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How to make a Gingerbread House with Gingerbread House Kits SA

Dec 4, 2018
Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

There’s just “something” about a beautiful gingerbread house that makes me happy. I’ve always wanted to know how to make one but I’m no baker… Thank goodness for Gingerbread House Kit SA! These kits promise to be fun, easy and something for the entire family to enjoy – making a regular “Stepford wife” out of any mama. So, we gave it a go…

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

The kit comes in a pretty box designed to keep every piece safe and can be mailed countrywide.

Each contains:

  • 6 Tasty gingerbread panels to build your house with, as well as a tiny Christmas tree and sleigh.
  • Icing sugar and a piping bag to “glue” and decorate your new home.
  • An assortment of sweet treats to stick all over and add some fun pops of colour.
  • Easy to follow instructions (very handy for my fellow moms who also don’t know how to make icing sugar).

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

The girls were very eager to help, giving me a hand while setting up.

We emptied and sorted all the different sweets into individual bowls. I added a few extra treats like mini marshmallows, 100’s and 1000’s, chocolate sprinkles and a candy cane or two. Then we made the icing sugar mixture – just add water, who knew?

We were all so excited to get our gingerbread house built, Mr. Perfect even took an afternoon off so that we could have fun together.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

We split into two teams…

Mr. Perfect and Eliana (the 2 perfectionist in the family) worked together while Lia, Ava and I (the wild cards) could do as we please! Each team got their own panels to decorate. Eli and dad called dibs on the closed window and front door while we were happy decorating the back window and side garden. And by we, I mean Lia and I. Ava took her role as “chief sweetie taster” very seriously and couldn’t stop nibbling.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

It was a delicious mess of sugary delight and loads of giggles!

Team A might have approached with a little more caution and planning than team B but in the end everything looked pretty and festive. Now it was time to put all the panels together and build our gingerbread house.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

I’ll admit, getting the house into a freestanding structure took a bit of concentration. A task Mr. Perfect was happy to complete with Eliana’s assistance.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

Ava kept nibbling away and Lia… Well, Lia discovered a new “textured” lipgloss for the festive season.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

As soon as the panels were secure the roof was placed on top. Extra icing sugar was used to fill any gaps.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2
Time for the finish touches!

We went for a traditional criss cross roof design and then to finish things off (and hide any unsightly parts) we loaded on the desiccated coconut – I mean snow.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

And there you have it! Our beautiful gingerbread house. It might not be designer but it’s definitely full of joy.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

The gingerbread house kit was a hit! So much so, that Lia has asked that we add another kit to her Christmas wish list.

One thing is for sure… Making a gingerbread for Christmas will be a “Candi-Xmas” tradition for many years to come.

Now, lets get your family to enjoy this awesome tradition with us!

Win your own Gingerbread House Kit SA! Entering is super easy.

  1. Please leave a comment below or on our FB or IG account, sharing your favourite Christmas treat.
  2. Follow @gbh_kit_sa on Instagram  AND / OR
  3. Like @gingerbreadhousekitsa on Facebook. (Doing both means you’ll get 2 entries.)
  4. Extra entry: Spread the festive cheer and share this post with your friends on Facebook too.

Just a Mamma Gingerbread House Kits SA 2

For those who can’t wait…

The Gingerbread House Kits retails for R249.00 and can be bought online or at various Christmas Markets. Keep an eye on their Instagram (@gbh_kit_sa) to see which market next. Remember to have a look at their Facebook page too.

Happy “making” guys!

Gingerbread House Kits


  1. Instagram and Facebook is in no way responsible or associated with this giveaway.
  2. Competition only open to South African residents residing in South Africa.
  3. Winner must be 18+ years old.
  4. Competition closes on the 14th of December 2018. The winner will be picked at random and announced there after. 
  5. This prize is not exchangeable or refundable.
  6. Please enter a valid email and contact info. If we can not get hold of you within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.
  7. The greatest care will be taken when mailing your prize but Just a Mamma and Gingerbread House Kits do not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division.

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    I love this post!

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    My sons and I love gingerbread cookies with warm milk

  • Reply Kyleigh Smith Dec 11, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    My favorite festive treat has to be gingerbread men and mince pies.

    • Reply Mari-Louise Dec 11, 2018 at 7:43 pm

      We are massive mince pie fans too. They are so tasty.

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