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Ethereal Maternity Shoot By Chanel O Studio Photography

Dec 28, 2016
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For Melissa Bam’s 2nd maternity shoot she wanted to bring the drama while still staying feminine… Teaming up with Chanel Oosthuizen, the creative genius behind Chanel O Photography andPeter Bondesio Couture helped bring this vision to life.

Melissa’s loud and comfy style made way for an delicate lace gown and it was time to channel her inner stage persona… Fierce, glamorous and pregnant, the epitome of femininity! (Looking at these images one would never guess pregnancy isn’t this Mamma’s cup of tea).JAM Ethereal Maternity shoot Melissa Bam 1An early morning at Rosemary hill provided the perfect scene.

“Chanel’s humble and gentle demeanor makes for a stress-less experience and hearing her “wow!” during the shoot, made me feel beautiful. Even though the shoot was relaxed and super fun, she was meticulous in her work. She saw the potential in every frame and knew what she needed to do to realize and capture that moment! She is such a talented woman and her work is immaculate!

JAM Ethereal Maternity shoot Melissa Bam 2Although every frame looks like something out of Italian Vogue, it was little Xerésh, Melissa’s eldest that stole the show. Strong, independent, loving and fearless, this dainty fashionista lit up her mom in ways only true love can.

Expecting a little man this time round, Melissa knows the responsibility of raising a future husband and father and prays for a strong man who can love and lead his family, bring out the beauty in his wife and strength in his kids.

JAM Ethereal Maternity shoot Melissa Bam 3Motherhood has shown Melissa so many new sides to her personality, good and bad. As we Mammas know, it will humble, challenge and “kick you right off your high horse”. All at once “wonderfully painful and hysterical!” But no one can deny, looking at these images reminds us about the love, beauty and exquisite grace of God.

Top Mommy Tip:

Just do it! No matter how you feel, this special moment in time needs to be immortalised. Don’t try your hardest to do a ‘different’ shoot, rather focus on doing an ‘honest’ shoot. You need to capture who you are! Shooting with a toddler is INSANE and super crazy at times, so prepare your partner for the chaos and just breath! If you have pics of your eldest crying hysterically then so be it, it means you got to do you!

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