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Encouraging imaginative play with Our Generation Dolls

Jul 23, 2019

There’s never been a generation of girls quite like us. We’re following family traditions while creating some really cool ones of our own. Like teaching our younger cousins to recycle and collect dresses for girls who would otherwise gone without. We play hopscotch and jump rope and jacks until we’re out of breath from laughing and just can’t hop, jump or jack one more time. We’re dreamers and doers. And we are here to do it all.

What comes next for us? We can’t even imagine that yet because we’re focused on right now. What’s next for the world? Whatever it is, it’s up to us.

This is our time. This is our story.


It may just be clever marketing words but after reading this beautiful description on the Our Generation Doll‘s packaging I was sold (almost). Being a girl mom, I can’t help but feel all the feels when reading a passage that speaks to so many dreams and values we have for our little ladies. Finding a company that encourages the same, warms our hearts and definitely has our attention.

PLUS these dolls are gorgeous! Soft, shiny hair. Life-like eyes. Pretty smiles. Outfits to swoon over and inclusive of most ethnic groups as well as both genders.


An Our Generation Doll isn’t a future role model, a princess you know and love or a baby in need of mothering. They look like the kids that are playing with them and become a best friend. Our girls can create any story they want, play out professions, hobbies and special events of interest all while experiencing them through imaginative play.


And why should we be encouraging imaginative play?

  • Many social skills (taking turns, sharing, communication, responsibility, negotiation and empathy) are developed during imaginative play.
  • Language develops during play as well and doll play specifically stimulates communication even during alone play as your child speaks to his / her doll. Learning to speak and listen, answer, question and mimic body language as they play.
  • Re-enacting certain events or experiences also help children learn and develop emotionally.
  • It’s a fun way of problem-solving. Many different solutions can be explored for the same scenario, finding what works best.
  • Kids identify and learn about the big world around them during role play. It’s a safe space to learn and explore the unknown.
  • It’s also a wonderful opportunity to work through problems and difficulties your little one might be experiencing eg the death of a pet, new school environment, visiting the dentist and more.
  • Encouraging imaginative play obviously also leads to growing your child’s imagination, nurturing their creative soul.


Alicia, Valencia and Halia are more than just pretty dolls…

  • For every Our Generation product sold a portion goes to the WE‘s Power of a Girl Initiative ensuring brighter futures for all girls, not just their young customers.
  • Our Generations also cares about mother earth and all product packaging is made from recycled materials, printed with soy-based inks and are 100% recyclable.


Our Generation Doll Q & A (Answers to the questions YOU asked)

Where can I buy an Our Generation Doll and how much do they cost?

Online at Our Generation, Takealot and as well as most popular toy stores. Dolls start at R600+ with accessories ranging from R200 upwards. Depending on budget you can choose between standard dolls, deluxe, retro, speciality and various other types of dolls. The more unique or accessory filled – the higher the price tag.

What age would you recommend an Our Generation Doll to?

3 years and up is the recommended age for an Our Generation Doll. Although Ava enjoys playing dolls with her sisters she does find the Our Generation Dolls difficult to handle, being 46cm high and about 1kg in weight. Their soft bodies, although cuddly – shouldn’t get wet – another impossible condition for Ava to understand. Why would her dolly not be able to bath with her?

Ideally I would wait till 3 years of age, when imaginative play is in full swing and your little one can thoroughly enjoy such an amazing gift.

Would I recommend these to boys?

I know boys who love playing with dolls and if we had a boy I would definitely encourage doll play. The Our Generation Doll range includes “boy dolls” and they are worth checking out. I would however still let your child lead your choice of doll, what ever the gender might be.

Is it worth paying R600 and more for a doll?

Yes. We have made a choice to be more mindful of our purchases, especially toy purchases. You can find cheaper dolls but quality is sure to be an issue and needing to be replaced. The Our Generation Dolls are made for play and even after a month of being pulled along by her hair, slept on top of and loved “really hard” Ava’s doll is still in fantastic condition.

The Our Generation range also includes a wide selection of play sets, outfits and furniture options which provides endless imaginary play scenarios to explore and will keep the littles captivated for many years of play.


Tips for selecting your own Our Generation Doll

  • Curly hair is beautiful but straight hair is much easier to care for, play with and keep as good as new. It’s also not advisable to comb your doll’s curls which inhibit play potential a tad.
  • Involve your little girl / boy in selecting a doll, you might be surprised to see which doll they like most.
  • Shop around online for your doll. I have seen regular specials over the past month.
  • Don’t feel pressure to go over your budget. Whether you choose a standard OG Doll or Deluxe version; both are sure to be a hit. You can always buy the extras later. (Birthdays, Christmas times, special spoils, as a reward and more.)


One of the most heartwarming moments of the past school holiday was when we took Eliana and Lia to our local toy store. They had saved up enough pocket money to spend on whatever they liked. Of course both wanted to buy something beautiful for their dolls. They looked through every item, finally deciding to rather put their money together buying the The Campfire, a puppy and Hair Care Set. We could not believe it and that’s when I was sold (completely).



*The girls also received this adorable vets outfit. Perfect for our two animal lovers.

They promised each other that they would share and play together without fighting and so far, so good. At the moment they are saving up for a Wooden Wardrobe and we can’t get enough of them playing together, planning their next adventure.


Disclaimer: The girls each received an Our Generation Doll and one vets outfit to play with and keep for the purposes of this review.

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