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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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Mom Sharing – Treasuring Motherhood

by | May 27, 2019 | Being a Mom, Just Motherhood | 0 comments

I have loved featuring all the different moms this month. From “Slaying Social Media” to “Taking care of themselves” (and their families) and also treasuring motherhood. I have learnt a lot and feel inspired. Not because I want to be a better mom but rather because while getting to know all these incredible women I have come to realise WE ARE ALL ALREADY the best mamas for our little ones – we just need to realise it too.

Maybe today’s final feature while help you see that as well… Four very different moms, all finding their unique ways to embrace and align their lives with their role as mothers.

Creative #girlmom Leandrie from Poppit & Finch is the 1st mama in today’s feature.


Photos by Genevieve Fundaro

Leandrie is a talented and experienced photographer. (You can see her eye at work capturing Ava’s Frida Kahlo inspired 1st birthday HERE.) After years in the industry, photographing beautiful celebrations and meeting the most amazing suppliers she finally decided to launch Poppet & Finch. A party blog intended to inspire others! Especially mamas and their littles.

Why the name Poppit & Finch?

I wanted to create a playful, fun brand that would resonate with everyone’s inner child. Something appealing to both boy and girl moms. Together with my designer we brought two little “party friends” to life…

  • Poppit, the tea drinking, cupcake baking, ballet dancing, always giggling little bunny (very much like my daughter) and
  • Finch, the ball kicking, tree climbing, bug searching, mud on his cheek little puppy.  

Both these animals hold a special place in my heart sprouting from my own childhood memories.

You help so many families capture their memories. How do you make sure you treasure yours too?

We do a family photoshoot once a year. I make sure to develop the print and we love seeing these special photographs in our home.


Photos by Genevieve Fundaro

5 Tips for moms wanting to take beautiful photos of their own kids.

  • Find the best natural light – open your windows and doors.
  • Be aware of your background – it’s easier to move something than to edited it.
  • Play with angles – move around, get low and high.
  • Be patient – if they are not in the mood, you will most likely never get a smile.
  • Have FUN – tell them a story or ask some questions, you will get real emotions, instead of a big cheese.

What would be the perfect Mother’s day gift for yourself this year? 

Some bath products from Lush, maybe a few macaroons from Nicole’s Macaroons and I wouldn’t mind adding a pair of Blu Betty boots to my collections.


Let Leandrie inspire you even more by following Poppit & Finch on Instagram and Facebook and their Blog.

The next mama captured my attention with the fantastical photos she creates… Monique from Letters to my Wildling


This first time mama to their beautiful 2 year old boy (and “bonus mom”, as Monique likes to call herself) to an 11 year old girl and 14 year old boy only started sharing their lives with the world last year. The Letters to my Wildling blog launched in April of this year – 2019. I love the way Monique celebrates her kids AND she also shares such fun craft ideas – take note mamas.

Why did you start your blog?

Passionate about writing – especially to and about loved ones – I started my blog as a platform where I could write open letters to my boy about our life together. How he makes me feel, the ups and the downs, and our special journey together.

The idea is to one day give him the account details so that he can go “back in time” and read how special our life’s journey was for me and see that I treasured every little milestone, experience and obstacle that we faced together.

Why the name Letters to my Wildling?

Our account has gone through quite a few name changes but “Letters to my Wildling” describes us the best!

I chose the name based on our boy’s wild, curious, fearless yet sweet and friendly personality. His personality reminded me of a wildling – a curious soul dancing to his own beat, always up for a new adventure. 

You make motherhood seem fun! How do you find time and inspiration for all your posts and DIY activities?

Motherhood is fun! It’s easy to make it look like fun when you are in fact, having the time of your life.

We have a very busy little boy, who needs constant stimulation. So, I learned very early on that I was going to have to keep him busy or else he will keep me busy. I look for ideas when he’s fast asleep and I have to admit having access to the internet really simplifies it for us moms.

Pinterest and monthly subscription boxes have helped me a great deal since they not only give you access to many amazing ideas, they also help spark your own ideas.

We have a routine which has helped a lot too.

  • Make Something Monday,
  • Read Something Tuesday,
  • Wacky Wednesday,
  • Tasty Thursday and
  • Messy Play Friday.

This really helps me find ideas and stay focussed. It also ensures that we keep it interesting and fun for the both of us.

5 DIY ideas to show mom she’s special any day of the year.

I’m all about being practical and find activities that are a fun bonding experience for mother and child, but will also create something to serve as a daily reminder of how special mom is. Hopefully by seeing these objects in and around the house it will bring back the special memories made while creating them together.


  • Clay Jewellery Dishes

This activity is simple but special and there are so many different options to choose from.

Firstly you would have to choose what kind of jewellery dish you want to create. Make a clay footprint bowl, handprint jewellery bowl or just a simple jewellery dish. Using air dry clay would be the easiest, but you could use any clay.

  1. Roll the clay into a ball and then flatten using a rolling pin. (It’s easier to roll it out on baking paper so that you can move it with ease).
  2. Make your print in the clay foot- or handprint. Be sure to get a good imprint.
  3. Cut the clay to your needs –  If you’re doing a handprint dish you can cut the hand out. If you are doing a simple jewellery dish you can just shape the clay into a bowl. (Use a small bowl, cover it with some plastic wrap and shape your bowl in there).
  4. Let the clay dry. If you are using air dry clay you can let them dry overnight. Salt clay you can either be let to dry outside or baked in the oven.
  5. Once your dish has dried, let your baby, toddler or child paint it to make it even more special.
  • DIY Bath bombs

This activity is a bit more challenging but definitely worth it.

You’ll need baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, Epsom salt, food colouring and essential oil of your choice.

  1. Mix 200 grams of baking soda, 100 grams of citric acid, 100 grams or corn starch, and 100 grams of Epsom salt using a whisk. Get all of the lumps out.
  2. Then mix a ¾ tablespoon of water, 20 drops of your chosen essential oil and 1-2 drops of food colouring (colour of your choice) in a separate bowl.
  3. Slowly stir your wet ingredients into the dry ingredient bowl. If it starts fizzing you need to stop.
  4. Once your ingredients are mixed you need to test the consistency by pinching it together or rolling a ball. The mixture needs to hold shape.
  5. Place your mixture into a mould of your choice – heart, star, ball – whichever you prefer. Make sure that its tight!
  6. Let them sit overnight to dry, then carefully take them out of the mould and enjoy.


  • Reason Jar

Directed at older kids – this activity will definitely ensure that mom feels special every day.

  1. Have your child decorate an empty jar – let them use their own imagination to decorate it. Paint it, use stickers or cover it with a drawing of their own.
  2. Help your child decide what they want to write about. 20 Reasons why I have the best mom, 12 Ways to know I have the coolest mom, 40 Reasons why I love mommy – these are just a few ideas.
  3. Write as many things down as possible. At least 12 – one for each month.
  4. Cut out the writings, fold them and place them into the jar.

* If you have a younger child ask him/her to tell you why he/she thinks that mom is the coolest. You can write them down for them.

  • Handprint/ Footprint oven mitt, dish towel or apron

This gift is great for mom, but would also make a lovely gift for grandma. Personalise an oven mitt, dish towel or apron by painting a hand or footprint picture onto it. You can add a name and even ask your child to paint his/her own message/picture onto the material.

For grandma make handprints of all the grandchildren and name them. If you want something truly different why not make a mommy and me matching apron? Paint your handprint with a special message onto a smaller apron and allow your child to make his handprint and paint a special message/picture onto your apron.

Remember it doesn’t matter how messy it looks – its about the experience, the memories more so than the gift.

  • Personalised tray

This activity is probably the easiest activity and can be used for many more special occasions. It can even become a bit of a tradition.

  1. Paint a tray with black board paint and let it dry.
  2. Let your child write/draw a special message or picture with some chalk and date it.
  3. Every year you can take a photo of the message or drawing and this can be used for Christmas, mother’s day, birthdays, etc.

What would be the perfect Mother’s day gift for yourself this year? 

I guess saying to sleep-in would be a bit of a cliché, even though that really would be on top of my list. Other than that – just a fun day out with my little family.

Follow Monique and Aryan’s adventure on their Blog, Instagram and Facebook.

More than a fashionista, Louzelle the mama behind Momsy


I met Louzelle years ago, even before the world knew her as the momboss behind Momsy – a stylish, proudly South African fashion label that celebrates moms, breastfeeding and being a woman. Louzelle has always had an air of sophistication, beauty and calm about her. Something that can’t be described in words. You feel it in her presence. It’s connected to her love for her husband and boys, and the passionate way she dedicates all she does to the Lord. I look up to her in so many ways…

What inspires you in motherhood as well as the garments you design?

The way I mother is inspired by our family (circumstances, personalities, visions etc) as well as God’s heart for me as a mother. I try to align our family’s needs and desires with God’s plan.

The inspiration behind the garments I design for Momsy is my own love for fashion, trends and also our mama following and their needs. The fashion we love, is not necessarily mom friendly, so we look at trendy items and then just add a bit of mama to it, with a classic flair.

Why did you move to Spain for a year?

My husband is doing his MBA at IE University in Madrid. It’s a full time 1 year Masters.

He decided to do this abroad for the experience and networking opportunity. It is also one of the best rated universities internationally and he really wanted to make it worth the while.

How has the change been? Any challenges or blessings you’ve experienced?

HUGE! Much bigger than we imagined. It has ups and downs but a lot more ups!

We enjoy having to “make a way”, when it seems impossible. Going through challenges, just us four, has been hard but such a blessing. We’ve learned to lean on each other, ask for help, speak when needed and really work together as a team!

We focus on the things that really matter.

Not knowing what the future holds, and having a temporary home has also taught us to trust in the Lord even more.


What keeps you motivated every day?

My family and relationship with God. They say you can’t do the “what” without the “why” and I am a firm believer of that. At times when I feel like giving up. Or I find myself searching for meaning. I always refer back to my “why” – my family and passion. I want to make them proud and I want to take this passion the Lord has put in my heart and also make Him proud.

What would be your perfect Mother’s Day gift?

I used to be a gift person until I realised that I don’t actually love gifts, but rather the trouble and thoughtfulness that person has gone through getting me something special – just for me. So it’s more about the action.

If I could choose, I’d take a day full of spoils from my 2 boys and husband!


Follow Louzelle and Momsy their Blog, Instagram and Facebook.

Last mama for this year’s May Momspirations; Nicke from Pediatrics and Playdough


Wife to André and mom to Eran, their 20 month old son. Together this little family of 3 moved to Belgium at the end of August 2018. Just 2 weeks before Eran’s first birthday. It’s their biggest adventure to date and we’re all welcome to follow along for the ride…

Nicke led an extremely busy life before pregnancy. In between 36 hour shifts, studying and research papers (her hubby doing the same) – they barely saw one another. Eran’s timing was perfect – born at the end of her residency.

I thought my career would take the back seat, but in reality he’s teaching me how to be a better, more empathetic paediatrician. It feels so good to be out of the rat-race for a while, learning to trust God more, love my husband better, to be a more patient mother, and to run my home more efficiently.

When and why was Peditrics and Playdough founded?

Pediatrics & Playdough was founded in December 2017.

I opened a public Instagram account (flutterby_za) to document my pregnancy and to get inspired by other moms. I really enjoyed being part of the Instagram community but felt like I wanted to contribute more.

I have always enjoyed writing and it gave me a goal to work towards during those first few months of life with a newborn. My passion is to help other parents understand more about the what, why and how of these tiny humans, while raising my own. Blogging is the best way to do so. It’s also a way for me to keep up-to-date with the latest research and build a library of “good advice” for my future patients.

Peditrics and Playdough showcases both my calling as a mother, as well as my career. The “Playdough” part is inspired by my passion for the healthy development of a child’s gross motor, fine motor, visual, speech and language and emotional worlds through play.


What has been the biggest challenge moving abroad?

To leave all our friends and family behind. They were such a big part of our lives.

I am sad that they don’t see Eran’s cute antics as he grows. Thank goodness for video-calling!

We also had winter for almost a full year… I am so happy that the days are finally becoming warmer and sunnier here.

What has been the biggest unexpected blessing of moving to Belgium?

Our time together as a family! André does not have to do any overtime, so for the first time we eat together every night and have every weekend to ourselves. We have really grown closer and stronger as a family and we’ve learnt to see obstacles as adventures, that we can conquer together.

We were also blessed with an amazing church and so many people who welcomed us into their lives. God really prepared the way for us here in Leuven.

5 Tips for moms wanting to keep their little ones healthy this winter.

  • Teach your child, and yourself, to wash your hands! Before eating / after using the bathroom, but also after blowing your nose / coming back from the mall.
  • Use a multi-vitamin with extra zinc to boost your child’s immune system.
  • Get the flu vaccine for everyone in your household, but especially for the high risk kiddies under 5years, any pregnant moms and elderly grandparents. The vaccine will not prevent you from getting the sniffles, but it should keep your family safe from the nastier strains.
  • Get some fresh air. Viruses and bacteria are fond of enclosed, warm spaces.
  • Remember that second-hand smoke can paralyse the cells of the airways and ear-channels, preventing the wave-like motions that usually clear out any unwanted residues and thus forming the perfect breading-ground for viruses and bacteria.

What would be the perfect Mother’s day gift for yourself this year?

Another “two pink lines” would be the greatest gift!


For more great advice checkout Nicke’s Blog and follow her on Instagram and Facebook too.

These women definitely inspire me to make more of an effort in treasuring motherhood.

How do you celebrate your role as a mom?

How has it changed you?

I’d love to know so please leave e a comment below.

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