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Happy 57th Birthday Sophie La Girafe!

May 25, 2018
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First, let’s kick off this post by saying very happy 57th birthday to miss Sophie la Girafe! 57 years and you’re still just as good as the day you were born; soothing sore gums and being a first toy to countless little ones. That has definitely been the case for us…

Eliana, Lia and Ava all love Sophie la Girafe.

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

For the past 6 years you’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship as our girls go through their first year or two of life. Sophie has always been there and not just because she’s nice to chew on. Our girls were all instantly drawn to the feel and friendly look of this cute giraffe. Time and time again she’s proven irresistible and a perfect first “friend”, all thanks to her clever design.

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

Obviously Sophie is the star but I was surprised to find out how many other cool products the range has grown to include over the years.

Classic educational toy such as stacking cups, balls, rattles and more but with that added Sophia la Girafe touch.

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

  • Pretty Stacking Flowers

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

8 Brightly coloured, staking cups. Flower-shaped for extra beauty and to add a little variety to touch. These cups aren’t just various sizes and colours. Numbered from 1-8, you’ll also find a textured picture of different animals on each. With countless play options these will grow with baby.

At about 6 months old Ava enjoyed holding and exploring each cup. Exploration led to pretend play with Ava filling and emptying each cup and “drinking” from them too. Now our favourite game is stacking them high and knocking them down. Mama does the stacking while Ava knocks them down.

Eliana and Lia can’t resist these either and I love finding the girls teaching Ava about the numbers, showing her how the cups grow from small to big and fit on top and into each other.

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

  • The Trilogy Rattle

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe


This 3 ring rattle is light and easy for baby to hold, fun to look at and Ava gets very excited as she hears the different parts bang together when shaken. The textured handles aren’t just great for grip but apparently delicious to chew as well.

At first I had to show the rattle to Ava but soon she wanted to hold it herself and now there’s no getting this rattle out of her hands. My mommy heart melts when I see her closely investigating every detail moving it from one hand to the other. And that proud look of accomplishment when she realises she’s the one making “those sounds” as she shakes it… priceless!

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

  • So Pure natural rubber balls and cube set

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

These get extra points for being eco-friendly, also made from 100% natural rubber just like Sophie.

Aimed at developing baby’s dexterity. Ava’s fine motor skills are enhanced when she plays and handles this set of 2 balls and 2 cubes.  Pick them up, roll them across the floor, throw and catch them as baby becomes a toddler. The adorable 3D design decorations found on the balls and each side of the cubes further stimulates touch and the rubber is irritable. Ava always steals a little nibble.

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

The french know how to play in style.

The entire range is fun, yet beautiful thanks to the subtle colour combinations used and the fact that all the toys “match”. That’s no mistake and I don’t mind one bit when I see these laying around all over the house.

Just a Mamma Sophie la Girafe

We really enjoyed this short video made for Sophie’s 50th birthday. So, grab the kids and watch her cute story below.

HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY Sophie la Girafe, we love you!

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

Follow Sophie la Girafe on Instagram @sophielagirafesouthafrica and also like her on Facebook @sophialagirafesouthafrica.

You can buy all the above mentioned toys (as well as some other) online at

Just a Mamma Sophia la Girafe

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison and West.

Special thanks to Pyrelle for providing all the beautiful Sophie la Girafe graphics and video.

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