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Have a family portrait done by Puli Prints

by | May 24, 2019 | Home, Things we love | 39 comments

A house becomes a home thanks to all the love and memories made by the ones that live their. Our home is full of giggles, full of ruckus and now we’ve started collecting beautiful meaningful artwork too. One of our most treasured pieces is a recent addition from puli. Prints… A watercolour family portrait!


I love how Fabienne captured a little piece of our souls in this fun illustration by emphasising subtle features like Mr. Perfect’s broad shoulders, Lia’s petite frame, Eliana’s independence and Ava looks like she’s about to wiggle out of dad’s arms. Simplistic, yet so US!

But who is puli. Prints?

Fabienne Krusekopf is the talented mama of two behind puli. prints. Founded out of a love for drawing and illustration back in 2016. The name Puli, (pronounced “Pulley”) is actually a nickname that was given to Fabienne while growing up. To this day, the name has stuck and Fabienne’s family still call her Puli.

Being outside, especially as the sun sets, or hearing a favourite song gets Fabienne’s creative juices flowing. From adorable pink mice to fantastical wall murals – this mama spreads joy whenever she picks up a brush and doing family portraits is her absolute BEST!


TOP TIP from Fabienne mom-to-mom:

As moms how do you get creative with your kids?

Try to get as into the messy play as they do. Physically getting down to their eye level and being present with them. We have no boundaries when it comes to anything arty (other than staying outside with the super messy and sticky stuff). Also always remember to put on music that makes them groove and feel more free. 

What would be the perfect Mother’s day gift for yourself this year?

A FULL day and night off. I SERIOUSLY need to do something nice for myself soon. Having had our daughter born at 27 weeks and being in hospital for over three months (along with her having open heart surgery and barely making it through that) really took its toll on me, trying to juggle hospital life and expressing every three hours and home life with a (then) just over two year old. I haven’t had a moment off to myself since.


How can I have a family portrait done?

Illustrated portraits take 2 days. Simply pop Fabienne an email at or send her a DM on Instagram @puli_prints. Remember to include a few family photos as reference. Don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect pic. Fabienne can help advice you on the best photos and together you’ll definitely come up with something amazing.

The cost of a family portrait varies:

Couples – R350.

Family of 3 to 4 loved ones – R450.

Larger Families of 5 to 10 loved ones – R650 (What an incredible gift for grandparents.)



Now it’s your turn to have a family portrait done by Puli Prints!

WIN an Illustrated Family portrait AND 3 beautiful wall prints for your kid’s room. 


How to enter:
  1. Leave us a comment below telling us what you think of these family portraits by PULI prints.
  2. Make sure you follow Puli Prints on Facebook or Instagram (both would be fab too).
  3. Follow me on either (or both) if you like, but it’s not compulsory. (@justamammablog or @justamamma)
  4. For extra entries be sure to enter on either this Facebook post or this Instagram post as well.

The giveaway ends on Friday, the 31st of May 2019.



  1. Comments left below and on the applicable social media posts count as valid entries.
  2. Instagram and Facebook is in no way responsible or associated with this giveaway.
  3. Competition only open to South African residents residing in South Africa.
  4. Winner must be 18+ years old.
  5. Competition closes on the 31st of May 2019.
  6.  The winner is picked at random and announced via social media and this blogpost. 
  7. This prize is not exchangeable for cash or refundable.
  8. Please enter a valid email and contact info. If we can not get hold of you within 48 hours a new winner will be picked.
  9. The greatest care will be taken when sending your prize but Just a Mamma and Puli Prints, do not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

* For more Mother’s May giveaways be sure to visit our GIVEAWAY section too.


  1. Tiyana

    I think its stunning. Its so modern.

  2. Chenelle

    These are awesome! ❤️

  3. Mari Grobler

    LOVE these personal paintings! I already have a spot reserved for something special and I think this will be perfect! ?

    • Kirsten

      I absolutely LOVE these prints and would cherish one of my little family…❤

  4. Deserisé Cocklin-Viljoen

    I love it. It’s adorable!

  5. Dannielle harltey

    What an awesome personal keep sake. Awesome to have something different to a photo that is still personal

  6. Lyn

    These prints are too sweet!

  7. Sandy Meyer

    I simply ADORE these portraits! It’s unique
    I NEED one for our precious famiy of four! ?

  8. Melinda

    LOVE!!!! She is very talented and we’d love to win one for our family of 4 ❤️

  9. Robyn

    Love these

    • Justine

      Absolutely love the one for larger families!
      My support system.

  10. Tamara

    Love these, they are so precious and unique. I would love one of our family in our home ❤️

  11. Portia Koenane

    The pictures are so calming,inviting & they bring positive energy to the walls & can accommodate every colour or roon. They indeed a beautiful portraits suitable for home &.office too

  12. Yvonne Caboz de Pao

    Love these. Special & Unique ?

  13. Rache Bouw

    I would love this print as it would actually be our first family portrait ever ???? I think this would be a pretty special first portrait ?

  14. Claudia

    My friend has one and I’ve coveted it for so long!! Now that I have a baby I’d love one of my new family!

  15. Claudine

    These portraits are so stunning! Would love to own one one day!

  16. Amanda

    Unique and so sentimental ?

  17. Samantha

    I love the fact that you work with the artist which gives that personal and unique touch to the family portrait

  18. Zinette

    What a unique way to capture special memories!!

  19. Monique Els

    I think it is unique, stunning and special!! Love it ???

  20. Karien Coetzer

    I love these prints they capture the essence of family and I love that it just makes you smile when you look at them!

  21. Bhavana Singh

    These Portraits by Puli Prints are absolutely Stunning, so heart warming and unique! I would Love To Win!

  22. Sharne

    Absolutely amazingly beautiful!! I love something that is different, something that you can’t find in a store. I unfortunately I can’t draw to save my life, this would make an amazing centre piece in our loving home.
    Would truly love to have such a piece.

  23. Charlene

    these are absolutely gorgeous! Well done on such a great, fun way to portray families.

  24. Awandie

    I would love to win this entry. I love creatives that thinks differently and makes your home unique/special. For me this will be not only a family illustration but hope to be something that could hang in generations to come in our family. Hope you pick me!

  25. Kekeng Mankurwane

    The portraits are precious, a gift that will last from Generation to Gemeratiom

  26. Shameez Patel

    These are adorable and would look awesome with all my other hanging things in my lounge.

  27. Samornay

    Amazing… Love these. It will give that extra personal touch to our ? home.

  28. Danielle

    These prints are absolutely beautiful and so unique! Will be such a stunning feature to put in the house ❤️

  29. Michaela

    Absolutely adore these family prints!! ? What an awesome invention!

  30. Liandrie Venter

    Love these portraits! Every portrait is unique, and a specially designed for your family. Would love to have one for our family wall!

  31. Heleen

    Dit is beautiful! Ons Kochies sal dit lief om so oulik geverf te word. ‘n Erfstuk!

  32. Suzanne

    Argh I just LOVE this!!! I love creative family pics and this just tops it!

  33. Mel

    Stunning portraits! Can’t wait to capture our soon to be family of 4 ?

  34. Jade

    Simple and Beautiful… Would love to have a portrait of my husband and I and our little bundle that will be born in the next week or two ☺️

  35. Megan H

    These portraits are so unique and beautiful….a definite must for every family household.

  36. Taryn

    Love them! Such an awesome present!

  37. Tracy

    Such a whimsical way to capture the family. I love it and totally in love with those cute kiddies prints too ❤️


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