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Disney’s The Lion King LIVE In Concert

Dec 10, 2019
Just A Mamma The Lion King Live South Africa

Monday evening I had the pleasure of attending a rehearsal of The Lion King LIVE In Concert at Time Square’s Sun Arena (Pretoria). The first of many LIVE events brought to South Africa by Disney Africa and FNB.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with FNB in bringing these world-class and unforgettable Disney live events to South African audiences over the next year,” says Christine Service, Senior Vice President and Country Manager, The Walt Disney Company Africa. “We are equally excited for these audiences to experience our films and characters in new and unexpected ways.”

Dr John Kani, South African artist and one of the voices featured in this year’s release of The Lion King says;

“Now begins another tale told about my continent, about my country, about my people and about my heritage. These animals are mine. That’s what the great generations of my ancestors left to me to inherit and when that story is told I feel SO proud that the world is listening to Africa,” says Dr John Kani. “It warms my heart knowing that it’s now being taken to even greater heights as an all new live orchestral experience – I cannot wait for local audiences to experience The Lion King in this way,” he added.

So what makes The Lion King LIVE in concert different from the motion picture?

The perfectly synchronised live orchestral performance of course!

It’s absolutely enchanting seeing the different instruments breath life into this beloved story. I actually couldn’t keep my eyes off the talented performers and the passionate conductor. Moments like the opening scene and the fatal stampede are delivered with so much power, complementing the stunning animation.

Johannesburg Philharmonic OrchestraJust A Mamma The Lion King Live South AfricaJust A Mamma The Lion King Live South Africa

This is a unique family entertainment experience and simply hearing the Disney intro LIVE sends chills down my spine. The only element missing was the presence of LIVE voices singing this powerful Oscar® and GRAMMY®-winning soundtrack.

Would I recommend it, to other families?

Definitely. The show is planned with families in mind and even includes an intermission. I would recommend sitting higher up to see the full orchestra in action. Also, be sensitive to young audience members – the music is loud and the movie is VERY life-like.

That being said, The Lion King LIVE in concert is a lovely experience, especially if your children are talented musicians themselves. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity showcasing how music impacts and helps to tell a story. (An important reminder in our visually-driven world.) And I know our girls would be mesmerized by the world-class performance given by the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Lion King LIVE In Concert – 10, 11 and 12 December 

The Lion King Live Concert


Disney’s The Lion King Live In Concert

PHOTO CREDIT | Celeste Van der Berg from Celeste van der Berg Photography.

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