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You can be Anything: Eliana’s Barbie Birthday photoshoot

Feb 13, 2019
Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

February 13th, 2019… Today you are 7 years old and ooh how we adore you. Our wide-eyed, curious, kind yet feisty grade one. You simply could not wait for your 1st “big school” birthday. And all you want this year is to celebrate with a Barbie birthday bash!

I completely understand why…

Barbie is one of your besties, always ready to play and never scared to be whomever you need her to be. You see Eliana, the two of you are one in the same. FEARLESS . CREATIVE . STRONG . DREAMERS sure to make a difference in this world.

Maybe you’ll be a teacher…

Inspiring the next generation. It’s your number #1 career choice (for the moment) but I think your love for school might be the reason. You wake up, wanting to learn something new everyday. Homework’s a breeze and we can’t believe that after only 1 month you’re already reading us bedtime stories.

Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

Or could an Olympic gold medal be in your future?

Your talent for handstands, split, fold-ups and gracefully moving your body anyway you please might have us cheering in the front row sooner than we think.

Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot
Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

Does Nobel Prize winner sound better?

Your mind is a sponge, simply soaking up everything it can. We find you scouring the garden for tiny life forms, mixing, adding, bubbling and brewing the most interesting concoctions. Constantly asking “WHY”, “HOW” and “CAN I TRY TOO?” Maybe one of these days you’ll discover or create something brand new!

Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot
Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

Or maybe you’ll bring joy with tasty treats…

Delicious sweet morsels, pretty confectionaries and macaroons sure put a smile on your face. Home-baking is so much fun for everyone but with your precision and laser sharp fine-motor skills you could be the next BEST BAKER.

Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot
Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

You could be a dancer…

Moving and shaking with the best in the business.

A vet!

You’re such a responsible little girl and Naxos and Mika couldn’t have asked for a better “mommy”. You feed them, bath them, play with and cuddle them. Loving both with all your heart.

Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

How about a fashion designer?

This dress, the one you designed all by yourself, is still a favourite even though months and months have passed. You may still be so very young but you know what you like. Your style is undeniable with a love for black and simple, clean lines. You’ve tough your mama a lot.

A marine, an artist, the next Laila Ali or a fighter jet pilot…

There’s really nothing you can’t be.

Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

The world will try mould you and fold you, but baby girl, you AREN’T a square. Be brave, stand tall and believe in yourself. Be open to change and let kindness guide your every move.

Grow in your faith and never loose sight of God’s love. His daily blessings are abundant, don’t let them pass by unnoticed. Find joy in the mundane and be grateful for family, friends and the people that cross your path.

Just a Mamma Barbie birthday photoshoot

Always remember how absolutely extraordinary you are Eliana. You are stronger than any pain this world throws at you. More capable than anyone expects and locked within your soul is the possibility to truly be whoever YOU want to be!

Happy Barbie birthday to our beautiful, 7 year old!

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PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division.

Special thanks to LVD Studios for allowing us to use their incredible space. It’s our favourite Pretoria studio for shooting content (lifestyle and product). Find out more here.

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