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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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Groovy Princess poppy Trolls birthday party PLUS Free Printables

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When it comes to celebrating birthdays… Our little Lia LOVES a good theme and after watching Trolls World Tour at the movies, she fell in love all over again with Princess Poppy and the entire Trolls crew. So for her 6th birthday celebration, it was all about rainbows, glitter and having a groovy time with a handful of besties at her Princess poppy Trolls birthday party!

princess poppy trolls birthday party

Princess poppy Trolls birthday party decor means FUN!!!!

This party needed to be just as bold, just as fun and just as colourful as the princess that inspired it all… I knew Konfetti Love Rentals would be the best place to start. Together we came up with a spring colour blast theme! Grass carpets, a fun backdrop, touches of disco and gold with lots of colour pops on white provided by trays and plates of sweets and treats was all that was needed.

princess poppy trolls party decor
trolls party decor ideas
troll inspired flower decor

We built the foundation A Seed to Sow would be working magic on with their incredible flower creations.

The flowers stole the show and made this party pop!

The brief was short. Create Princess Poppy’s Troll-topia. I was thinking colour while A Seed to Sow took things to a whole other level considering texture and drama! From the flower pods on the ground to the small bouquets scattered all over… It was the flowers that ultimately brought Lia’s troll world to life. It was a feast for the eyes that we enjoyed for many weeks after the party.

troll inspired flower decor copy
flower decor for kids parties
troll inspired flower decor ideas
The table decor was the perfect combination of pretty and “sweet”
table setting for a trolls birthday party
trolls inspired party decor table setting
trolls inspired party decor
The pretty party packs included gifts for the little guests to enjoy at the party
princess poppy trolls birthday party ideas 1
trolls world tour party ideas

Renting, using our own tables and chairs and sticking to edible decor, gifts and flowers made this party Troll and a little more environmentally friendly.

The food needed to be colourful too!!!!

Having a sweet tooth means loads more treats than we would usually allow Lia, but it’s only her birthday once a year… So we try our best to find “healthier” alternatives and using colourful snacks as edible decor instead of putting together party packs gives little ones the option to only eat what they like. We also encourage parents to enjoy the snacks too.

Our Princess poppy Trolls birthday party menu included:
  • I always plan lunch 1st. We made use of the most incredible catering company; Nothing but Thyme. (Great service, afforable prices). Corndogs with homemade ketchup and mustard was a hit! Older and younger guests approved. We also added a delicious Quinoa Salad with Yogurt Dressing in jars. Compostable cutlery made cleanup a breeze too.
easy party food
easy party food ideas
  • Next the drinks station. Fruity flavoured water and homemade ice tea looks pretty and never fails.
healthy drinks for kids parties
  • Now for the treats. Other than the sweets used on the party table. We also made sure to include a few all time favourites…
princess poppy trolls sugar cookies

– Rainbow meringues from the local bakery.

– Troll themed sugar cookies by the best in the biz, Artful Biscuit Co.

princess poppy trolls birthday party food 1

– Cotton Candy (as Troll hair). Pinterest made this look like such a good idea but they melted almost instantly and only made for pretty pictures.

– Glazed Krispy Kreme donuts (as always).

– Freshly popped, lightly salted popcorn made just before the guests arrived.

  • Can’t forget about dessert… Everyone likes ice-cream and with POPCO. you don’t even have to feel guilty. Made with fresh whole fruits (no concentrates or pastes) and natural ingredients (no artificial colourants or preservatives). They also have the best sorbets, vegan options and interesting flavours like Pineapple Chilli, Avocado lime and Coco Pine (just to name a few).
vegan ice cream south africa

We kept the cake simple (But with a surprise)

princess poppy trolls birthday party cake

A four-layer rainbow cake covered in smooth white icing, topped with a number 6, bright rainbow coloured candles and an edible Princess Poppy Sugar Cookie cake topper.

princess poppy trolls rainbow cake

And then for that something extra… with a funfetti sprinkle surprise in the middle!

trolls birthday party cake

Lia didn’t expect the hidden centre and definitely loved the extra sparkle. Just like a little Guy Diamond “explosion”. (Fellow Troll mamas you’ll know what I’m talking about… hehe.) It was perfect!

next, Outfits Princess poppy would approve…

princess poppy inspired trolls outfit

Hair was an important consideration. Lia loved the idea of playing with colour but didn’t want the trolls “signature up style”. Eliana and Ava joined in the fun and with the help of some semi-permanent hair dye, we had a pink and purple lady. None of the dye took to Eliana’s hair. Hair chalk worked far better but didn’t last past the 1st wash.

Dresses were a must. So was sparkle! We found the cutest glittery purple and turquoise dresses for Eliana and Ava at Pick n Pay Clothing and a KEEDO Christmas star dress shone almost as bright as the beautiful birthday girl.

DIY felt flower headbands made with my trusty glue gun and bits and pieces we had lying around finished the look in true crafting troll style.

trolls dressup outfit ideas

Now for the fun and even more GLITTER!

  • Trolls love to dance which means music is a must. Thankfully 2 movies have provided us with the ultimate soundtrack that I could easily put together on one Spotify playlist.
trolls party playlist
  • Trolls love scrapbooking so, we had to have a craft station. Our Instax Share SP-3 SQ printer came in handy. I snapped up a few cute party photos on my phone. Printed them on the spot for each guest to take home after decorating their own paper photo frame. Stickers, glitter, glue… This was a messy activity for sure BUT also the most fun. So stock up on Instax film and be sure to print loads of extra frames.
trolls party craft ideas scapbook
trolls party craft ideas
instax share sp3 sq printer
trolls party craft ideas diy paper photoframes
  • Trolls always have good hair, hence our little beauty salon. Complete with brushes, a variety of hair clips made by the girls, hair ties in every colour and even some temporary tattoos.
trolls party diy hair station
trolls party hair ideas
  • Trolls have the BIGGEST, loudest, craziest parties and Uncle Kyle made sure we didn’t forget it. He gifted Lia a jumping castle for the party (and the rest of the weekend). Always a winner no matter the party theme.
trolls party ideas
  • We like to send our guests home with a gift. Rainbow scratch and draw pads are very popular at the moment and made for a great little “thank you”. We stuck on a “Thank you for binging your sunshine” note on the cover for a special touch.
trolls party favour ideas

It was Lia’s TROLLS Fantasy come true…

Lia (and her friends) loved every detail of her Princess Poppy Trolls birthday party and I had the best time making her dreams a reality. Nothing beats seeing those big happy smiles!

trolls princess poppy birthday party

Find all the FREE PRINTABLES for Lia’s Groovy Princess poppy Trolls birthday party below:

princess poppy trolls birthday party ideas with free printabless 1

Quick list of vendors for Lia’s Groovy Princess poppy Trolls birthday party:

Birthday cake: Baked by my incredible sister-in-law.

Flowers: A Seed to Sow

Decor hire (Includes backdrop, tables, chairs, ottomans, cushions, carpets, trays, cake plates etc.): Konfetti Love Rentals

Sugar cookies: Artful Biscuit Co.

Food: Nothing but Thyme Catering Co.

Ice Cream sticks: POPCO.

Doughnuts: Krispy Kreme

Birthday Milestone board: Nectar & Ink

Stationery: Paper Planery

Party favours, party packs and other arts and crafts bits and pieces: Her-Annies

Kids sunnies: MrP Kids

Temporary tattoos: Djeco available from Takealot

Birthday girl’s outfit: Shoes and dress from KEEDO

Eliana & Lia’s outfits: Pick n Pay Clothing 

Photos and video: Poppit & Finch 

For more party ideas check out our party inspiration PAGE.

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