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* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. Let's talk "boyfriend jeans". Marilyn Monroe wore them first back in the 1960s and showed us all how a traditionally masculine look could still be feminine and cutting edge. Now, decades later this style of hip-hugging, baggy...

5 ways to style boyfriend jeans

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. Let's talk "boyfriend jeans". Marilyn Monroe wore them first back in the 1960s and showed us all how a traditionally masculine look could still be feminine and cutting edge. Now, decades later this style of hip-hugging, baggy...

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Eco-friendly Home: The Spindel laundry dryer review

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Eco-Friendly Living, Things we love | 156 comments

When I’m not putting in a load… I’m waiting for the washing to dry, so that I can find a spot of sun on the line. Add cloth diapers, a toddler fashionista with at least 3 outfit changes a day and a Grade 1 that is always running low on clean school clothes and I’m telling you, laundry day seems to NEVER end! So, of course I could not turn down the opportunity to test and the review the Spindel laundry dryer.


What is the Spindel Laundry Dryer?

Just the niftiest, little “green” laundry appliance we’ve come across and a dryer we don’t mind using. With it’s high speed spinning, the Spindel basically spins the excess moisture (which can be collected in a bowl and used elsewhere) and detergent from our washing. In only 3 minutes items are 80% dryer, needing only a quick turn on the washing line.

Best of all; NO HEAT is applied making the Spindel safe to use on ALL fabrics. Delicates, knits, all cloth nappies and more… No shrinking, no burning, no damage to elastic bits.

Technical features of the Spindel laundry dryer:

  • Size: 64cm high x 38,5cm wide – it’s a tiny fellow compared to conventional dryers.
  • Available in a 4,5kg and 6,5kg capacity
  • 300 watts power consumption – The energy use of a typical dryer varies between 1800 and 5000 watts!
  • 2800 rpm spin cycle – My head’s still spinning!
  • Termo-protection keeps everyone safe, with the power automatically switching off if the motor overheats or if mom forgets to switch it off. (No worries, after 20 minutes you’ll be spinning again).
  • An ACS locking systems ensures that the lid stays shut whilst the inner drum is in motion and the dryer will not start spinning if the lid is open.
  • The Spindel also comes with a 12 month warranty that’s valid from the date of purchase.

Price and where to buy:

R 1999 (4,5kg) OR R2599 (6,5kg) available at, Yuppiechef and Faithful to Nature.


How to use the Spindel Laundry Dryer

  1. Load garments straight from the washing machine into the Spindel.
  2. Be sure to start with smaller, delicate items at the bottom, followed by larger, heavier items on top.
  3. As you load, keep pushing clothes down ensuring a compact, even distribution inside the drum.
  4. Fill the Spindel 3/4 full.
  5. Place a bowl or measuring cup under the water collection spout. (We’ve collected between 400 – 850ml of water during various drying cycles.)
  6. Now just turn on the switch and let Spindel “work” for 2 – 4 minutes while you enjoy a cup of tea (or put in the next load.)
  7. Once the drying cycle is complete your clothes will be almost dry, needing only a touch of sunshine / air.

* The Spindel does not have a timer. Drying time is dependant on the fabric type. You will know the Spindel is done when water stops flowing and dripping from the spout. NEVER let the Spindel run for longer than 5 minutes.

So, what did we think of the Spindel laundry dryer:

Over the past few weeks our Spindel has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.

– Ava wears bamboo cloth diapers. These can take an entire day to dry but after introducing the Spindel we now have dry nappies within only a few hours!

– Remembering last minute, next day school outfits ain’t a problem either… After 3 minutes in the Spindel I can hang clothes indoors, overnight. Come sunrise and it’s completely dry.

The Spindel is:
  • Compact and easy to store anywhere.
  • A massive timesaver giving me time to get more important things done.
  • Eco-friendly, using FAR less power than other dryers and also collecting water that can be used in the garden.
  • Great for sensitive skin, removing all excess detergents.
  • A huge money-saver.


Giveaway Closed: Congratulations to Lené Greyling (Instagram entry) Time for one lucky reader to try a Spindel laundry dryer for themselves!

We all deserve a little less time spent in the laundry room… And the Spindel is just the appliance to help you out! WIN your own 6,5kg Spindel.


How to enter:
  1. Leave us a comment below telling us why you’d like to win a Spindel.
  2. Make sure you follow Spindel SA on Facebook or Instagram (both would be fab too).
  3. Follow us on either (or both) if you like, but it’s not compulsory. (@justamammablog or @justamamma)
  4. For extra entries be sure to enter on either this Facebook post or this Instagram TV post as well.



  1. Only entries via Instagram, Facebook and comments left below will be considered.
  2. Instagram and Facebook is in no way responsible or associated with this giveaway.
  3. You need to follow both @justamamma and @spindel_SA on Instagram and / or Facebook to qualify.
  4. Competition only open to South African residents residing in South Africa.
  5. Winner must be 18+ years old.
  6. Competition closes on the 25th of July 2019.
  7.  The winner is picked at random and announced on the 26th of July 2019. 
  8. This prize is not exchangeable or refundable.
  9. Please enter valid email and contact info. If we can not get hold of you within 48 hours a new winner will be picked.
  10. The greatest care will be taken when mailing your prize but Just a Mamma and Spindel SA do not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

Disclaimer: I received a Spindel to use and keep for the purposes of this review.

For more “Green finds” click HERE.

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  1. Petro

    Need a spindel pronto have a 2.7 month old and another baby on the way. More laundry loading plsssss

    • Janel Sunderlall

      I have 2 little girls so this is definitely needed. It will also save me water, electricity and time which i desperately am in lack off?

      • Ines Valenti

        I would love to win a Spindel because I have been battling to get clothes dried quickly in winter, especially when the weather isn’t great. It would make my laundry routine so much easier.

      • Savannah Boshoff

        I 100% need a Spindel in my life, to make mom-life easier, save water and save the environment. It’s an all-round winner in my mind!

      • Mapule Rasekele

        I need spindel pronto because I do washing by hands this will help me dry my clothes quick as Now it is winter they don’t dry quickly,, this will be great have as it will help me soo much and save me time and electricity..

      • Marisa Weber

        I would really love to win this AWESOME prize! I’m starting my Cloth Diaper Journey whn our Little Baby is due in October. Would be a great time saver in ensuring our Diapers dry quickly every time. 🙂

    • Monica

      Would love the spindle. I have a 4month old and ger laundry takes a whole day p the line to dry! This would save so much time ,As i am also o working mom who does all the housework as well.. the fact that it doesn’t use heat is perfect as we try to save on electricity!

    • Belinda

      Would love a Spindel. Just for that quick dry and with the kids it will work wonders when they have sport or going out.

    • Celine

      Anything eco friendly is a must, preserving this planet for our kids is part of being a mom, so having a spindel would bring joy to our home in many ways.

      • Melissa

        I’d love to win this for my family! Being a mom to 2 busy little boys who are forever changing clothes because they love to play in the dirt, I’m forever doing washing, and because I work full time, this would make life so much easier!

    • MARILYN Cecilia Govender

      O would love to to gift to my daughter who has two in diapers an other lots pj an tracksuit after the two finished at in the sand pit an not cou to g gloves qn hats Ann scraves this would make her life a lot easier

    • Riekie Brand

      I as a granny look after our grandson and there’s always loads of washing!! Now during Winter .. the days are shorter and much much colder, his clothes are taking FOREVER TO DRY!! It’s not fun when you need to get dried as soon as possible!!
      With a spindel the clothes dry quicker without damaging the clothes. WHAT A PLEASURE IT WOULD BE HAVING A SPINDEL IN MY HOME.

  2. Chantelle Naude

    I want a spindel to make life easier, because a toddler, 4 month old and adolescent take up all my time and they all girls!!! ❤️

    • Twanette Erasmus

      I would love a spindle for my 1 and 3 year old’s clothing. It is important to me that they can be kids and play and vecome messy at anytime and thus means changing outfits 3-4 times a day. It is extremely difficult to dry the clothes in winter and I do not wish to use a tumbledryer forthe delicate fabrics. It will also allow me more playtime with my boy and girl and taking part in getting dirty and making memories.

      • Lize-Marie Potgieter

        This would be a GREAT birthday gift (25 July). We have communal washing lines at our home and the spindel would just be great as I would be able to hang the washing in the living area with the sliding door open. Thanks for making it possible to win this amazing prize

  3. Marcel

    We are very aware of what is happening to our planet and would LOVE the spindel to save time, water and help the environment! I do LOTS of washing because I like my garments etc clean

    • Mpho Mokwana

      I stay in a complex where we share washing lines that ate always full as a result one ends up resorting to in house washing lines,as a new mom I need a solution to my laundry days and a spindel is the solution

  4. Anushka Maharajh Moonilal

    I have 4 kids and I do washing in a daily basis. The cost of water and the time of drying the clothes especially in rainy weather costs me so much. I would love the spindel it would ensure my piles of laundry would be sorted

    • Mehnaaz

      I need a spindel because I have been struggling with my washing in winter since the birth of my eldest! Who is now 4. We have often contemplated a tumble drier, but it would be too costly for us as it uses a crazy amount of electricity. I’ve only heard of spindel recently and all the reviews have me pining for one too! I currently move my washing around outside to wherever the sun is… Hoping it dries before sunset. So my fingers and toes are crossed for this competition! ???

    • Juanita

      With a baby boy there is always washing and not having a dryer makes life more difficult. This would save my life

      • Brenda Fernandes

        I need a spindle because I’ve always wanted one .If it rains it’s such a bother I don’t have an extensive wardrobe so every load needs to dry .It also does not take up as much space as a tumble dryer .And not an electricity gobbler .

  5. Loreal Duplessisū

    I would love to win this Spindel because I’m a new mommy and barely have time for myself or household chores. This Spindel will save me so much time and money on electricity . My current washing machine doesn’t have a tumble dryer so it takes a long time to have to dry my washing. This prize would be a blessing . Thank you.

    • Melanie Yankelowitz

      I would love to win a Spindel for my mom. I have my own Spindel and it has been the biggest lifesaver with a toddler living in Cape Town where our clothes take forever to dry. Not anymore. This was the best investment! I would LOVE to be able to gift my mom a Spindel as she lives on a farm where the weather in winter is worst than Cape Town and her laundry takes so long to dry. As you can imagine there is a constant pile of muddy, dirty clothes she needs to deal with. Plus it’s her birthday coming up in July so this would be a great birthday surprise. Fingers crossed for my mamma bear.

  6. Hasina Hajat

    I’d love to win one especially now in winter because the washing takes 2 days to dry! With two kids and another one on the way this will be a lifesaver!

    • Ninquja

      I would love one of these!! I have cloth nappies that I struggle to use because it just takes too long to dry. Also my baba sometimes need clothes that are dirty that just takes so long to dry! He is also sensitive to detergent and this will help remove excessive detergent! Pleeeease!!!

  7. Ruweida Muhammad

    As a busy mom of 3 that does laundry every day I definitely need a Spindel to simplify my life and save energy.

  8. Nicola Meyer

    Tumble driers are expensive to use and the Spindel would help greatly in getting my clothes dry.

  9. Tamryn

    Winning the spindel would just help me to help the planet a little bit more. Trying to do my best by recycling, not using plastic & this is just another way.. plus I have two busy boy toddlers & therefore always have loads of washing so this will definitely help!:)

  10. Megan

    I have two small kids who makes alot of mess especially on their clothes. So we basicly go through two to three outfits a day. And this would help my washing dry alot faster and using alot less power than a tumbledryer. I have only read great reviews.

  11. Michelle Graham

    I am a cloth mommy of two, so a spindle would mean the world to me!!!!

  12. Chane Wolmarans

    I need a spindel to get the excess water out of our cloth diapers and clothes while winter weather is wet and cold. With 1 full time in cloth and a toddler washing is always over flowing and not drying in time..

    • Deena Padayachee

      My wife has been nagging me for one for a very long time to make her life easier as we live very busy lives and this be blessing to us as l cannot affort to buy one. She would be over the moon if we won this Spindel.

  13. Nicole NAICKER

    Eco friendly and dries clothes faster and an energy saver love this amazing prize

  14. Portia Koenane

    As a first time mom Spindle would help me multitask and save time for me since I use cloth diapers for my baby,Spindle dries up to 80% moist so no worrying about the weather for drying my little one laundry would be rescued & honoured to own a Spindle as it makes laundry days stress free

  15. Priviledge M Mahoya

    “I want a Spindel”
    I am a mom of 3 and this machine will be of great help

  16. Rushaan Stoffburg

    I have 4 kids and being a big family I do washing in a daily basis. I would love the spindel it would ensure my piles of laundry would be sorted and I’ll be doing my bit for the environment.

    • Abeda Albertyn

      I have a big family and wash days is a nightmare. Especially during winter I would be so delighted and honored if I should win this awesome. It will make my wash much much easier in getting the clothes dry❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Sunette Bothma

    I would love to win this awesome Spindel. It will make my life and my washing so much easier. I have a faulty tumble dryer right from the start which cost me a amount of money each time the belt decides to snap.. This Spindle will safe my life and I will never have a problem again to dry my kids clothes.
    ❤️ ?

  18. Teresa Verdonese

    Becuase its eco friendly in par with our attempt to start going green & of course convenient with a family of 4 ?

  19. Johannette Schoeman

    I love doing laundry but hate the time die tumble monster takes but we are also trying to go greener to leave a happy planet for my son. Trying to teach him to go green from a young age.. And trying to raise an evo friendly young man..

  20. Lize Moolman

    I definitely need a Spindel! ??

  21. Claudia

    With a family of 5 it will be less time consuming and money saving more time spent on the kiddies and no more hoping my one year old have enough clothes to last lol no more hoping for nice warm sunny days this will be such a blessing for me

  22. Sharne

    You had me a eco-friendly.
    The laundry line is just not but enough and for rainy days it is even worst, clothing not drying and have to stand over another day or two, laundry becomes a nightmare!
    The Spindle laundry dryer would make life so much easier and i could spend more time with my family.

  23. Anusha Naidoo

    I will appreciate a Spindel as a busy single mommy. The spindle is time saving, cost saving for me and energy saving and eco friendly benefits is wonderful.
    Great benefits will be well used and appreciated.

  24. Robynne

    We would absolutely love a Spindel! Between the quick drying times and the eco conscious usage there is not much to not want. We are expecting a little one in a few months and would just love to have one for all the extra bits as well as all Dads socks that seem to disappear in the big washing machine. This would be the ultimate accessory to our home! Xxx

  25. Nqobile Mkhonto

    Definetly i want a Spindel because its eco -friendly and iam mother of 4weeks babygirl this could change my life in fabulous way …

  26. Corlea Swanepoel

    I need Spindel because with 3 kids this would help sooo much! Especially with drying my cloth nappies. In this cold weather it takes forever!

    • Linda J Graskie

      I soooooo need a Spindel, as a pensioner this will help me on so many levels. Saving my clothes, electricity, water, money and especially the environment an amazing investment

  27. Danielle

    In this winter weather it is so difficult to get my Little ones clothes dry quick so this Spindel will help so much!
    With him still messing on all his clothes most of the time, he goes through quite a lot of sets a day so there’s a lot of washing to be done and therefore so much drying as well.
    Spindel for the WIN ????

    • Anthea Williams

      I need the Spindel PRONTO cause I have a very messy 3 year old and Im constantly having to wash his clothes.
      But during winter the clothes take so long to dry, winning this amazing giveaway would make the whole process so much easier.

  28. Lindiwe Malibe

    Winning the Spindel will give me more time to spend with my kids on weekends than spending almost the whole day doing laundry since I don’t own a washing machine, I like the Spindel because it does not shrink or damage clothes and it won’t increase my electricity bill.

  29. Tanya

    With 2 little children the Spindel will most definitely come in handy. What a great product.

  30. Colette Strydom

    I would love a Spindel as a working mom with two girls it seems as if their is always washing to do and when your favorite outfit is not dry it is a huge issue.

  31. Janine

    As a family of 6 and with 3 children in the house, winning a Spindel will make such a difference in our daily laundry and relieve so much stress! With the cool CPT weather our clothes just doesn’t dry so we have half wet laundry everywhere everyday. ?

  32. Carole Steffen

    New born baby in the house and two older monkeys in primary school who seem to find mud and grass stains daily. So snowed under in washing all year long ?

  33. Gadija

    I would love to win a spindle not only to simplify my life but also love the eco friendliness of it. And another positive its so compact and mobile it can be stored basically anywhere.

  34. Khuselwa Nkaenkae

    I need a Spindel because I have a crawling 10 months little guy that results in changing him not just once a day. More washing for me.

  35. Yvonne Caboz de Pao

    I’d love a spindel to help me keep up with laundry especially during winter months when laundry takes forever to dry. There’s always school uniforms or sports clothes that need to dry fast that can cause stress when it doesn’t. Would really be a great help!

  36. Jenna

    I would absolutely love to win a spindle. During the winter time its almost impossible to dry clothes and this would make it so much easier. Leading to a much shorter time for clothes to hang drying for countless of hours

  37. Nicole. Schoeman

    We grew up with having a Spindel in our house. My parents still use it regularly and it still works after 30 plus years. This product is amazing and stands the test of time. Would love to have one of my own, as I know it works and will last.

  38. Alishea Pretorius

    With 3 kiddies under 4, dirty washing can be a ton. And now with winter it takes even longer to dry. Drying time and space is my biggest laundry concern. The spindel will just be a big asset in my home.

  39. Pauline

    I have three daughters who love their pretty dresses, with the eldest in grade one and the youngest in cloth nappies. Would make a huge difference to get the washing dry faster!

  40. Priscilla

    I would love to win this Spindel because I’m a mommy of 2 and barely have time for myself or household chores. This Spindel will save me so much time and money on electricity . The washing also takes forever to dry now in winter. This prize would be amazing. Fingers crossed!!!

  41. Emma Churchyard

    A Spindel would be amazing to help with the cloth nappy laundry! As you say, it feels like the laundry is never done…and it would help me feel like I’m getting on top of it a little 😉

  42. Megan schultz

    We definitely need a spindel! Trying to make our home more energy efficient. Also not a fan of traditional dryers – really damage clothes. We often dry clothes inside and it takes up unnecessary space, this would help so much!

  43. Carien

    I desperately needs a Spindel. I am 39 weeks pregant and waiting for my little girl. I was blessed with clothnappies and full on passionate and addamant to do cloth in the winter with my newborn till potty training.
    But I don’t have a tumble dryer and this will surely help alot!!!!

    Would love this! ❤️❤️❤️

  44. Winnie September

    As a working Mom, Spindel will make washing so much easier, as I sometimes do experience back pain. I can only do my washing on weekends and it will help me so much during winter, saving water and electricity.

  45. Lynn botha

    I have 2 young kids, and jeesh, they can be indoors and still get dirty, so I have loads of washing, limited line space and with this weather, I just can’t get everything dry. But if the spindel to do half the work for me by removing all that excess water, I just might not have to spend my entire weekends washing. So yes please, would love to win this.

  46. Anmar

    Would love to win this spindel for our family. Especially for our cloth nappies, sometimes takes an eternity to dry outside on the line, or when it’s raining and we have to hang it inside, then it takes like double the time.

    • Geraldine Lokchander

      I would love to win this as, a working mom theres never enough time to spend with my son, this will give some time to apend more tim with my son. It will also make me save water and electricity.

  47. Katalin Mercer

    Love the fact that it’s Eco-friendly, using FAR less power than other dryers and also able to collect water that can be used in the garden. Since my parents have moved into a retirement home I am now doing their washing for them so will be a great help to have a Spindel to get all the loads dry in a faster time!

  48. Roxette Malala

    I don’t know how may times we’ve had to change my son into other clothes after we just put him in something brand new to go out to a party. So now this means we can quickly wash and dry the clothes …sounds fantastic. Would really love one!

  49. Lizanda Terblanche

    We use cloth nappies and it takes so long for laundry to dry in Stellenbosch! This has been on my mommy-list forever!! Seems like te perfect solution for a small home!

  50. Nabila Akoo Arbee

    I want a spindel.
    Pretty pretty please. I have an almost 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. Loads of washing and kids washing is just so much more sensitive and is best washed by hand in my opinion. I don’t have to explain how much more water that ends up holding so this is so so so much needed in our home! Will be a great time and energy saver for us. It looks and sounds absolutely amazing and a game changer in drying technology!!!

  51. Shobana Pillay

    I would love a spindle,being a working mum this is an ideal product for me.

  52. Sasha Roxanne Anderson

    I want a Spindel. I need a Spindel PRONTO. I am a cloth mamma who has had the Spindel on her wishlist since before baby was even born and due to other essentials always taking priority (you know how it is) the Spindel has never moved from the wishlist to the cart for checkout. Need a Spindel so that the cloth nappies (which take ages to dry in winter) and the other masses of clothes that need washing daily also dry quicker and just help make this mama’s life a little less stressful. Help with #momlife please!

  53. Yumna

    I’m one of those ppl that hate waiting for my laundry to dry
    I think I’m spoilt by all those years I spent in Saudi Arabia… clothes dried in seconds ?
    I’m living in the cape… sunny days are few and far between… my laundry takes forever to dry

  54. Anette Olwagen

    Besides damaging your clothes, traditional tumble driers Sky rockets your electricity bill!

    Having to little ones I constantly battle to get their clothes dry during winter.

    A Spindel would make it SO much easier!

  55. Leandri Erasmus

    I’ve got a babe who is super curious and is constantly getting herself dirty, which means more laundry! A spindle would be a massive help in get her clothes to dry fast, especially during winter!

  56. Nontokozo mokoena

    I work 7days a week and I do my children’s laundry mostly in the evening and put them in the clothing line the next morning living them the whole day in the sun to dry, winning a Spindel will make my life easier because I will wash and dry the clothes at once.

  57. Martie Schoemsn

    We can save time, electricity and get our laundry dry in no time. This would be such a blessing to have one in my household.

  58. Dawn

    I want a Spindel because it will save me so much time and electricity, I am going to be a stay at home granny soon and this will give me more time with my first grandchild

  59. Nadeen

    Oh yay!!! I’d love a spindel to combat these cold, dry winter laundry days. This would save so much time and I’ll be saying bye-bye to damp, undry clothes!!!!! Who wouldn’t say yes to that!!!

  60. Melissa de Lange

    I really need this Spindel… I give birth to my daughter in just a few weeks and I’m already stressed and anxious about so many things, now still to worry about getting her delicate clothing dry!

  61. Yolandi

    I’d love to win a Spindel because we are 2 families living in one house and I know having a Spindel will help me save power. It’s also great to have when there’s always a problem with enough space on the line.

  62. Janine Bisschoff

    This is one thing me and my family need so much. We have a 2 year old boy and a daughter of 3 months, both in cloth diapers. This spindle will save me time and energy that I could’ve used and given to my kids.
    With all the laundry this amazing product would help me so much!

  63. Seshnie Govender

    I want a Spindel because I live in a flat a having to dry clothes is a mission especially when u r a working mum.. I’m on a budget and I pay for pre paid electricity and having a dryer is outta the question so the Spindel would be God sent as this sldrys clothes super fast and is doesn’t kill yr electricity.. It’s saves time and electricity.. Everything a working mum on a budget needs

  64. Caitlin von Berg

    Just moved to Durbs and summer is wet here! Would love this to save some time- just making it easier to be with my hubby and little boy. Plus I am determined in cloth nappies with next baby, so it would help that much more!


    The size is so convenient for me seeing as I have limited space already. I love that its eco-friendly and super fast. This is exactly what I need for my busy lifestyle.

  66. Carri

    With a toddler & an 8 week old baby we DEFINITELY need a spindel to help out with our crazy huge loads of washing !! & saving water and helping environment is an even bigger benefit !!!

  67. Danel

    I hate struggling with laundry that does not dry properly especially in winter. I think the Spindel dryer is exactly the thing I need to keep me sane during these wet winter days ?

  68. Siobhan

    A spindel will definitely make life easier with a new baby???

  69. Tari Coetsee

    I would really really love and appreciate a Spindel. We are switching the household over to green-living and this will add to us saving the planet. It will also give me so much more time with my husband and little girl. Moms spend so much time on household chores, and time flies by. Our babies are only small once.

  70. rouxle

    NEED. THIS. TODDLER. #pottytraining

  71. Corrine

    I would like to win will help me with babies clothes in winter

    • Nicola

      Being in the military wearing uniform every day makes it difficult in winter to keep up with clean uniform. The action working dress material takes ages to dry, sometimes have to iron it dry after a day or 2 of hanging it inside the house. This spindel will make life so much easier for us. Looks like a great product, small and gets the job done quickly.

  72. Nicia Manders

    I would really love to win a Spindel. It would help so much. We have a little one and she wears so many outfits a day. This spindel would help me save money and water in the long run. It would aso be amazing for when we go camping. Since the first time I heard about spindel I’ve been dreaming about owning one. Fingers crossed

  73. Natasha

    Halo 🙂 I am trying to change our lifestyle & be more aware of our environment. Winning the spindel would be a great next step. My kids are at that age where they wear 3 outfits a day (playing outside in the mud, messy food fun etc) So the spindel would really help a lot with the washing load that needs to dry. I don’t have a big outside line to hold the wet clothes so that is another reason.

  74. Elzana

    Living in the Free State is great for raising a family, but on the cold days it is a real struggle to get clothes dry relying on the sun. By winning the spindle, planning what to wear when will be so much easier and with two little ones, the spindle will make life so much easier!!

  75. Diana

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win this! I always feel so guilty using the tumble dryer- it’s an old model and a real electricity guzzler. Not to mention the fact that it’s not good for the longevity of our clothing. The Spindel looks like a great eco-friendly solution and definitely something that we could use in our home. I love how compact it is too! And with four kids it would really help me get on top of my washing! I feel like I’m drowning in laundry! ?

  76. Raeesa Thulsiapersadh

    I need a spindel with the amount of clothes I’m washing almost everyday from my 2 months olds diaper blowout ???

  77. ncuthwakazi luke

    I would love to win spindel bcs my daughter’s clothes dont get dry bcs i wash it with hands and i struggle a lot when she hv to wear clothes bcs they still wet..I would be so honored to win..Thank you????

  78. Chantell van Hansen

    I am trying to change our home and family to go as green as possible!!! We do not use any more plastic bags when going shopping. Also made my own all purpose cleaner with oranges, vinegar and water… Saw it on your blog of course! Would love to have a Spindel as our tumble drier had its days and we are not replacing it! Love your Instagram and Facebook posts. You are an inspiration…

  79. Monique

    I need a spindel – it would be such a great help with Aryan’s cloth nappies especially since he needs it for school and we usually dont have a lot of time to dry it. Such an amazing little machine! I guess its true dynamite comes in small packages!

  80. Carina van Niekerk

    I would LOVE to win a Spindel. I have a 9 month old little girl and could use it to dry her clothes easily and don’t have to wait hours for it to be wearable. It would also be helpful for when we go fishing. Since the first time I heard about spindel I’ve been dreaming about owning one.

  81. Carla

    I would love to win one. My husband always teases me that I like to do washing when it rains. ??? I just like taking a chance before it rains.

  82. Reltin Rooy

    i need a spindle for the rainy days and especially during winter times when the washing takes 2 days to dry. it will help alot. make my dream come true

    • Bianca

      This would make my life soo much easier saving electricity
      Im a cloth mamma and this is perfect for his nappies,

  83. Lutfiyyah

    I need a Spindel in my life so desperately ? because with 4 kids and a hubby wo works outdoors my washing piles up so fast and now that’s it’s winter it doesn’t dry like I would want it too ?

  84. Marle

    I am a cloth mommy and love a spindel.

    • Anke Bester

      I WANT (NEED) a Spindel!
      I am struggling to get my clothes and towels dry in the winter! This nifty gadget will certainly make life easier and I love that it is eco-friendly.
      Hope to win!

  85. Mareli

    Expecting a little one in September and already geared up for cloth diapers, this will certainly contribute to my efforts to save the environment!

  86. Nalize Botha

    Wow, I had no idea this even existed! This Spindel would definitely change my life as a working mom!

  87. Elana Steenkamp

    Listen I’m gonna get real. I NEED THIS. I would love to win a Spindel because I have been battling to get clothes dried quickly in winter, especially when the weather isn’t great. And just planning ahead would save my life knowing I have this to help me.

  88. Shannon

    I need a spindle Pronto! I have a one year old and it’s freezing where we live! Very hard to get the washing dry. Tumble dryers just suck so my electricity. Would love a spindle xxx

  89. Tina Ramlakan

    I need this spindel , this device is environmental friendly, I work its hard to get clothes dried in the afternoon, this will reduce my work load at home. Especially since I am asthmatic.

  90. Hanri Veenendaal

    I honestly need a spindel!
    1) I love the fact that the grey water doesn’t just go down the drain, but that you can recycle it.
    2) Living in a little two bedroom apartment, the spindel’s size is absolutely a dream!
    3) The spindel will cut out the following hiccups with daily living – due to safety reason in the complex we cannot hang clothes outside, resulting in clothes either being damaged and shrunken by the tumble dryer or taking up so much space on the foldable drying rack and making such a mess with dripping water.
    4) The little bit of sound it makes actually sounds so soothing and will definitely work as white noise in the house.
    5) It’s absolutely easy to use!
    6) The fact that it automatically switches off the motor when reaching a certain temperature is such a comfort, and it makes it is absolutely safe to use in any home environment.

    I’m sure having one will make this list even longer!!!!

  91. Annelize Mostert

    Everybody that have a spindel, is so happy with it and only have good things to say about it. I would love to experience this also.

  92. Saamiya

    Every mother needs a Spindel in their lives. I have a busy toddler who loves to play with me but our daily washing and cleaning takes up so much time that I get less time to spend with my little boy. I would love to own a Spindel to make washing clothes easier and quicker, this would make me happier and definitely my little boy too ?

  93. Simonè van Zyl

    As a single full time working and part time studying mom, laundry is usually a last minute thought and clothes take forever to dry during winter. The Spindel will help me save some time with laundry duties ?

  94. Ayesha

    With 4 kids I need a Spindel like yesterday! And with all under 7 and two under 2 we go through a lot of washing. I’d love this!

  95. Annette Hamann

    I would so love to win this for my mom in law. She lives in a really small granny flat. She’s 7 4 years old. There is no place for a machine or a dryer. The spindel is so nice and small it will definitely fit in her bathroom. It’s so perfect for her.

  96. Faziela Prantice

    A Spindel will be such a blessing as I am really struggling to get my washing dry in winter. My washing hang the whole day outside to get dry . People burn grass which gives my washing a unpleasant smell but I have no choice but to leave it to dry. It’s so frustrating
    I need a Spindel it will make my life so much easier and best of all no heat is applied and it’s safe for all fabrics. A Spindel will be my lifesaver

  97. Ibtisaam

    I need a spindel because i’ve been struggling with my washing since the birth of my son who is now 9 months olds. My washing machine broke just before he was born so I have been doing washing at my mom’s place every week and she barely has enough washing lines for her own washing too and it’s winter so my washing would hang almost 24 hours on the line but after that still feels damp. Baby washing the same too usually when i take it off it’s still damp then my mom is having to hang the same washing on the lines the following morning. Winning this spindel would mean so much not just to me but my mother too.

  98. Maria Caboz

    I would love a Spindel as it would my laundry routine so much easier with clothes drying faster.

  99. thuvashni Denise govender

    I really need a spindel I have two daughter a 1 year old and 4month old;I battle with washing as I don’t have a machine ;it’s extremely exhausting and time consuming ;winning this spindel will really help I have more time too spend with my kids.

  100. Ragmat baron

    I would love this spindel to save on my electricity bill

  101. Judy Padayachee

    l would love a spindel as its eco friendly and it will also save me electricity. It would be of great help to me especially in winter to dry all our winter woolies quickly. ?❤❤❤

  102. Alvina Govinder

    Laundry is such a major task at home with kids hubby and in laws The spindel will help me save time and electricity For all the thick clothing that needd to be dried again the next time normally leaves a damp smell With the spindel clothes will be dried and smelling nice

  103. Marguerite

    Love the ergonomics of the Spindel! Would love one for the wet Cape Town winters! ?

  104. Bhavana Singh

    I would Love a Spindel because its so convenient and makes life so much easier. I can have more time to do important things, it is Eco friendly, sabingr electricity, the water collected can be used for washing the yard. My family has sensitive skin and the Spindel is Ideal as ut removes detergents from fabrics. This is a must have and I hope to Win!

  105. Joanna Wolfe

    I’d love one so much, my cloth nappies are such a struggle to dry in this weather.

  106. Jacintha Scheepers

    I want a spindel. I will make my life much easier especially as I do not have a helper. It spins the laundry to close to dry, this will be very helpful. Having a busy 6 year old with sport and activities everyday, the laundry takes forever to dry usually.

  107. Stijnie

    What an awesome giveaway. I would love a spindel to dry all delicate fabrics.

  108. Anelle Engelbrecht

    I would love to win a spindel for my grandma. She just moved into a retirement village and is still doing her own laundry. She does not have a dryer and only a tiny rack to hang her clothes that takes forever to dry.
    This would be perfecr for her.

  109. Heather

    Wow what an informative video and blog post- thank you!
    I’d love to win a spindel to make an everyday (sometimes two or three times a day) chore a whole lots easier. Working full time and having two bubs under 2 is no easy task and washing adds to that stress. Reducing drying time while being eco friendly and being able to use the excess water in the garden will make life a whole happier ?

  110. Sam

    Wow! I want a Spindel because I mean who doesn’t want their laundry to dry nice and fast without using electricity! ?

  111. Claudia

    I would absolutely love to win a Spindel! Especially for those cold days here in the KZN Midlands when my washing just doesn’t dry fully out in the winter sun (or lack thereof!).

  112. Annabell

    oh my goodness i need this in my life, we have a super small home, with no space for a tumble drier, and our yard is so small we don’t have a washing line either…small space living to the max. getting anything dry in winter is a struggle. this would quite literally change our life!!

  113. Nashieta

    I would love to win a spindel just to make my laundry days a bit easier with 3kids it kinda feels like a zoo on washing days ??So much washing always and very difficult to get dry in winter aswell.

  114. Fatima Jackson

    I really would love to win I work in a factory as a tyre builder I never have time to do washing I work on weekends aswell so I don’t have time to do washing and the kids school clothes this would really come in handy and would save my life

  115. Mahjiedah Cornelis

    I absolutely have to win this Spindel… As a mother of 3(11years, 5 years and 2years) and a household of 6, my mum staying with me, we have loads of laundry every week. To top it all this winter seems to be extra in the gloom, so nit enough sunshine to dry all the loads, leading to clothing often being ironed dry so that the house doesn’t look like a clothing bazaar. Please choose me as your winner, if only to stop the clothing bazaar from taking over every room in my house.

  116. Mumtaz Majiet

    I thoroughly enjoy doing my laundry and I’m probably one of very little females who does but with the spindel it would with no doubt make laundry much easier and more fun not only for me but for my 2 year old who enjoys pressing on buttons whether it be the washing machine or dishwasher. I’ll teach him how to use it and have him help me as he is always willing to help. Not only is it a major NEED with having a 2 year old and a 4 week old, both boys, but also because of our lovely but moody wet weather in Cape Town.
    All our fingers crossed ??

  117. Raeesa Setar

    I live in a 1 bedroom flat and recently got a baby… I never knew such a tiny human could have so much of laundry! I don’t have washing lines in my flat (the building doesn’t have em either) so I use clothes horses to dry my washing which takes forever! This Spindel would be a real life saver

  118. Gwen

    I need and would truly love a Spindel because I work everyday of the week and on weekends from 8am – 9pm. I don’t have a washing machine cause I can’t afford one as yet so you can imagine what time I do/finish my laundry and after how long it dries up. So winning a Spindel would truly mean a lot to me and it would make a huge difference in my life.

  119. Anel van der Walt

    I would love a Spindel:
    1) its soooo eco-friendly!!!
    2) we have a small apartment with limited space for drying clothes

  120. Tracy

    I think this will become every mom’s most loved appliance. I would love one to cut down so many hours spent trying to get washing dry in between work and school and general momming and for its minimal use of electricity❤️❤️❤️

    • Cindy K

      I am totally struggling to get the washing dry in this stormy Cape weather. Laundry seems to be hanging on the folding line forever. A Spindel will save my sanity ?

  121. Saabirah

    I would love to win a spindel to make my mom’s life easier.

  122. Shae Schwenk

    I’m sure everyone ahs a reason why they would live a Spindel! My reason is that I live on a dairy farm in Creighton, KZN. I live VERY close to the Berg and so it is always icy cold and to have to go hang my washing up to dry…. Chances are I will come back to my washing with frost on and then have to rewash it. With a spindel, I could dry it lot easier as the clothes wouldn’t have to be outside for that long!

  123. Bruzie

    I would love to win a spindel to dry my baby’s clothes in this winter

  124. Lucinda Du Preez

    I wouls beyond LOVE a spindel because laundry day is a nightmare love the rain but need my clothes and we dont have anything to dry it so rainy days is a blessing but with laudry super difficult. With a spindel this would be a hassle free task and gives me more time to focus on other house task that need my attention. Holding every thumbs even my toes thumbs for this one ??

  125. Erin Smylie

    I would love to win a Spindel for our household. We are a cloth happy household so it will help so much with quick drying time. We also a family of 4 and try so much to not use our tumble dryer. This will save so much time with washing!!! Plus it’s eco-friendly and we all for that!!

  126. Sarah Bibi Essa

    I love the sound of this and your video has me impressed with this product. As of 5th July 2019, I have a little bundle of joy to look after (and do baby laundry for…). So the Spindel will definitely come in handy on those cold days when there’s no sun out to dry the baby clothes. Would love to win this!


  127. Cherine Feneysey

    I would love a spindle dryer in my life, my clothes are still damp on the clothes horse from a week ago! This is my life in winter here in the cape, can’t hang it outside as I am not home during the day and don’t want to risk people doing online shopping from my washing line while I am at work. Hubby is in construction and the dirty clothes comes in quicker than I can keep up with, my trusted hair dryer is on call every morning to get the clothes dry enough to wear. SOS help a lady out here please.


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