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#CreatedWithKiddylicious: 3 Easy kids recipes to enjoy this festive season!

Nov 20, 2019
Cook With Kiddylicious Just A Mamma

Kiddylicious is one of our number 1, snack brands. Especially when we are busy and on the go! We always have some Coconut Rolls in our snack drawer and the Soft Apple Biscotti is a new favourite too. Every product from the range tastes amazing and I have complete peace of mind knowing our girls are enjoying a healthy, nutritious treat. But Kiddylicious is actually more than just a snack… It’s perfect for mealtime too and today I’m excited to share 3 easy, kids recipes for you to make and enjoy using Kiddylicious.

Just A Mamma Kiddylicious Cooking9852

Being one of the leading brands in health and nutrition, including allergies and intolerances.  We wanted to stick to healthy recipes that would boost the already “good for you” nutritional value of each product used while keeping your little one fueled for the day. The recipes also needed to be quick and easy to make with ingredients probably already in your pantry.

As always, I roped in our “foodie-extraordinaire” (and my sister-in-law) Shandré to help. All the recipes shared below can be found on her cookpad profile, easy for you to save and make later.  Mamas if you aren’t on cookpad you are missing out!

Let’s start with breakfast…

Who doesn’t love a good Granola? The Soft Apple Biscotti forms the perfect base to create a variety of tasty breakfast granolas, simply change up the extras added.

Quick And Easy Homemade Granola

How To Make GranolaHow to make healthy granola recipe

We serve ours as is, or over a bowl of creamy coconut yogurt with some fresh fruit added.

Just A Mamma Kiddylicious Cooking9850

REMEMBER: When toasting your ingredients. Keep it low and go slow.

Now for something to keep those tummies full!

We love a good power ball. Something to make in bulk. Ready to grab while on the go, pop into a lunchbox or add to any meal. They are also so much fun to make… The girls usually take-over and do it all themselves. I just need to measure out the ingredients.

How To Make Peanut Butter Balls

We used the Baked Mini Coconut Rolls in banana and original to make some Crunchy Energy Balls.

Crunchy Coconut Energy Balls

Easy peanut butter energy balls

* Please note this recipe contains honey and nuts. Please be sure your child is older than 12 months and not allergic to nuts before making this.

Lastly, we need to add a sweet treat…

Christmas is around the corner but no need to load up on the sugar. Why not try our smores? Made with the Strawberry and Blueberry Rice Wafers.

Just A Mamma Kiddylicious Cooking rice wafers

First, we make the “Sugar-free Marshmallow” – Full credit to my sister-in-law for this. I still can’t believe how easy it was to make.

Sugar Free Smores

Best smore recipe

* We added sugar-free peanut butter for a salty note and to boost the nutritional value of our smores. It also, helps the wafers stick to the marshmallow but this can easily be left off. Simply spread the melted chocolate over each wafer, sandwiching the marshmallow in between.

How To Make Smores

You can download and print our 3 Easy kids recipes HERE.

So, what do you think of our “#CreatedWithKiddylicious: Easy Kids Recipes”? Grab the kids and give them a go! Maybe you feel inspired to create something of your own? Please let us know in a comment below.

Createdwithkiddylicious 3 Easy Kids Recipes

* Special thanks to cookpad SA (A.K.A my amazing sister-in-law) for helping us create these delicious recipes. I can’t wait to go save these on my Cookpad profile.

Kiddylicious Just A Mamma0289

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Kiddylicious.

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