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Christmas Gift Guide: Our Barbie Christmas wish list

Nov 23, 2018

It’s no secret, in our home we are all massive Barbie fans – even Mr. Perfect plays his part as Ken (and sometimes Skipper too). This year we’ve especially enjoyed getting to know the brand we all love so dearly. From celebrating Barbie’s 59th birthday to designing gorgeous dresses, amazing shopping hauls and reviewing the new “You can be Anything” book series… Barbie has been a positive, uplifting and motivating part of our lives and a constant reminder that it’s…

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Barbie Fashionistas: See your own beauty!

Mar 28, 2018
Just a Mamma Barbie

Let’s talk body image… Not just your own but your little ones’ too. I’m a mother of girls. The way I love and value myself is the way they will value and love themselves. It’s a hard truth that I have had to learn but thankfully the lesson came early and the solution could be handled in a fun manner. Thanks to some help from an old, childhood friend… It all started with a theme at school, “I am special”.…

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