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The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

May 17, 2018
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One of the most asked question we get is; “Where did you buy your girls those outfits?” Whether at church in their Sunday bests, or comfy casual exploring over weekends… We always get stopped and asked about what they’re wearing. The answer stays the same; proudly South African of course. We made a choice to support local first and that’s why 80% of what the girls wear is manufactured in South Africa. The other 20% goes for items we can’t find here or that one garment simply too cute to pass on (but it better be extra adorable!)

Now you’re wondering; “How can we afford only supporting local?”

It takes a some extra effort (and self-control) but I’ll be sharing all my secrets over the next few posts showing how it is definitely possible and affordable too.

Anytime I need to shop for new clothes I start online.

Scouting my favourite local mama-makers and designers for what they have available. These brands are usually very trendy and know what’s happening in the world of kids fashion. A lot of the time, not having huge production channels to cross means they can bring their customers what they want, when they want it. You’ll also be surprised at the amount of sales and promotions these brands regularly run so; be sure to subscribe to their mailing lists.

VERY important tip. Subscribe to the mailing list / newsletter.

I have shopped many a “secret sales” and claimed “loyal customer discounts” thanks to a little email in my inbox. Newsletters aren’t meant to be annoying. They should benefit you so don’t be scared to subscribe and if a brand ends up spamming you… Just hit the unsubscribe button.

Tried and trusted Proudly South African Clothing Brands for kids.

Let’s get down to business. Who are these amazing brands we support? The brands we buy because the quality is fantastic, the garments are comfortable to wear and stay pretty wash after wash (some can even be passed down to a sibling or two). Categorised into age groups for your convenience, I’ve also added links straight to their websites. You only click on the name to be taken to where you want to go!

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Mommy and Me tee and onesie set from byroeline & co.

  • Baby (Newborn to 2 years)

Katkin & Co

Charming playsuits, rompers, dresses and jumpsuits in linen, denim and corduroy. Whimsical and perfect for play.

Foreva V

Top quality, luxury items for your baby. I especially like their cashmere knitwear collection perfect for boys and girls.

Flynn Jaxon

Effortless, cool style for the alternative baby and kid. Call it hipster if you want but check them out to see what’s “in” at the moment.

Baby Republic

An extensive range of cheeky babygrows, those clever ones you see all over Instagram. They also sell newborn and 0-3 month plain “starter packs” in grey, black and white.

Picka lilly

Affordable (think Woolworths prices), easy to wear outfits for your little one in all the traditional “boy and girl colours”.

DandyLion Kids

I love these tracksuits, hoodies, leggings, tees, accessories and more. From print to colour to style of garment… Pick and choose an outfit you will love and that will work best for your little one. Think Cotton On vibes but with a local feel.

Willow brook Cotton Company

If you’re a fan of classic baby clothes then you will love Willow brook Cotton Company. The kind of outfits you’ll see little princes and princesses in but still comfortable and practical. All garments are 100% cotton and the range includes items for babies and young toddlers. Kate and William would shop here for sure.


Whether you are purchasing a hand embroidered or exclusively printed onesie, babygrow, hoodie or beanie, every item from Little has in some way been dreamt up or touched by the hand of Annette Griesel, the creative force behind this unique label. The hours of love that goes into every garment is what sets it apart from any other. Little has been in so many big moments of Ava’s 1st year, making our memories that much sweeter (and prettier). Remember the newborn box we used to reveal her gender to the girls? How about the fun red “Baby’s 1st Christmas” outfit she wore last year? We even ordered a special Easter version too. I should probably start thinking about that 1st birthday outfit soon…

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Little Newborn Box

Wolf Wolf

If you could wear fun, this would be it! Every season Wolf and Wolf go on an adventure and you’re invited along. Meet new friends, explore far away places; all while wearing them! I can’t explain the joy these garments bring, not just to the girls but to us as well. It’s like dress-up wear for everyday.

Annapatat Kids

MASSIVE fans since the start! A mix of style, playfulness and just the right amount of quirkiness… Every garment captures the essence of childhood and somehow takes your little to the next level of cuteness. Ava can’t go without her Annapatat bloomers and turbans and every dress Anneke has created hangs in the girl’s wardrobe. The collection also include items for boys as well as unisex coats and pants. The coats specifically are show-stoppers – buy one size bigger and roll up the sleeves to maximise wear.

Poogy Bear

The best sleepwear for baby. A Poogy Bear babygrow and beanie set was actually all 3 our girl’s very 1st outfit. Soft, breathable, easy to care for. Some of the best onesies you’ll ever buy.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Baby’s 1st outfit from Poogy Bear

Lullaby Rock

The number one rock and roll kids brand in South Africa. Black, white, gold, pink, navy, lighting bolts, guitars, microphones… Let’s just start a band! These threads are so cool Lullaby Rock decided to include tees for mom and dad too. Everyone need a bit of rock n roll in their closet.

Schnooky Pie

One of the most passionate proudly South African brands. Schnooky Pie is known for being innovative and playful when it comes to designing kids clothing. Eliana and Lia still think last season’s unicorn tracksuits are the coolest item of clothing they’ve ever owned and best of all they can still wear it this year thanks to the fantastic quality. Read more about our Schnooky Pie obsession here.

byroeline & co.

Beautiful prints, fun mommy and me leggings, sibling sets, cute slogan tees. All those designs you guys are always asking me about… We probably own most of Roeline’s designs because they are just so great! Every garment is a cool, casual classic but she’s added something special to make it wonderful.


Another master printer and endlessly talented designer. The Mayalief collection is clothing with a conscience. Whether it’s an insightful piece of scripture or the incredible values promoted by the different campaigns this label launches (Remember #lovemoreza) . Wearing Mayalief is uplifting and just plain good for the soul.

JustaMamma #LoveMoreZA campaign

Mayalief #lovemoreza tees

Rosie Bee Children’s Clothing

Floral and nature inspired prints for boys and girls. Think rompers, dresses, shorts and tees. The detail that goes into every aspect of every garment is exquisite. Who else can boats with hand painted buttons?

Oliver & Bean

Fabulous fashion forward items that reflect the hottest current trends. I usually want to wear these pieces.


Bespoke crochet baby items. Mostly decor but also cute beanies and rompers. Visit them on Instagram while they are working on their website @oumazhandmade.

Pikkie Kids

Mommy and Me leggings, adorable rompers, matching sets, onesies, dresses and more. All items lovingly made from locally sourced and printed fabrics. I love the fun designs of their leggings and matching with all 3 our girls while lounging at home is never a bad idea.

Kapas Baby

Boys, girls, unisex… Something for everyone.I especially like the collared Gingham onesies for boys. The winter dresses are a staple in any little lady’s closet and the bear onesies are a MUST HAVE for all.


I simply adore the playful designs available from this adorable range. Inspired by childhood themes like “All Smiles”, “My Pet”, “Sweet Dreams” and “Hugs & Kisses”. These design are fun and playful. The Ha Hadeda is my favourite.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Matching sibling items from Schnooky Pie

  • Toddler (2 – 4 years)

Katkin & Co

The prettiest grapefruit pinafore and linen summer dresses.

Flynn Jaxon

Picka lilly

Small selection of clothes for kids up to age 3.

DandyLion Kids

Willow brook Cotton Company

Little Handmade

Currently stocking up to age 3.

Wolf Wolf

Annapatat Kids

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Little Kindred Llama Bonnet

Lullaby Rock

Schnooky Pie

byroeline & co.


#lovemoreza tees for toddlers.

Rosie Bee Children’s Clothing

A small selection of beautiful boho inspired long skirts, dresses, shorts and reversible tops for girls.

Oliver & Bean

Pikkie Kids

Top and legging sets from Annapatat Kids

Top and legging sets from Annapatat Kids

  • Pre-Schooler (4 – 6 years)

Flynn Jaxon

This range goes up to age 8.

Annapatat Kids

One of the few brands with an extensive collection for girls up to age 7.

Lullaby Rock

Currently stocking up to age 5.

Schnooky Pie

byroeline & co.


The Mayalief #lovemoreza tee-shirt collection goes up to age 6.

Rosie Bee Children’s Clothing

A small selection of beautiful boho inspired long skirts, dresses, shorts and reversible tops for girls.

Pikkie Kids

Bigger leggings can be made on request.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Velvet Bodysuits by Sweet Lychee Kids

  • Special occasion wear

Sweet Lychee Kids

Kids Couture! I can’t find the correct words to describe Sweet Lychee Kids. Probably because there simply isn’t any… Moms, just click on the link. You need to see these stunning designs by the incredible mother-and-daughter team behind Sweet Lychee Kids.

Everli Baby

While on the subject of couture… How about some baby couture? That would be Everli Baby. No one does lace, mesh and soft organic bamboo or 100% cotton better than Everli. I fell in love with every single piece of their summer range and I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see what they are revealing for winter. Every Everli garment we own is a heirloom piece waiting to be passed to the next generation. You can read more about why we love Everli Baby here.

Baby fashion Everli Baby Haisley lace baby onesie

Everli Baby Haisley Lace Romper

Koco Bino

Euro chic baby and kids wear designed and made in SA. Not just occasional wear, Koco Bino also does amazing baby essentials and fantastic garments for kids up to age 12 even but the collections are cleverly designed to mix and match together making it possible to dress any outfit up or down. Read our full feature on Koco Bino Boutique here and find out why they still impress me.

Kimmy & Bear

Innocent, light-hearted and very limited edition. Excellently designed and made, every item from this range is intended to transcend seasons and be worn year after year. Loved by the owner and passed on to the next family member to enjoy. The pieces are timeless and always puts a smile on my face.

Mimi . Mi Atelier

This is an upmarket brand that releases the prettiest Spanish inspired capsule collections for both boys and girls every season ensuring exclusivity and quality. Ages 0 – 8 years.

Annapatat Kids

I couldn’t overlook the beautiful dresses from this brand. Always soft, pretty and perfect for any special day.

  • Accessories and shoes

Mia Mae

Remember our post about this wonderful brand a few months ago? If you’re into hair accessories Mia Mae is your go-to for any clips, bows, headbands, wraps… Whatever can go in a girl’s hair.

JustaMamma Mia Mae Hair Accessories

Mia Mae Accessories

Loulou + Luc

Leather, fringe, tassel and beaded necklaces and accessories for girls but I’ve been known to borrow from the girls…

Little Kindred

Bunnies, bears, llamas, bonnets for girls, bonnets for boys… The best and cutest bonnets in the land! Baby, toddler and child sizes available.


Boots, toys, clothes, linen… Myang has a wonderful collection echoing African charm at it’s best. I adore their huge selection of sun hats. Sun hats isn’t always an easy find and when living in sunny South Africa a sun hat is a must, even in winter.


Ain’t no shoes like them Shooshoos. We’ve tried other brands before but we’ve been loyal and VERY HAPPY customers since 2012. These shoes are so good, Ava is still wearing some of Eliana’s hand-me-downs. And that after Lia has also worn them! Yep, 3 sets of kids getting use out of the same pair of leather shoes. Enough said.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Gold Mastico maryjane pumps from Shooshoos

BENA loungewear

You may know this incredible brand of luxury loungewear but I had to include them in this list purely because I get so many enquiries regarding Ava’s newborn bunny beanie… It’s a BENA original and worth every cent.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Feat. Socks

Yes, you need funky feet (and not in a smelly sense). We are massive Feat. Socks fans and each of us already own a pair of All Sort Socks. Next on the wish list are those Rainbow combos.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Picka lilly

Baby legwarmers, bandana bibs, headbands and beanies, all to match. Perfect for those matchy-matchy moments.


All those adorable crochet beanies and bonnets we moms swoon over when looking at photos of little ones. Newborn photographers you’re going to want to have a look at Annabell’s work.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Little “My 1st Christmas” Romper and Bellapoppelina Reindeer Beanies with byroeline & co. Christmas Vibes Only sets

  • Dying to buy

Spoilt Clothing

Comfy, cute baby grows, hoodies and leggings for boys and girls ages newborn to 3 years. Their adorable bunny face designs, hello winter and personalised tops are my favourite!

Sunny + Bear

Pure, Simple, Practical. These are the design principles reflected and maintained in every garment from this gorgeous linen range. Both the baby and kids range is classic and beautiful in its simplicity.

Lace + Lamb

Some of the prettiest occasional wear for little girls. Soft, delicate, stylish… I would wear these designs. It’s basically the dresses #girlmoms dream about buying their little ladies.

Ellie Babee

Pretty, one-of-a-kind, handmade garments made by a mom for little one. I can’t wait to see where this new brand takes us all.

Pop Tutu

Delightfully, magical tutus for little girls to play and have fun in! The colours are so pretty and best of all… All the designs are available from sizes 6-12months up to 7 years. You know I’m already seeing 3 little ballerinas dancing in our living room.

Nanas Baby Wear

Knitwear will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m so in love with the story behind this brand. You have to read it for yourself here. It’s my mission to own every piece in their collection for our little Ava.

Lady + the Lad

Something for the cool kids. A modern, monochrome, organic cotton collection of tees and joggers for babies and kids up to 6 years old.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Lullaby Rock Apparel

  • Where to buy

Most of the above mentioned labels have their own online store but you can save on delivery fees by ordering more than one brand from some of the online baby boutiques. I’ve listed my favourites below.

Zuzu Collective

Meraki Lifestyle

Full of Beans Boutique (Visit in store at 45 Fifth Avenue, Northmead, Benoni, Johannesburg).

Lia & Reese

Koco Bino (Visit in store at Sandton City).

Oh my Baby (Visit in store at Menlyn).

Little Handmade Emporium

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Oliver & Bean

Wow! What a list!

Who did I forget? Can you recommend a favourite?

Just to be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy from international brands. We’re a global community after-all and you won’t find a bigger fan of H & M’s conscious collection than this mama but maybe in future, consider supporting local talent first.

Next week I’m hitting up Mr. Price, Pick n Pay Clothing and Pep Stores showing you how to keep supporting local even when shopping at big chain stores.

proudly south african, The ultimate list of Proudly South African clothing brands for kids.

Blue Ladder Dress from Willow brook Cotton Company

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