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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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Eliana & Lia’s leopard print girls’ bedroom makeover!

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Home, Things we love | 0 comments

Eliana and Lia have been sharing a room for more than four years. They love being roomies BUT they’ve outgrown their pretty toddler room. So, it was time for a little makeover! And, with both much older now, I wanted them to be part of the entire process. That’s how this leopard print girls’ bedroom came to be…

1st step; creating a moodboard together…

A BIG item on the wishlist was a bunkbed… Both girls really wanted one and who can blame them? I remember having the exact same wish when I was younger. So instead of Pinterest… We spent time browsing our favourite local online decor stores in search of the perfect bed (and decor inspiration).

just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6990

CLM Home grabbed our attention with this fun pink leopard print duvet set. It was an instant HIT combining Eliana’s love for animals and the colour black with Lia’s happy and EVERYTHING PINK obsession. Modern and stylish without being too girly or frilly.

leopard print girls bedroom

The bedding set the tone for everything else and soon a “wild forest” theme started to emerge… I suggested adding a touch of texture and plant prettiness instead of going all out “Dora the Explorer”, and both girls approved.

tween leopard print bedroom mood board 1
tween leopard print bedroom inspiration 2

We also found the most amazing bunk bed (again from CLM Home).

The ADVENTURE 3 SLEEPER BUNK has a 3/4 bed below and above with an additional underbed for sleepovers (or little sis Ava). A big SPLURGE but worth every cent.

where to buy bunk beds south africa 1

A few other reasons we chose this bunk bed:

  • It arrived flatpacked and was easy (yet time consuming) to assemble.
  • It’s an incredibly strong, sturdy bunk without any wobbling. Even Dad can cuddle on the top bunk with Lia.
  • The laminate finish is scratch resistant and easy to clean.
  • We prefer the staircase on the side, instead of a ladder, especially with a younger sibling to consider.
  • The higher solid sides of the top bunk also gives my mama-heart additional peace of mind. (Please remember, sleeping in the top bunk is actually only recommended for kids 6 years and older.)
  • Having the extra drawer to use as an underbed or storage drawer is a plus.
  • The bigger matras size also gives us extra years of family snuggles.
  • Last bonus; the extra storage shelves for each bunk.
best bunk beds for kids south africa

The shelves provide the girls with an opportunity to personalise their space, within this shared bedroom. It’s still important for Lia and Eli to have somewhere to express themselves, to feel safe, valued and seen, especially when sharing so much. A few storage baskets from MRP Home, Superbalist and Typo work well for keeping “treasures” safes.

shared bedroom ideas for kids

Lia’s shelves are filled with all her most prized possessions as well as her collection of Tippie books which she loves to read before bedtime.

clever storage solutions for kids bedrooms

Eliana has a few different keepsakes and books and allocated the middle shelf to Mika. Her “fur baby”, that sleeps in her arms every night. Now Mika has a cosy spot during the day as well.

* Making use of the PayFlex payment option helped us spread out the cost of this bunk bed.

Onto the rest of the leopard print girls’ bedroom details…

As always, I like to organise a room into functional zones. With the bunk bed and bedding sorted, the sleep zone was done. Now onto accommodating new (and growing) needs.

After a bit of “girl talk” the following zones were identified:

  • The “glam zone” with a dressing table and accessory storage.
  • A “command centre”, where school uniforms, backpacks and other school neccesities could be put out the night before. (This makes our morinings much easier.)
  • A comfy reading and relaxing nook for our book worms.
  • And of course, still enough open space for play – because one is never too old to play.
just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6857
First up, The GLAM ZONE

No need to go all out Kardashian… The girls simply wanted a place to sit and comb their hair, paint their nails, get ready for the day and keep their impressive scrunchie collection. We repurposed their Dovetail Studio toddler table into a dressing table with the addition of a wall mirror. The wall mirror can easily be moved up as the girls grow taller and would transition effortlessly into an adult space. The boxed frame conceals a functional shelf for small items which can be reached from the side, thus helping to keep everything neat and out of sight. Clever designing Vox.

modern pink girls bedroom inspiration
modern pink girls bedroom ideas

Small perspex trays from Store & More keeps sunglasses, hair clips and headbands in place. I even found a handy toothbrush organiser for the hairbrushes, bobby pins and hair ties. And who knew a pegboard would provide the perfect home for those scrunchies. (Once this trend has passed we’ll be able to reuse them in a teen study space.)

A small makeup case, with a lock, for nail polish, looks cute and also helps prevent accidents from happening. Add a fluffy Moo Cachoo poof and it’s all GLAM BAM, thank you, mam!

Next A command centre (of sorts)

Not a formal command centre like the ones we mamas tend to drool over, but rather a designated zone where the kids can prepare for the day ahead. Our “command centre” can be found next to the closet, by the door.

Easy, with all the basics:

  • A wipeable perspex weekly planner to help the girls to keep track of their extramurals.
  • Pretty rattan wall hook with enough space to hang their school uniforms.
  • A basket for school shoes and socks.
  • An additional basket for backpacks and sports equiptment.
  • Shelving for any extra bits and pieces.
  • A wall clock to keep everyone on time.
storage solutions for kids bedrooms 1
just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6885
storage solutions for kids bedrooms 1 1
THe Reading nook

Our girls enjoy reading. A hobby we encourage and want to make part of their daily lives. That’s why I created this special spot. A cosy corner specifically selected for its magical afternoon sun… It hits you just right! The perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day at school or a “not so nice” confrontation with a friend. And once you’re done reading and relaxing…

modern girls bedroom ideas

This couch becomes… WHATEVER you want it to be! Because it’s not just any old couch. It’s a Play Pod Modular Play Couch! Designed and made in South Africa. This compact sofa is made up of 8 cushions that can be “built” into any configuration your child’s heart desires. A boat, a car, a tent, a house and more…

just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6875

And yes, the covers can be removed and washed in the machine. (they thought of it all).

More space for Open-end play…

No matter the girls’ ages, we’ll always look for ways to encourage play. A soft Lorena Canals rug (there’s no better carpet for kids – 100% cotton and machine-washable) in an open space in front of the mirrored closet makes for a stage, a location for Barbie’s mansion, an enchanted forest… Somewhere to draw or dream up their next adventure.

just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6971
Toy storage is still very important…

We used 3 large and 2 small Vox 4You boxes to create our own customised shelving. Metal clips keep each individual box in place and we can rearrange them easily whenever we like. (No power tools needed.) As time goes by and things change, we can add more boxes creating a bigger shelf. These work really well in small spaces and can be reused anywhere in the home. They truly “grow” with the family.

kids bedroom organisation ideas

As our girls become older, their toys seem to become smaller. The Popstrukt Sugar Cube Side table unit comes in handy for storing all these smaller toys and play accessories. Lia and Eliana like to keep everything neatly organised in plastic containers as well, and locked away from a certain younger sibling’s hands.

clever storage solutions for kids bedrooms 1

And just to add a little “drama” and excitement to this tween dream play area… Ma Petite Children’s Decor spoiled the girls with a custom GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS neon wall light. (Remember, we still have a discount code valid on these till the end of July 2021. Simply ADD “justamamma” at checkout for 15% off your own custom neon wall light.)

Having this light on in the evenings during bath and bedtime also created such a warm, calm and loving mood. Paired with some oils defusion in the corner.. It’s a wonderful way to end one’s day.

Other Extra beautiful bits

My favourite part has to be the play on textures using combinations of small carpets, wood, metal and indoor plants.

just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6915 1

The stunning grass Poetry lampshade will always have a place in our home. And the pretty gallery wall catches everyone’s attention. It’s a real conversation starter and is sure to keep “growing”…

best kids decor 2021
Artworks include:
  • An original Andel Olivier cheetah
  • Amaranto Collection “Jobs have no gender” art print 
  • “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things.” Ghost Goods poster
  • The bottom frame contains a old piece of wrapping paper. The mix of leopard and floral prints echoed the eclectic feel of the entire room and was such a cheap DIY – couldn’t resist adding it too.
  • Being an eco-loving family I wanted to start teaching the girls (and myself) about indoor plant care. So we added a hanging basket with a small Goldilocks a.k.a Golden Pothos. The benefits of plants are endless and something one is never too young to start enjoying.

* The frames are from MRP Home.

After months of saving, hard work, learning to compromise and having fun, we all love how our leopard print girls’ bedroom finally came together. In fact, Ava’s already asking when we can start revamping her room too…

just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6863

Quick list of Brands featured in our leopard print girls’ bedroom

just a mamma blog leopard print girls room 6962

For more home decor ideas and inspiration CLICK HERE.

PHOTO CREDIT |  Celeste Van der Berg from Celeste van der Berg Photography

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