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Weaning Sense : Making food FUN for everyone!

Jan 31, 2018
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Deciding to start solids isn’t easy. With so many contradictory opinions regarding exclusive breastfeeding and allergy prevention, taking this 1st step towards the food isle can be daunting. About a month ago we took that step… After a lot of back and forth but we finally decided to start! With our older girls we went more “traditional”. Breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months but Ava was ready and eager to eat at 5 months. With the help of the Weaning Sense book; round 3 has been the easiest and most fun yet!

Weaning Sense, Weaning Sense : Making food FUN for everyone!

Meg Faure (you might remember this name from the ever popular Baby Sense parenting book series). An occupational therapist with over 17 years of experience in fussy babies and  Kath Megaw, a pediatric dietetic, have co-written this amazing book on introducing solids to your little.

“With a goal to demystifying the weaning world and help grow healthy tummies and happy babies (and moms) in no time!”

Meg and Kath takes into account their years of experience and knowledge, common sense and a mother’s instincts. Verifying their findings with science and publishing their work in a practical, easy to follow book that gives parents confidence to feed their littles. With innovative concepts like collab-weaning and different sensory types of feeders, Weaning Sense is a no nonsense, fuss-free approach. It’s perfect for all babies.

Traditional weaning is parent-led, informed by advisors and driven by commercial baby food companies. On the other hand baby-led weaning gives baby all the responsibility having them self-feed whole softly steamed but solid food from the time baby shows an interest.

Collab-Weaning promotes teamwork.

Parents learn to read their baby’s cues and help guide their child through the different stages of eating. While providing healthy, exciting food options and exposing baby to variety as well.

In the chapter, “led by science” the latest research is shared and explained. Important facts on “when to introduce solids”, “allergy-prevention”, “fussy-eaters”, “best foods”  and more are discussed. All in a way easy for parents to understand.

I love the practicality of this book. It was the chapter on “Baby’s cues” that showed Ava was “ready” and after identifying her sensory personality type I got insight as to how she would approach food and how we could help her enjoy the  different stages of solids.

BONUS: I’ve identified our entire household’s sensory personality, it’s made family mealtime and preparation much easier.

Weaning Sense, Weaning Sense : Making food FUN for everyone!

Ava is definitely a settled baby and over eating had us calming tummy aches. Thank goodness for other handy tips like the portion size guide.

Weaning Sense, Weaning Sense : Making food FUN for everyone!

With over 50 foolproof recipes to make during the ready, steady and go feeding stages baby will never have a dull palete. They’ve even included different methods of preparation to choice from according to what you have at hand. No need to buy fancy appliances.

Weaning Sense, Weaning Sense : Making food FUN for everyone!

Last night I made the Baby Marrow Puree with oregano. It’s a tricky flavour and texture but Ava seemed to like it and I can’t wait to give each and every last recipe a try.

Weaning Sense, Weaning Sense : Making food FUN for everyone!

Over the past 5 years I’ve read stacks of books on weaning and easy introductions into solids but now I can chuck them all away. Weaning Sense is the only book needed and definitely worth a read. You can buy yours here. Takealot and Exclusive Books also stock it and I’ve even seen it in the Woolworths isles.

Weaning Sense, Weaning Sense : Making food FUN for everyone!

This is not a sponsored post, just some “mamma-need-to-know” I had to share.

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