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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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The ultimate princess celebration of Courage and Kindness!

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Parenting | 87 comments

* Post sponsored by Disney Africa.

The world needs more princesses… YES, you read that correctly. We are taking hands with Disney and the Ultimate Princess Celebration because it’s time to show Courage + Kindness, just like a princess…

ultimate princess celebration 2
ultimate princess celebration 1

Whether it’s Ariel’s spirit, Aurora’s grace, Cinderella’s kindness or Belle’s loyal heart. Merida’s strength, Pocahontas’ adventuring soul, fearless Moana or Mulan’s courage. It could be Rapunzel’s passion for life, Jasmine’s generosity to others, Snow White’s compassion or Tiana’s drive… there’s just something that speaks to each of us. That special Disney princess that left such a lasting impression, inspiring us to do the same.

How to inspire Courage+Kindness from a young age (3-8years)

As parents, we can all agree on how important it is to raise kind, courageous kids.

But how do we do this? Laverne Antrobus provides insight through research and her 25 years of experience as a Child & Educational Psychologist.

Parents can help children learn the value of kindness and courage through their own behaviour and through discussions about what is happening in their children’s lives.

ultimate princess celebration 4
ultimate princess celebration 5

Courage and kindness are traits often demonstrated in the stories that children read. Stories where the protagonist responds to a situation either by being courageous in the face of adversity OR bestowing kindness on someone they encounter. Storybooks, and the characters who make up these stories, are powerful tools. They help to create an environment where parents can talk about empathy and more altruistic thoughts and feelings. As children learn more about the value of these traits, parents can help them unpack everyday situations they may find themselves in.

disney ultimate princess celebration

As part of The Ultimate Princess Celebration, Disney released 14 new Disney Princess stories and illustrations. Families can visit to download the 14 inspiring stories from the Tales of Courage and Kindness Story Collection, honouring Disney’s iconic Disney Princesses and Queens. The stories, available for FREE, provide fans with the inspiration to carry out their own small acts of kindness and help to create a kinder world. 

tales of courage kindness disney princess celebration
* Download available between April 27, 2021 and August 31, 2021.

MORE Top tips For Courage + Kindness from Laverne Antrobus

top tips for parents on helping teaching children to be kind and courageous 1

Children report high levels of feeling happier, loved and comforted when adults are kind to them. Having children name these responses highlights the importance of kindness as a prerequisite for ensuring that children are growing up in an environment that creates happy, healthy and resilient children. Resilient individuals, families and communities in turn, are more able to deal with difficulties and adversities than those with less resilience. 

Research also highlights the value children place on treating others with kindness. Being a good friend and being caring. Having the ability to recognise the value of this is a good first step towards treating others in the same way.

Courage and kindness, start in the subconscious – children grow to appreciate kindness as demonstrated by their parents and others. And in turn, this leads to a development in their own behaviour.  Children learn that kindness ‘feels good’ and replicate this in their relationships.

ultimate princess celebration 3

It’s up to us to make sure our kids are surrounded by incredible examples of courage and kindness in all areas of life. During playtime, storytime, movie night, gatherings with friends and family. Setting the example in BIG and small ways…

Continue your Ultimate Princess Celebration with Casual Day 2021

Start getting ready for September 3rd by showing your “courage+kindness” when buying Casual Day merchandise and digital stickers in aid of the NCPD (The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities).

just a mamma courage and kindness disney ultimate princess celebration

For the past 82 years, the NCPD has helped shape South Africa into a country where people with disabilities have access to equal opportunities and rights. The NCPD runs awareness programs, influences government policies, promotes physical access, supports the schooling of children with disabilities in special and mainstream schools both in terms of learning and assistive devices to aid their education. They also have initiatives to promote learners’ entry into the workforce via job creation and placement programs, thereby facilitating economic participation. Collectively, these actions enable, support and enhance the quality of life for all Persons with Disabilities.”

Casual Day

Courage+Kindness merchandise and digital stickers are available to order online from and can also be found at participating retailers: JET, Alpha Pharm, Toys R US, Babies R Us, JAM Clothing, The Hub and

casual day personalised digital sticker available at .za
kid with sticker

All proceeds will go to supporting Persons with Disabilities at over 600+ beneficiary NGOs and schools. And, on Casual Day, 3 September, you can show your support by dressing up with the Courage+Kindness stickers, wristbands and merchandise, or your very own interpretation of this year’s theme.

Let’s celebrate the heroic spirit that lives in us all! JOIN US in The Ultimate Princess Celebration and show your Courage+Kindness to the world!


WIN a complete collection of Classic Disney Princesses – that includes all 12 classic Disney Princesses. Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Merida, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana. An entire set worth R4800!

win a set of 12 classic disney princesses

All you have to do is share your favourite Princess and tell us why you love her so…

For me, it’s always been, Princess Belle! Her brave, adventurous soul speaks to mine. Her kind, loyal heart feels like my own and growing up I experienced many of the same challenges she faced. Belle didn’t fit in, her family was different, she wanted to see more of the world, and refused to settle for what was expected of her. She was kind and inquisitive and we both couldn’t keep our noses out of a book. I also LOVE that Belle is one of the few Disney Princesses who wasn’t born into royalty… Her choices led her to her title and the reward of a life she always dreamed of. Belle was the friend a lonely, little girl in Stilfontein needed to help her believe she could someday live a different life too!

belle 1


How to enter

There are THREE ways to enter! Complete one of these steps OR all of them to gain more chances of winning!

  1. Leave your comment HERE telling us who your favourite Disney Princess is and why. Also, be sure you’re following Disney Africa on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Visit our Instagram account. Follow the instructions under this post
  3. Visit our Facebook Page. Follow the instructions under this post.
courage kindness purple


  1. Only entries via Instagram, Facebook and comments left below will be considered.
  2. Instagram and Facebook is in no way responsible or associated with this giveaway.
  3. You need to follow Disney Africa on Instagram or Facebook to qualify.
  4. Competition is only open to South African residents residing in South Africa. 
  5. Winners must be 18+ years old.
  6. This competition closes on the 3rd of September 2021.
  7.  The winners will picked at random and announced after the 5th of September 2021 via this the entry post as well as this blogpost.
  8. This prize is not exchangeable or refundable.
  9. Please enter valid email and contact info. If we can not get hold of you within 48 hours a new winner will be picked.
  10. The greatest care will be taken when mailing your prize but neither Just a Mamma nor Disney Africa accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.
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  1. Kelly Jennings

    My daughter loves a few. Raya because she is strong and can take on the world as a girl, Elsa same thing but also cause she has powers and Belle as she reads Alot

    • Monique

      My favourite has always been Pocahontas, she was always so beautiful to me. My 23 month old loves Moana more than anything. It is all she wants to watch everyday🙂

      • Calista Hardwick

        I am so obsessed with Disney that I named my one twin daughter Jasmine!!!!
        Obviously Princess Jasmine is our favorite but we love all of Disney. It would be incredible to give this gorgeous collection of Disney Dolls to my twin girls.

        • Estie

 princess belle. Myndaughter is book worm just like belle and she also have a loving heart

      • Joy

        Difficult to choose one princess as they all have such admirable qualities. But if I had to single one if them above the rest it would also be Belle.
        I love how she is so different to everyone around her and doesn’t try to fit in. She believes in what she believes and doesn’t take the easy road when it comes to the truth. She is loving and gentle yet has strength of character.
        I also love how much she loves her dad!

      • Cara

        Cinderella ❤️ She is kind and a servant-leader xxx


        Our favorite would have to be Moana she is just incredible! Looks just like my daughter is witty and courageous and has the best side kick ever lol we love the chicken 🐔!!!! Hayhay

      • Ferlene

        ferlenesmith I love all the princesses for all their different personalities, bt if I had to choose one, I would choose Belle for her selflessness and warm heart. Seeing the good in the Beast and helping him become a better person. #LoveDisney #justamamma

        • Ayesha

          Our favourite character has got to be Ariel. She is curious, spunky and strong willed. Once Ariel decides she wants something, she is determined to get it. Which reminds me so much of myself. But for all her teenage rebellion Ariel has a good heart❤️ we love all things shiny and sparkly.crossing fingers for my daughters, they would be over the moon if they win this😁i know they would make good use of it! 🤞🤞🤞🤞

      • Claudi van Rensburg

        The first princess that I respected because she showed loyalty to her family, bravery and fierce determination was Mulan!

      • Megan Crouse

        Mine was always Jasmine. I wasn’t a petite blonde little girl, I was dark big boned and taller than the rest. So I always felt Jasmine was special because she didn’t look like all the other princesses did, just like me! My little girl is also bigger than all the other kids her age, she’s 3 but looks 4 or 5 and I will always make sure she knows princesses aren’t just one mold.

    • Kiva

      Cinderella is just beautiful and a loving princess. We admire her strength and her kindness to everyone. My daughter and I just adore. We love all the princesses too.

      • Fortunate Kgomo

        Mulan ♥️ is my Favourite Disney princess because of her Courage,bravery and that there are no jobs or roles only reserved for a specific gender 🌈🙌🏾

        once apon a time I was just like Mulan I was 19 had no home my Mother died when I was 17,so at 19 things weren’t so nice where I lived,so I found myself a job and I was the only female working there,because I was desparete,it was a grass cutting job,we worked on roads in the sun it wasn’t really nice,but am really glad I did that…

        today I look like I never went through all that,I don’t waste my time being sad anymore I always make sure I spread positive vibes everywhere I go and today am rising a little princess of my own and I feel blessed 🥰❤️

        • Jaclyn

          I love Princess Jasmine because she has long black beautiful hair just like the princess in my life

    • Manjoo Rughunandan

      My granddaughters love a Cinderella’ kindness teaching the kids to be kind and respectful. These are on of the qualities you could instill in your kids

      • Judele

        My daughter loves Princess Ariel because she can swim with the fish. She is brave and courageous

    • Petro

      Love Cinderella her kindness no mattter what they throw at her

    • Daleen

      My favourite Disney Princess is Ariel. She gave up her voice to be human for the man she loves. She is courageous and kind 👸

    • Elinda van der Merwe

      Queen Elsa is my daughter Annebel’s favourite!

    • Renalda

      My daughter loves Belle as she is kind and brave and beautiful and likes her daddy a lot like she does lol

      • Ferlene

        I love all the princesses for all their different personalities, bt if I had to choose one, I would choose Belle for her selflessness and warm heart. Seeing the good in the Beast and helping him become a better person. #LoveDisney #JustAMama

    • Rosanne

      Awesome giveawag

  2. Verouschka Van de Venter

    My little girl adores snow white, she is kind, determined and loves animals. Strength with kindness. A kind heart is not a weakness, it’s courage

    • Lizelle

      My daughter loves Moana because she is courageous, strong willed and follows her dreams. My daughter is also a dreamer and very strong willed as any 4 year old should be

      • Evarencia Padayachiey

        My niece loves Snow white because she has a heart for animals

        • Janel Sunderlall

          My girls love Elsa & Ann. Just like these amazing, courageous, kind and compassionate sisters my girls have learnt to love each other unconditionally.

    • Kubashnie Sheik Amod

      My favorite princess was alway princess Belle that i named my daughter Isabel. Princess Belle character portrays kindness, generosity, care, love and humility…. Something that our world is short of. Its amazing how fictional characters can teach us how to love one and another in an ever changing world, we can learn from them….. Much love to all.

      • Martie Schoeman

        My granddaughter Emma’s favourate is Princess Belle. She relates to her, because she is always reading a book and is 8 years old. She share the love for reading.

  3. Stephanie

    In our house, it has to me Moana. SHE saves herself (and her village). Love that she finds her confidence in this destiny that was woven into her. And even more so, that her identity comes from who her Father. We used to change the words for our daughter-
    “I am a girl who loves my family
    I’m a girl who loves my friends
    He calls me
    I am the daughter of the most high King
    We are descended from warriors
    Who found their way across the world
    He calls me”.

    • Clara Nkuna

      Mulan, she went against all odds and stereotypes of woman can’t do certain things. She proved that if you set your mind you can achieve anything you want, don’t let people tell you what you can do or only allowed to do. The courage she displayed was beyond anything and she came back victorious.

    • Sharleen Deacon

      Definitely the animal lover Snow-white 😀

    • Nicke

      Each and every princess has her own lure, and Belle really inspired me to read and be empathetic to everyone I meet since I was a little girl…but Rapunzel from Tangled really stole my heart with her JOY despite her circumstances! 😁 Cannot wait to share all these stories with our little girl!

  4. Eugenie

    Ons eie Frozen Prinses Elsa!!! Sy love haar!!

  5. Ferlene

    Oh how we looooove Disney ❤️👸🏻

    My daughter turns 5 on Tuesday and I would sooooo love to win it for her!

    Btw all her disney dvds and books were collected for her waaaay before she was born 😊 im a true Disney fan!!!

  6. Helena Theron

    Merida, she is a Gutsy Lass, she is humble, down to earth, and brave, she speaks her mind and adores her family

    #Disney Junior Africa

    • Salome van Wyk

      Cinderella is my favourite! Maybe it is the pretty glass slippers, always wanted a pair! She stays kind in adversity and shows a lot of resilience!

  7. Willene

    Princess Elsa! ❄️ She stands up for herself and is such a strong princess!

  8. Marlene Veldman

    My granddaughter loves Ariel an Moana.Moana has a very strong bond with her grandmother as do My Princess and I.
    Moana is strong,courage and determined,when she sets her mind to savimg her people,she let nothing stands in her way.But yet she stays kind and loving

  9. Shaaista mahomed

    My daughter loves Ariel. But my favorite is Jasmine, she is fearless, courageous, headstrong and most of all she is caring

  10. Charmaine Knox

    Oh my goodness love al julle fotos!!! By Diney en al dié partytjies en opdress!!!

    Ons seuntjie love Moana en haar advontuur om haarzelf te vind en hoe sy haar mense moet lei! En Amber is absoluut Rapponsie mal!!!

    Enige prinses eintlik want hulle almal leer ons kindertjes om hulle stone te volg en braaf te wees!!! Ons love Disney!!!!

    • Linsey

      Ariel for sure. My daughter loves any and everything “under the sea”.. this was also the theme for her birthday party..when she was younger and I was in treatment I would play her songs with images of the ocean and I always believed it calmed her. She also looooves water, my little mermaid💙

  11. Madelyn Van De Venter

    Princess Ariel 🧜‍♀️
    selfless, sweet-natured, and inspirational. Love her beautiful red hair, spunky, and strong-willed

    Only princess to become a mother, seeing her nurturing side ❤️

    Just a Mamma #disneyAfrica #disneyjunior #princesses

  12. Terri Rosslind

    My daughter Charlie loves Ariel because she has fish for friends (LOL) , she is kind and brave and loves shiny thingamabobs just like her and because she likes exploring!

    • Dominique Schwartz

      Mulan is my favorite… Always has been. She is a great example for all girls to break the stigma of where women belong especially when it comes to careers paths. She shows girls that you can do anything you put your mind to and don’t ever force yourself to be someone you don’t feel comfortable being just for the sake of others… Be you and be true to who you are. I want to make sure that my children understand that and well Mulan represents that. 😊

  13. Marelize

    Cinderella. Because who does not want to become a princess 👸

  14. Nadia Van Niekerk

    Wow this is amazing I love it!

    My daughters love Disney princesses and this would be amazing for them.

  15. Kim Muller

    I personally love Moana! Her adventurous spirit, following her heart and not taking no for an answer has me hoping my daughter follows along a similar path.

  16. Anna Stander

    Princess Jasmine, she is graceful, beautiful, kind-hearted and she stands up for what is right. Plus she gets to wear pants hehe

  17. Dheshnie

    We love snow white because of her kind, caring and compassion heart. My girls have learnt how to share even when they don’t have much.

    This would be an amazing win as both my girls celebrate their birthdays in September ❤️

    • Monica

      My little girl loves Belle 💛
      This would be a little girls dream, so beautiful!

  18. Monique Wolstenholme

    What an awesome prize, my daughter will be thrilled to have all these princesses. Ariel is my favourite.

  19. Talita van Niekerk

    My beautiful little princess is bound to love Disney and the princesses as much as I do. She is growing up with them on Disney channel as well as in real life. My go to playlist is my Disney playlist in the car. Her mommy ( me) looks like Elsa, sings like Ariel, is as quirky as Rapunzel, as kind as Snow White and as intelligent and teaching like Belle. I am teaching her all the qualities that make a Disney Princess and that with Courage and Kindness, you can rule the world!

  20. Bianca Moses

    I have always loved Jasmine 🥰 amd more recently we love Moana. Moana is also a lovely role model for my girls as they have her skin colour, hair and brown eyes while mommy is blonde and blue eyed. It’s so nice to have a princess that looks like them 🥰

  21. Theshnee

    I love Jasmine!
    She’s absolutely amazing..

  22. Sam

    We love Ariel because he followed her heart

  23. Dané van Rensburg

    Rapunzel 🤩 it will always be her. She was just so determined and the of course the hair 💕

  24. Monique

    Lara and myself love Moana. She is beautiful, strong, adventurous and doesn’t take no for an answer. A inspiration for all the young girls out there. And I loved Cinderella since I was a little girl, because who doesn’t love a beautiful love story 😉.

  25. Suraya

    My princess loves cinderella she is so kind hearted and brave like moana.she loves all the princesses

  26. Ethel Marais

    I love Belle, always have. The library… her bravery and courage. Kindness and love for family. Seeing the wonder in books and imagination.
    And of course my little girl loves Anna and Elsa.

  27. Mala Naidoo

    My daughter loves Belle because she is loyal and brave. She is also kind and loving. They share a love of reading.

  28. Ané Louwiee

    Moana’s adventurous spirit!

  29. Tasneem maganlal

    Princess Belle for her wonderful insight and love for reading. My daughter adores her

    • Teresa Verdonese

      Belle is our favourite!
      Her love of reading 📚 makes her stand out- showing that girls can be anything they set their minds to!

  30. Liandrie Venter

    I love Mulan! Like my daughter she is headstrong, strong-willed, practically fearless, intelligent and resourceful. She has great pride in who she is…het beauty comes from inside! I also loves that she puts family above all things and would do anything to honor them.

  31. Micaela Vidulich

    Rupunzel 💜 Because of her beautiful hair but also because she is brave and courageous and has the most beautiful spirit 💜

    • Micaela Vidulich

      Sorry spelling… “Rapunzel” 💜

  32. Estelle Vrey

    Definitely Ariel. This is the 1st Disney movie I was ever hooked on.

  33. Simone Verhoog

    Belle, although not technically a Princess, has always been my favourite. Plus – that ball gown!!!!!!!

  34. thea lennox

    LIttle Lilly my grand daughter loves Ariel

  35. Monique Els

    My little Mila loves Ariel because of her beautiful smile and beautiful long hair ❤

  36. Rozelle Gaie

    Belle is my favourite Disney princess because she is intelligent and loves a good book (I do, too!).

  37. Cara

    We love all the beautiful princesses

    But Moana is our favourite
    She listens to her heart ❤️
    She listens to her calling
    We also believe the ocean is calling us home 🙏🏼💙🙏🏼

    Moana is brave – because brave is not about always fighting the bad guys – it’s following your heart and listening to the voice in your tummy 🙏🏼

  38. Monica

    My little girl loves Belle 💛
    Stacey Clair Buntain how beautiful for the girls!

    • Larise Kuhn

      Me and my little girl both loves Cinderella and her fairytale dress with all of the animals that is there to help her. She also never gave up hope even if everything looked hopeless.

  39. Bronwyn Carr

    My daughter loves Merida😍 for her determination and fire in her soul and taste for adventure (personality just like my little girl😁)

  40. Willecia Vermaak

    Belle is also my all time favorite. She is brave, loyal and loves exploring other worlds through the imaginative world of books and stories. But all of the Disney princesses has been on the top of the favorites list at some point. Such a great post with amazing tips to use the stories as everyday life skills.

  41. Juhane van der Merwe

    My 6 year old niece would go crazy for this amazing prize. She loves to dress up and pretend play as the princesses. To only pick one of her favorites is hard but here are some she loves to be the most.

    Cinderella – The kindness she always gives other people even though she was mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. Not a lot of people would stay kind when mistreated. My niece strives to be kind herself towards others.
    Merida ( BRAVE) – have taught my niece self-confidence to speak up for herself and she even step on stage and took part in public speaking. Merida have always followed her own dreams even when society didn’t approve of her ways. She acknowledge her mistakes and learns from them. My niece makes it a point to say that everybody makes mistakes and that it’s oky to struggle sometimes, been Gr 1 is a lot of new experience and can sometime be scary.

    My niece loves to make people around her feel happy and goes out of her way to brighten up your day.

  42. Dikeledi Moyo

    My kids favorite Disney Princess is Moana😍.

  43. Jessica McClean

    my little girl Asha would go crazy for this. She is obsessed with Elsa and Anna and Moana mostly because they have such beautiful hair (she’s 3) 😂😂😂

  44. Helge-Mari Rainier

    Ariel her voice and spunk

  45. Rene

    I love Princess Jasmine for her bravery of wanting more, even though she did not know what was beyond those palace walls. My daughter loves so many of the Disney princesses for various reasons, loyalty, kindness, being courageous, being hopeful and loving just to name a few.

  46. Elrese Janse van Rensburg

    Love Moana! She just never gives up. And know Belles story off by heart. She always see the good in people.

  47. Tanya Manie

    My favorite has always been Ariel. I’ve been besotted with her since I was a little girl. Her red hair, beauty and her adventures and the search for something more in life. Overprotective father. We had a lot in common. And everything works out in the end and it’s the perfect love story.

  48. Lisa Burger

    We love Ariel. She is so strong willed just like my daughter. She is also very courageous.

  49. Terri Rosslind

    Thank you so much 🙂 YAY!! My daughter is going to be ecstatic

  50. Lauren Frydman

    Hi there…I was wondering if I would still be able to download the 14 inspiring stories from the Tales of Courage and Kindness Story Collection, honouring Disney’s iconic Disney Princesses and Queens? Please let me know…thanks!

    • Mari-Louise

      Hi there Lauren

      Unfortunately not. I do however believe it will be available in print soon.


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