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Free printable Reading Logs to help foster a love for reading

Emma Cox said it best... "Reading is the most powerful gift we can give a child: it puts stardust in their imaginations." Reading does exactly that, and so much more. It helps us build a better future for ourselves as well as those around us. That's why as parents, we...

TruthTV: Top Tips To Help You Parent In 2021

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* This post is sponsored by TruthTV.

With kids at home a lot more than usual, it can be hard to balance out TV time, school work and active playtime. Television specifically can be quite a challenge, as the sheer volume of unlimited (and unfiltered) content piping into our homes has meant that we’re often overwhelmed by choice, but underwhelmed by options that reflect our beliefs.  

So how do we foster a healthy “screen relationship” in our children, making sure they aren’t constantly being exposed to high stimulus / low-quality content? Teaching them how to be mindful of what they let into their hearts and minds while also not merely getting lost in whatever keeps playing in front of their eyes? How do we parent better in 2021?

I’ve teamed up with TruthTV and together we’re sharing 6 Top Tips To Help You Parent In 2021


After this long break, our kids need to get back into routine and some expected rhythms – even if they’re not going to school yet. Perhaps this will mean adjusting bedtimes and waking up a little earlier too. Add more structure to the day with the help of a flexible schedule.

Breakfasts at the same time, screens off for a certain amount of the day, designated time for outside play, inside reading and activity time slots, lunch and supper times, etc.

Predictable routines comfort our kids, especially in these unpredictable times. If you have older children, get them involved in planning the day – this always helps for maximum buy-in. For younger kids, consider making a schedule full of visuals that they can “read” for themselves. Something like this:

school morning routine cards

  • CLICK HERE to download and print the English version for your little one too.
  • KLIEK HIER vir die Afrikaanse weergawe.


We are in a new era of working from home and it won’t change anytime soon. We have needed to adjust and accept the help available to us. TruthTV has been one of those resources. It’s an on-demand service, just like Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime but steps into this content free-for-all space with a curated streaming service, focused on faith and family values. It has given us peace of mind about the entertainment options available to our kids with content that reflects our values. (CLICK HERE to sign up for a 14-day FREE trial)

I know that the girls aren’t being bombarded by marketing or inappropriate information they simply can’t understand yet.

truth tv south africa best kids television

TruthTV “SCREENS” their screen time (for us)

Over the last year, we have all spent a lot more time in front of screens and the TV has been a sanity saver and wonderful escape at times, but we still needed to make sure that whatever the girls were watching actually proved uplifting and wholesome. TruthTV did this for us thanks to their hand-picked content.  No SNVL (sex, nudity, violence, language), blasphemy or OMG’s, for just R129/month. We have unlimited access to carefully selected faith-based movies, series and kids shows.

Some of the girl’s favourite titles include:

  • Ava adores Jungle Beat – The Series: Meet the colourful characters of the African Jungle! Ant, Bee, Giraffe, Monkey, Mother Ostrich, and Tortoise explores the wonderful world around them every day.
  • Lia can’t stop dancing to God Rocks Playlist – an MTV style music program targeting kids 5-12. The series features high-quality, original songs from the award-winning God Rocks! band as well as other musical characters from the God Rocks series.
  • Eliana enjoys crafting along with Jovis Bon-Hovis – Join Jovis and a host of friends on exciting, hilarious adventures as Jovis discover that the best way to live his life is close to God, usually through getting it wrong! Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew share the Bible and its lessons as a reliable, trustworthy and relevant companion to their everyday lives.

truth tv how to keep my kids safe online

3. TV Time can have added value… Just keep the conversation flowing

A great tip from TruthTV is to get on your child’s level, figuratively, but also literally. It is not always easy to be as interested as they are in their favourite game or toy. TruthTV encourages every family to have open conversations about life and faith with some specific film suggestions:

  • Jungle Beat – The Movie: Family conversation starter: If you woke up and found yourself in a completely different place, how would you cope?

jungle beat movie gdn banners 01

  • A Teen Musical: Family conversation starter: If there was a musical about your life, who would play the lead role? (celebrity, family member or even a friend)

truthtv teen musical the movie 1070 x 1585 poster 01

  • Beyond the River: Family conversation starter: What can you do to get along with someone who’s very different to you?

truthtv beyond the river now available 1920 x 1080 poster 01


Pinpoint moments to take mini-breaks to spend time with your kids. Especially if you’re working from home, the temptation will be to work more than you should – in every gap that you get.

Make pancakes together on a Saturday morning, schedule family movie night and don’t forget the huge bowls of popcorn. Bring all the duvets and mattresses into the lounge for a family sleepover, build a fire and toast marshmallows (definitely not in the lounge), or host a games night… boys vs. girls, mom and dad vs. the kids. Do what you can, when you can.

truth tv south africa christian family tv


Don’t fear the ‘B’ word! In a world saturated with bright lights and things to do 24/7, letting our kids get bored is an art in and of itself! It’s when the noise gets turned down and the must-do activities are few and far between, that new ideas can be born… Imaginations rise back to life and creative thoughts begin to grow. So next time, don’t rush to alleviate your child’s boredom.


A global pandemic is not the time to start fixating on all our many flaws and perceived failings. Go easy on yourself, and those around you. Pick your battles. Pinpoint actual moments to take mini-breaks. As important as work is, we also need to safeguard our own emotional well-being – modeling to our kids how to work hard and play hard.

Take regular walks in nature, watch a movie, read a book, exercise, eat your favourite meal, skip the dishes for once. We’ve been enjoying home date-nights for almost a year now (since lockdown started in 2020). Nothing fancy, always the same… Wednesday home date nights! Just us, on the couch, with some snacks watching a movie or an episode of a series we enjoy. Sometimes we don’t even get to the movie – we just talk. BUT nothing gets in the way of Wednesday home date nights.

Our TOP 5 TruthTV picks we can currently recommend include:

  • Return to the Hiding Place: The true-life story of Hans Poley and the students of the Dutch Resistance who never gave up fighting to save the lives of the innocent during World War II.
  • You’re Not the Boss of Me: A series where Andy Stanley takes on various emotions that tend to lead us. He shows us how faith will help us get a handle on anger, guilt, jealousy and more, not making those feelings become “the boss of me”.
  • The case for Christ: The story of Lee Stobel – An award-winning investigative journalist (and avowed atheist) applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife… with unexpected, life-altering results.
  • HACHI: A dog’s tale: Another beautiful story of music professor Parker Wilson and his wife who adopts an abandoned dog. The unbreakable bond between Parker and the now named Hachi(ko) sees the dog wait for his best friend at the train station every day… long after Parker would never disembark again.
  • All the incredible Easter content currently available.

truth tv christian adult viewing

There are various subscription options available, and just because we’ve enjoyed TruthTV so much…

We’re including a 14-day free trial sign up HERE

(You can cancel at any time, but I have a feeling your family may just enjoy TruthTV as much as we do.)

truthtv south africa


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