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Rookie USA: The coolest Athleisure wear for kids NOW in South Africa!

Aug 7, 2019

Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.

– Serena Williams

I’ll never forget reading this quote and instantly thinking of our Eliana… Not all girls dream about being princesses. For some, like our Eli, winning gold at the Olympic games seems far more appealing. Eliana is our rough and tumble girl, our athlete, gymnast and netbal player. She is happiest outside, being active, pushing her body to it’s limits.


So, when Rookie USA launched about a month ago, we were eager to see some premium athleisure wear for kids in South Africa!

Rookie who?

Rookie USA is a kids only, multi-branded online retailer focused on babies, kids, teens and young adults up to age 20. They basically got you covered till the kids leave the nest (more or less).

Head-to-toe; clothes, accessories and footwear. From various iconic brands such as Nike!Raising-active-kids

Never has Eliana been more impressed!

For the 1st time she looks like (which makes her feel like) the talented sportswomen she admires. She’s convinced she can jump higher and run faster thanks to her “exercise clothes”. I can see it too…

Eliana’s Rookie USA outfits boosts her confidence. The garments are incredible quality and definitely keep up with her busy, little body without ever restricting. The colours stay bright, the fabrics soft and durable. Our other girls will most likely get some good wear out of these too and that’s why we don’t mind spending a little more either. (We’ve actually made it our mission to buy less clothes. Quality over quantity, moving away from our “fast-fashion” ways – but more on that later.)

Eliana can’t choose a favourite outfit. I am however obsessed with the black speckled pants and grey, pink and coral zip top. I would not mind it for myself.

While Lia prefers dressing up in fairy wings and ball gowns, Eliana can’t wait to get into her athleisure wear and we all love her even more for it. Well done Eli for being bold enough to “Just be YOU”, you’re teaching mama to do the same too.

Other premium brands stocked by Rookie USA include…

  • Converse – For our little creative trendsetter. Imagining worlds of their own… Embracing their individuality with confidence! PLUS now we can all wear the same shoes!!!! I can already see our family Christmas Card.

  • Jordan – Inspired by the dynamic legacy, vision and direct involvement of Michael Jordan. “Children are good at being persistent and get that support from Air Jordan.”

  • Rooted in beach culture; Hurley – With a love of the ocean and its constant change this brand values inclusion, innovation and empowering the youth.

Not into athleisure wear? Not a problem…

  • Levi’s® – A brand we already adore for it’s aim to impact others, while having the least possible impact on the environment. 


Where to buy?

Online of course! Shop loads of athleisure wear for kids in South Africa PLUS the latest trends at and follow on Instagram or @rookieusaza on Facebook for more inspiration and fun.


PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division.

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* Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Rookie USA. As always, thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

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