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C-Section recovery kit

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Health + Wellness, Just Motherhood, Pregnancy | 0 comments

Having a cesarean section is not an “easy out” and recovery afterwards can be a HUGE challenge especially when you are mama to more than one… With the help of SR Maryna Botha from the Garsfontein Baby Clinic (and a few other mama brands) we have put together a C-Section recovery kit bound to ease recovery post childbirth, for all mamas.

Lets talk medication…

C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

Sure, the doctor will be prescribing all kinds of pain meds but with the help of some more natural supplements recovery can be sped up.

Natura is one of my favourite homeopathic ranges and readily available at Dischem and most pharmacies.

Essentials I included:

  1. Rescue tablets / drops / spray to help combat the stress and anxiety that comes with newborn life. It will also make you feel better and relaxed especially after those nights of interrupted sleep start piling up.
  2. Nerva 3 drops. With hormones running wild and taking a natural dip 3 days post delivery, baby blues are very common and nothing to feel ashamed about. Even more so if child birth was stressful, didn’t go according to “plan” or you are having to deal with unforeseen complications. Nerva 3 drops will help ease those feelings of mild depression, grief and tearfulness.
  3. Arnica D6 assists in the healing of bruises and injuries and reliefs pain from aching muscles. This will help you scar heal quicker and can only do well for internal recovery too.

Another good anti-inflammatory option is -Heel Traumeel tablets. Taking these will help reduce pain and swelling.

Something else your doctor might prescribe is medication to increase your milk supply. I prefer Prolak. (More on that later).

Wound care…

C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

Taking care of your wound is important, even after you leave the hospital or start to feel less pain. You need to take care of your body to ensure your future health as well as the health of future pregnancies.

C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

In a society obsessed with shedding the baby weight and “getting our bodies back” woman feel a ton of unnecessary pressure. You just grew an entire human for 9 months, give yourself a moment to breath – those shape-trainer and high-waisted granny panties can wait a week or two.

You will most likely still be bleeding for a couple of weeks and at times your wound and scar could become more sensitive. I love Yummy Maternity‘s Bamboo Knickers. I wore these during my pregnancy and afterwards too. With no seams or tags there’s nothing to pinch or irritate you. Full bum coverage means they do not to creep up and keep your maternity pad in place – no leaks. And most importantly, they are super soft over that sensitive caesarean incision.

Belly binding…

There are loads of benefits to belly binding, specifically after a c-section and with so many option available I have tried a few but my go-to is the Belly Bandit also from Born Fabulous.

C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

Read more about how it works here. Reasons I use it is to support my back and core, making mobility easier. To suck in and keep together my flabby belly and also get it, as well as my waist and hips into shape again. It’s doctor recommended to speed up healing and will also help you lose inches faster.


C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

2-3 days post delivery colostrum will be replaced by breastmilk, sometimes it even takes a week or two, don’t be worried your body will adapt but there are ways in which you can give yourself some support.

C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

As soon as your milk “arrives” your breasts can become swollen, hard and very uncomfortable. -Heel Traumeel Gel can be massaged into the top part of your breasts, taking care not to spread over or around the nipple. Remember to have nursing pads handy. Your milk-supply will be unpredictable at first and leakage from one breast while baby is feeding from the other is very common. Nactracare are a good, “green”disposable option available at Faithful to Nature. For something to wash and re-use, try Bamboobies.

C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

Another important part of keeping your milk flowing is staying hydrated and eating well.  The Mummary has a yummy lactation granola that is sugar and preservative free and made out of some fabulous milk-enhancing ingredients . It can be eaten as a snack, added to smoothies, baked into muffins, you name it! I also keep a few Olli Just-for-Mom biscuits in the car and diaper bag. These are delicious and being individually wrapped makes them perfect for when you are on the go. Lastly I am a “jungle juice” fan but don’t always have the time to whip up a batch… JuJu powder drink is just as good and super easy to prepare – just add water. All the benefits, non of the work. You can order your’s here.

Taking care of your stretched out skin…

C-Section recovery kit, C-Section recovery kit

Post pregnancy your belly won’t be as pretty and treasured to you as before. I won’t lie, it kind of looks and feels like a big blob of loose skin and very soft tummy fat. It is however the same amazing, protective hub of creation that housed your precious baby so don’t be too judgemental, give your belly time and love. Keep moisturising and learn to accept any new embellishments a.k.a stretch marks you may have gained. Pure Primal‘s Repair Serum still works best for me. Making my skin feel great and supporting natural healing.

Taking time to recover and take care of YOURSELF, not just baby, IS ESSENTIAL. Remember: A happy, healthy baby starts with a happy, healthy mom.

Take care Mama! xxx


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