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Cooking for dummies: Easiest Thai Green Curry Recipe

Mar 11, 2020
How To Make Thai Green Curry

Two weeks ago a handful of bloggers, foodies and influencers were treated to a Saturday morning at the Bosch Brand Experience Centre in Johannesburg. We got to test and use the latest and greatest in BOSCH appliances. I still can’t get over the POWERBOOST function on the induction hob. It saves so much cooking time! We also prepared a delicious lunch with award-winning food blogger Cat Carstens from Le Famished Cat. She shared the easiest Thai Green Curry Recipe.

It’s so good! Delivering on flavour and it’s so simple – ANYONE can make it, in no time at all. PLUS it’s gut-friendly too!

Cooking With Bosch

I knew I had to share “The Easiest Thai Green Curry Recipe EVER” with all our readers and Cat was kind enough to agree! So, here goes…

First, we prepare the homemade Curry Paste. Being homemade means no added preservatives, onions, garlic and other spices that may upset certain tummies. It also means you decide how hot (or not) you like it.

* For a very mild curry remember to remove the chilli seeds, we, however, prefer to leave them in.

Homemade Thai Green Curry Paste

* Finding lemongrass, Tamari sauce and lime leaves proved a little tricky. Thankfully our Chinese supermarket stocked all of the above at a fraction of the other big retailer’s price. They also had dried alternatives for the lime leaves which was what Cat used in the cooking class too.

Easy To Make Thai Green Curry

Click here for the FREE printable recipe cards: Easy to make Thai Green Curry

* Cat recommends using the Woolworth’s brand on thin rice noodles for this recipe.

* Tamari is a gluten-free soya sauce which we found at our local Chinese Supermarket. It does, however, taste very similar to regular soya so I’m sure you could substitute with what you have if gluten isn’t a concern of yours.

* Don’t worry if you can’t find the veggies mentioned above. Any green veggies will do; beans, asparagus, whatever you can find.

* If your curry is too hot to you taste, remember to simply add more coconut cream. .za

For more incredibly easy and SUPER delicious, healthy recipes be sure to checkout and follow Le Famished Cat. You find Cat on Instagram and Facebook too!


Easiest Thai Green Curry 1

PHOTO CREDIT | I was also lucky enough to have the super talented (and fun) Angie Durrant a.k.a Miss Lucky Pony herself as my date and she took all the incredible photos making us drool in this post. Be sure to skip on over to HER BLOG for more amazingness too!

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