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Being a father to daughters

by | Jun 17, 2018 | Being a Dad, Just Fatherhood | 2 comments

For most of my pre-adult life I was adamant that I did not want kids. Truth is, it scared me. I was convinced that being a dad just wasn’t my thing and I’d definitely mess up as a father. I had other plans, “bigger plans” and as time passed I didn’t even give my future brood a second thought. Fate however would have be being a father to daughters in no time… but, let’s start at the beginning.

being a Father to daughters

It was the summer of 2003.

I was in Menlyn with my best friend, shopping for clothes. That’s when I met Mari-Louise, aka Just A Mamma. I had my own Jerry McGuire moment; ”She had me at hello”. Literally. She was a sales assistant at Aka Joe. I walked into the shop and she said “hello”. With just one word she blew my mind! It sounds strange, I had only known her for 5 seconds, but I immediately knew I wanted her to be my wife.

Luckily she also liked me and said yes to a date. (That’s my wife for you – brave, bold and adventurous.)

After our first date we were inseparable. Fast forward a few months later. We were Having one of those “future self” conversations – talking about our hope and dreams and possibly having kids one day. I was still didn’t see children in my future until Mari-Louise said something that just clicked for me… She said she only wanted boys because having a little boy that look just like ME, would be the most amazing gift in the world. Wow! That was a thought provoking, life altering moment. I suddenly got it. “How awesome would it be to have a daughter that I can protect and love that is a small version of Mari-Louise.” In an instance my mind had changed and I knew I wanted kids. To be more specific I wanted daughters – yes plural. And boy, oh boy, has my wish come true.

being a Father to daughters

15 years after meeting my wife I am the proud father of only daughters. Three of them and counting… maybe 4.

Being a father to daughters is fantastic!

They have given new meaning to my existence. When I look at each of them I feel overwhelmed with pride, love and the need to protect them with all that I’ve got. I know they look alike, like sisters do, but their personalities are worlds apart. Each of them teach me a little more about the wonderful differences between a man and a woman. God truly made us unique.

Just a Mamma being a Father to daughters

I laugh at myself when I think about some of the new activities in my life. Tea parties, being Ken when they play Barbie, braiding hair (I suck at it!), baking, drawing, watching princess movies and their favourite, being the BFG and catching them. They however love me so much that they also play the games I understand – wrestling, rugby, kicking a ball, gymnastics, running, laughing at fart jokes (those are the best) and playing with flash lights.

being a Father to daughtersbeing a Father to daughtersbeing a Father to daughtersbeing a Father to daughtersbeing a Father to daughters

With all of this I have never forgotten my “I get it!” moment. In each of my daughter I find a special pieces of my wife. Different aspects and talents of her that God planted in our daughters. This gives me renewed love, appreciation, respect and understanding of my wife.

being a Father to daughtersJust a Mamma being a Father to daughters

They are my “Apies” (aka monkeys).

Never have I been more wrong about anything. Life without my daughters would be without purpose. Thank you Eliana, Lia, Ava (and ….) for being my daughters.

being a Father to daughters

It is an honour to be your Dad and I love you!

being a Father to daughters

And just a last little something!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Lullaby Rock Apparel Father’s Day giveaway! Our favourite part was reading each and every heart-felt comment. Reading about so many incredible dads really made us wish we had a prize for each one of you. Thank you so much for sharing a little piece of your lives with us.

Congratulations to  our winner CAROLYN AUGUSTUS (@lynnie187) we’ll be in touch soon.

PHOTO CREDIT | Most from our personal collection but some also taken by Anje van Dalen from Madison and West and Mario Sales.


  1. Anmar

    This was so beautiful to read.

  2. Caley

    What a beautiful post – I could imagine my husband writing a similar post about our three girls.
    And number 4…?! x


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