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Nurture Skin: Natural Skincare For kids

Aug 21, 2019
Nurture Skin Nurturing Young Skin Naturally

Girls will be girls and one thing our girls enjoy is a little pampering! A bit of lip gloss, painting each other’s nails and lathering on some lotion. It’s all such fun but also a great opportunity to foster lifelong self care habits. And now, thanks to Nurture Skin, these habits can be practiced and established with the help of their natural skincare for kids! Nurture Skin wants to ensure that what we put on our children’s skin both protects…

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Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup: Why I am joining the #cleanbeautyrevolution!

Mar 29, 2017
Just a Mamma Lula Fox MAkeup review

Core to who I am has always been trying to live a more “conscious life”. Switching out traditional products for new generation brands that are chemical-free, organic, natural and just better for us as well as the environment. With wonderful new companies joining the “clean living revolution” everyday it’s easy going green inside the home and even when using various body products but makeup has always been the one place I couldn’t find replacements for the big name beauty houses we…

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