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Momsy: Breastfeeding in style and ease.

Oct 18, 2017
Just a Mamma Nursing Momsy Cover

I LOVE being a woman, a mama and raising our girl gang. I also LOVE breastfeeding, but when it comes to nursing-friendly fashion… things tend to become somewhat sad, boring and predictable.

V-necks, wrap dresses, awkward zips and openings. Garments more practical than pretty. That was exactly why mompreneur, Louzelle van Dyk decided to create Momsy. Beautifully designed clothes for the nursing mom.

Momsy, Momsy: Breastfeeding in style and ease.

The 1st design of the collection being…

The Momsy!

Simplistic and elegant. A maternity and nursing dress that isn’t just pretty but very flattering too. The Momsy can be worn during and after pregnancy and comes in the most beautiful colours. From kale to salmon to blush, mustard, duck egg, black and grey, you are sure to find a shade most flattering for you. Made from super soft and comfy fabric that flowingly drapes over your body – hiding any unnecessary post-pregnancy bits.

Momsy, Momsy: Breastfeeding in style and ease.

How the Momsy works…

Invisible zips on both sides of the dress provides easy nursing access. Barely noticeable, these are great quality and easy to open and close as needed.

Momsy, Momsy: Breastfeeding in style and ease.

The round neck, tee-shirt design isn’t just trendy but provides for discreet nursing and a breastfeeding cover is hardly needed. This dress gives me the freedom to be out-and-about, ready to feed anywhere. I feel stylish and trendy and can accessories it easily to create a variety of looks. I think every mama needs a Momsy! It’s a closet staple.

Order your Momsy online SOON at

In the meantime, get in touch on their Facebook page or follow @nursingmomsy on Instagram.Momsy, Momsy: Breastfeeding in style and ease.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

Helpful info: All 3 the girls are wearing Annapatat Kids. Lia’s pretty shoes from Shooshoos. Eliana’s gorgeous leather sandals from Salt Water SA. All the girl’s accessories by Mia Mae

Momsy, Momsy: Breastfeeding in style and ease.

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