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What’s in the bag: Hospital bag for Dad.

Jul 4, 2017

D-day is drawing closer… You’ve packed your bag (What’s in the bag: Hospital bag for Mama), as well as one for baby (What’s in the bag: Hospital bag for Baby). Now it’s time to pack a hospital bag for Dad!

Things to have handy on the day of delivery:

Take the pressure off mom and make sure you are in charge of the paperwork. Have all the necessary medical aid info, authorisation and documentation in order and keep mom’s medical aid card close. Be sure to know what your wife wants to do during labour, delivery or her c-section, she needs to be able to find trust and support in YOU during this wonderful but scary moment. Remember to charge or replace the camera’s batteries and check that you have an empty memory card with enough space to capture every second of this precious day.

USEFUL TIP: Consider wearing a casual button-down shirt so that you can also practice skin-to-skin contact with your newborn baby – you never know if mama might need some extra attention after delivery.

What to pack if you are joining Mama for the rest of the stay in hospital:

I’ve been lucky enough to have Mr. Perfect stay with me for both our girls (and soon to be our 3rd baby’s) birth. This does take some planning and comes at an extra cost but for us, it’s so worthwhile. If this is something you would like to do, just visit your hospital’s maternity ward when you do your bed booking at 24 weeks. They will be able to advice you on the different sleep-in options available to dad.

Depending on the type of delivery, you can expect to stay for between 2 and 3 nights.

Packing is pretty basic but there are a few things to remember:
  1. You’ll need pyjamas with tops and bottoms. Woodstock Laundry has a great selection and best of all is their button down style.
  2. Slippers are a must in any hospital ward. I love this year’s funky range from Woolworths.
  3. During the day, keep it casual with soft tees. You’ll be holding and cuddling your new little person so keep things comfy.  I think every dad needs a “Cool Dad” tee from byroeline&co.

Don’t forget your toiletries! Everyone has their own daily basics but also include some new ones for convenience…

  • Your own bath and hand towel – much nicer than the ones in hospital.
  • Also bring a laundry bag for your dirty washing. Nostalgie Textiles have some awesome ones for every member of the family.

Some “green” toiletries we love:
  1. Pure Primal Natural Vitamin E Body Butter
  2. Pure Primal natural bath bar
  3. Pure Primal Alpha Aftershave
  4. Earthsap Peppermint and Baking soda Toothpaste
  5. African Organics Marula Shampoo and Conditioner available in cute travel sizes.
  6. Natura Stressless syrup to help dad keep his cool.

(All of these, with the exception of the Pure Primal range, can be bought online from Faithful to Nature.) 

Lastly don’t forget to pack an outfit for the day you go home.

Some helpful extras to remember:

Be mama and baby’s protector! Let them rest, bond and establish breast-feeding while you handle visitors, birth registration, congrats wishes and more. Also help with the baby book by writing down important and memorable moments from baby’s birth, I loved using the Mayalief Baby Book for #babynumber3. Most importantly, switch off the phone and be present during this amazing, life changing occasion.

USEFUL TIP:Remember to buy a newspaper on the day of baby’s birth. This is a cute keepsake and will give baby a look into the world when he / she was born.

Of course there is more…

As always I’ve tried to make things as easy as possible and have included a checklist for you, or daddy, to download (just click on the link below this image for the high res version).

Just a mamma dad bag check list

Now everyone is ready and packed to go!!! May your last days of pregnancy be stress and worry free and if you missed any of our previous “What’s in the bag checklists”, just click on the appropriate link below.

What’s in the bag: Hospital bag for Mama

What’s in the bag: Hospital bag for Baby

Love and blessing Mama, you’ve got this!

Because I’m such a “greenie” and know how expensive all this hospital packing gets, I just had to share Faithful to Natures current giveaway! One lucky mama can win natural baby products for a year!!!! They have included so many of our favourites. To enter, just click HERE or on the picture below.

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