dad without me even asking. From day one he was there. 7 years later we made it official and he adopted her! We got married and had another daughter and 6 weeks ago welcomed our son.

    My husband is incredibly hands on with our kids and super helpful. He has come to every single ballet concert, gymnastics competition, dance competition and school play or function.

    He even learnt my daughters gymnastics routine when she was 6 and just starting out so he could help her practice. He comes home after work and makes us supper so that I can rest.

    I honestly couldn’t ask for a better husband and father and he totally ROCKS our world ?

  90. Roxanne wilkins

    My hubby and baby daddy rocks because not only does he work his behind off to give us (his family) everything we need and want but the love and support he shows me on a daily basis is just outta this world. The love I see between him and our son is just breathless. I would choose him a million times over to be my baby daddy ❤️

  91. Elri

    My baby-daddy-husband rocks because ultimately he always chooses us… He has our best interests at heart – emotionally, financially, socially and physically. He would sacrifice so much of his own in order to ensure that we are OK.

    Also – dads rock because it’s only them who can make fart-jokes and everyone has a laugh about it ??

  92. Lizaan

    He always helps me even when I think I don’t need it. He is the most loving and caring man in the world. He is so good with our son and he loves his daddy. He is my rock and my all

  93. Tasha-Leigh Williams

    Perhaps not my baby daddy. But for sure my own dad has been our family’s rock (and rocks at it) I’m a first time single mom and my son is definitely his grandpa’s boy. My dad was with me through the birth of my son and I’m forever grateful for this! He never stops trying to be the best he can be, for the sake of his family. ♡

  94. Ruth

    This is such a lovely tribute to dads. My baby daddy rocks because he is my rock… he has supported me in a wayI could never imagine so I can be the wife and mother I’ve always aspired to be. He rides the wave of life with me and our toddler and little one on the way that makes this journey amazingly calm and gentle, with a lot of humour to get us all through the tougher days. We need more awesomeness in the world!!

  95. Judy Padayachee

    My baby daddy rocks because he is a hands on dad who does everything for the kids with a smile on his face. He is always there for them so loving, caring and kind. He is the best dad in the world ?❤❤❤

  96. Kathryn

    My baby daddy ?❤️ What can I say he is my daughters hero, long story short dad and I didn’t think we could have kids, my passed history just didn’t look good but one day we got a little surprise ❤️ We were going to be parents best of all he was going to be a dad ? over the moon he did everything leading up to the arrival of his precious daughter who he loved more then anything before he had even met her ? she was the one for him.

    As she started growing dads love for her just grew bigger and bigger ❤️ She became his little princess never mind the fact that all she wanted was to be like her dad ? she wanted to dress like him wear caps and hoodies, a real mini version of her dad but yet she will always be his princess ? he gave her all his love and attention she helps him fix the cars passes the tools, she might even be a mechanic or love cars, my daughter has just turned 2, dad is teaching her to skateboard so they can skate together ❤️ I don’t know what I would do without him in our life he is just truly an amazing dad all round from being a great role model to a funny playful dad but best of all a dad who my daughter can go to for help even if it’s just for a big hug ❤️ He will always be her dad…

  97. Bibi

    My baby daddy has been hands on since day 1. When I was unsure of how to bath a new born baby, he was there doing it although he had never done it before. Having his own child gave him the courage to do things he had never done for any other child including changing nappies. Soo proud of him for being a wonderful dad

  98. Monica van der Spuy

    My baby daddy amazes me every day … when we dated he never felt natural and comfortable around other people’s kids. I wasn’t sure how he would take to being a daddy, but wow, he is was an amazing husband and he made me fall more in love the day I saw him hold our baby boy for the first time … the most loving eyes, wanting to be the best daddy in the world possible, he is there at every bath time, every soccer lesson, everything he does for his family and I couldn’t be prouder x

  99. Annette Hamann

    My baby daddy rocks because he has a heart of gold. He loves unconditionally and he’s always willing to forgive. He puts his family first always. He works really hard to give me and my son the best in the world. He deserves to be spoiled because he never spoils himself.

  100. Carleen

    My partner is the best Dad that I could ever ask to have for our amazing Daughter. He’s been by her side since day one, and she always knows where to go to get a good old fashioned dad bear hug to make her feel better! He’s teaching her to be strong and independent, to ask questions and seek answers, to keep her mind open and creative. He sets boundaries and rules, and let’s her know that making a mistake is totally human. His love for her cannot be measured, he is so in love and involved in her life. I couldn’t be prouder of him!

  101. Micheallene

    My baby daddy/Husband Rocks because he is my rock, my sons best friend. He works, cooks in the evening and still studies as well. He is honestly a blessing in to many ways to mention.

  102. Adele

    My husband is an amazing dad to our kids, they both have him wrapped and they know he will do anything for them!! He reads countless stories, plays duplo for ages – I’m sure enjoys it more than the kids! Hes just such a great dad and glad to be doing this parenting journey with him

  103. Haarisha

    My baby daddy rocks because he is my rock. He is selfless and makes sure he cares for his family

  104. Tiyana

    I love watching my husband be a father. I see the way he respond calmly to our kid when they argue or when things go awry. He gives my son a shining example of self-control. Because of my husband, my son know what it’s like to keep a temper in check. I watch as you play with them. I listen to their giggles as they bounce high or get swung through the air. I watch their smiles as you’re constructing Lego sets with them and playing video games together. They soak up your loving attention like a sponge, and it fills them to the brim with joy and love. I’m grateful that my husband take time for him. I know after a long and stressful day at work, he like to unwind and relax, but he know that your real work starts when you walk in the door, and you rise to the challenge. My son learns that family matters and that relationships take top priority because you always make time to bond with them.

  105. Estelle Vrey

    I never breastfed since birth and my husband, out of his own, offered to alternate nights with me to wake up and feed the baby. Our little girl is 14 months now and till today he still alternates with me, giving me every 2nd night to recharge. He is an amazing dad who loves to come home every day and play with his little girl, he lights up her little face and makes me the happiest wife and mommy.

  106. Chad Van Der Rheede

    I would love to nominate myself because

    I love being a dad. I mean, obviously there are (a lot of) moments where I don’t know the time of day (or night) and I’m so tired that I put my shoes on the wrong way round without realising but, on the whole, I love being a dad to my son. I love it when the boy snugs his head into my neck. Ezra is too much of a fidget to spend a long time cuddling, so those moments when he does are even more special.Having an excuse to be silly without any judgement! Silly voices, silly dances and silly behaviour is generally frowned upon in most adult situations. I love that my OCD has been challenged. Being a dad leaves very little room for OCD.
    Making my boy smile. When he does those huge great big smiles, I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction of a good job, well done. If Ezra is happy, then so am I and the universal sign of happiness, a smile, is all I need as evidence.Dinner times. I love that thing he does when he peers around to try and make eye contact with me. I reckon that all dads have something about their children that just makes their heart skip a beat. For me, it’s when he does this. Coming home from work. Well, I always enjoyed coming home from work but when you have a child to come home to, it changes that enjoyment into excitement and anticipation.

  107. Raeesa Setar

    My baby daddy rocks because he’s surprised me by what a good dad he is! He’s up every night with me helping to burp our 6 week old and he gets her to sleep afterwards so I can have a rest… He’s done everything in his power to make our daughter and I as comfortable as possible.

  108. Daniella

    After going through a traumatic experience loosing a child last year, we got gifted with our little bundle on the 4th June. My husband now daddy has being incredible xx He changes the nappies and supports me through it all and I don’t take one day for granted xx daddy’s are very special

  109. Yumna

    My baby daddy rocks!!!
    He is by far the best dad in the whole world
    I know we don’t say it often
    But we all love and appreciate you
    You made so many sacrifices to give us all the best of everything ..
    We miss you when you’re away they say Absence may makes the heart grow fonder, but we say your absence makes our home empty
    We love you
    To the best dad ever
    Our hero
    From your daughters

    We love you daddy

  110. Calista

    My Hubby has just become a new dad to twin girls that are now 3 months old. He has been our ROCK! He is 100% involved, attends every doctor and clinic visit, plus while juggling being the “boss” at work to provide for his girls. I see the unconditional love in his eyes every time he looks at them. I look forward to a life time of memories getting to watch him be an AMAZING dad to our twin girls.

  111. Sara Essop

    My baby daddy is a fun dad who loves spending time with his children. He makes them laugh but also motivates them at the same time.

  112. Rene Henrico

    My baby daddy Rocks fatherhood!! He is such a perfect partner in parenting, I always knew he would be a good father, but I never realized what a great father he would be for a daughter!

  113. Sarah Bibi Essa

    My baby daddy is a sensitive, empathetic soul who has been with me every step of the way through my first pregnancy, even experiencing sympathetic pregnancy symptoms himself and helping me feel less alone in my struggles as we both eagerly await our little one due in July 2019. I know he is going to be an amazing father because he has helped me in my own personal growth journey and I can only imagine the incredible impact he will have on our children.

    Sarah B Essa

  114. Megan Smith

    What a lovely post. My husband is the best I love him to bits he os probably my biggest fan and the children’s greatest hero. My husband is my biggest support system and slaaus fully trust my opinion when it comes to the kids . Another thing I appreciate about him is all of the sacrifices he makes for us.


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