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Dec 15, 2016

I recently stumbled upon an Instagram account – @OneModernMom

Lisa instantly impressed me. At 24, this mamma to a busy 22 month old boy named Olly is fun, stylish, runs her own blog and is the co-owner of Earthling Kids (A brand I am currently seriously crushing over.)

It might be our tree-hugging roots; eco-friendly life-styles or passion for supporting local momtrepreneurs that sparked my interest… I needed to know more about this gorgeous mama-bear and her amazing little family.


How has life changed post-baby?

Almost completely! For the better, of course! Being a young mom especially meant having to put a lot of things aside that most twenty something would be doing. I, however have loved the changes and wouldn’t wish anything to be different. Your priorities change immensely, and you turn into – a MOMMY! Having a baby means becoming completely selfless – there’s no more thinking about just yourself, and it certainly humbles you. It has also taught me how to ask for help when I need it which has been a good life lesson.

What has been the best part about being a young mom and what has been your biggest challenge?

Being a young mom is awesome! I love having the energy to play with Olly for hours on end – chasing him in the garden, teaching him to surf and also knowing that when he’s 18, I still have an entire life ahead of me (with him in it). If God gives me a long life, it means I get to perhaps be a young grandma.

Challenges – you do lose friends when life changes so drastically. However, over time I’ve learnt that those friends were never true friends. Being a young mom means that financially, it is quite challenging at times. Thank goodness for my life partner, he works incredibly hard to provide for us. My company has just begun, so it’s been slow. Another challenge I face being a young mom is frequently having people question my decisions as a mom. They don’t realize that I’m clued up and that I wouldn’t intentionally make a wrong decision for my child.


What are some of your favourite things to do as a family?

We love going down to the beach to teach Olly how to surf! We also enjoy forest walks with our two beautiful huskies. Just being together in nature is our absolute favourite.

Who do you follow on Instagram?

I enjoy following other mommy blogs. I find it incredibly motivating. I also like following momtrepreneurs who have paved their own way for their families.

To name a few:



5 things you never leave the house without

Cellphone (I use this as a camera and I would kick myself if I missed a moment with Olly when I was out).

My EOS lip balm.

Olly’s Kuda dog (I would lose my sanity without that stuffed animal)

Olly’s ‘nini’ (pacifier).

Ted Baker body mist


Keep up with the adventures of Lisa and Olly by following them on IG and subscribing to One Modern Mom. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this incredible mamma!

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