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5 Reasons why we love open-ended toys

Mar 13, 2020
Why We Love Open Ended Toys

Toys on the bed, toys on the floor, toys in livingroom and toys right at the front door… We have a playroom, but let’s be honest, with 3 little ones you can expect our home to be full of toys. However, over the years we have learned a thing or two about play and why we love open-ended toys far more than any other… So what is an open-ended toy? Open-ended toys have multiple uses and countless possibilities. Traditionally it…

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Let’s play: How to stimulate your baby during the 1st year

May 22, 2018
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Stimulating your baby. Another hot topic causing endless confusion and doubt for so many parents. What should we do? Are we doing enough? How can we ensure our baby achieves every milestone on time? In a world of information (and stimulation) overload it’s overwhelming figuring out the best way to spend precious time with your little one. Over the years we’ve learnt to a few principles that work for us and will hopefully benefit you and your baby too. Shaped…

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