Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

May 29, 2017

It’s the last Monday of May and our last post in our Month of Mama series. From “Instamoms to Follow” and “Real Moms that Inspire“. We have celebrated some incredible ladies and today is no different! We take a closer look at 3 incredible mompreneur brands taking over… From lifestyle, to retail, support and motherhood these ladies dominate and show us all how to do it all!

1. The Lovilee Blog

The 1st of our lovilee line-up; Karen Kelly. This former data base developer and financial analyst with a degree in Mathematical Sciences – how’s that for a mouthful – is also the creative mind behind the LOVILEE blog.

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

This wife and mama of two knows how to multi-task. Doing corporate 9-5 twice a week and taking care of their 6 month old daughter and 5 year old son, while running LOVILEE in between nap time and bedtime. All while being an involved parent, loving wife and present in the moment.

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

What started out as a wedding blog back in 2010, focussed on DIY, has grown into so much more over the past 7 years. Karen blogs about decor, home renovations, food, lifestyle and after the birth of their son in 2012, baby and toddler features were also added. LOVILEE is Karen’s creative outlet where she shares ideas and amazing finds all in the hopes of inspiring others. With dreams of becoming “the person to follow” on Instagram and a regular DIY queen, she works hard at achieving these goals.

A regular day at LOVILEE entails:
  • It starts at about 19h00-22h00, 3-4 times a week.
  • First checking emails.
  • Next Karen moves onto completing outstanding articles and other admin.
  • Finally blogging starts and she tries to write between 1 and 3 articles during this time.
  • Lastly planning and scheduling is core to LOVILEE‘s success. Karen plans and likes to have articles ready and scheduled for release 2 weeks prior to publishing.

On the odd occasion Karen gets to enjoy some down-time she finds inspiration by visiting her favourite neighbourhood shops in Linden, treating herself to salon treatments or a blow-out at the hairdresser or getting her retail-therapy fix online. A self-proclaimed “online-shopaholic” her favourite store include; Mono Online shop,, @home, Simply Home, Hello Pretty and off-course


  • Do a little at a time, Rome (or a pretty house) was not built in one day.
  • Plan then create, else you will just have to re-plan and re-create.
  • DELEGATE. I try to do things myself which I know I am good at and rather call in professionals for the rest. When it comes to parties the food might not always be perfect, but the presentation thereof and decor – flawless! 
  • Starting a business is easy, you literally just have to start. Persisting is the hard part. You need to surround yourself with like-minded people (in my case – creatives). I have a special creative friend who now resides in Holland that I frequently chat to, we keep each other focused on the important things and literally scoop each other up when we want to throw in the towel.
  • Have a family that is understanding and supporting. There’s been plenty of times that I almost just hit the ‘delete’ button on everything. 

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

Enjoy the LOVILEE blog here. Follow all the lovileeness on Instagram @lovilee_za and like the LOVILEE facebook page here.

2. Bub Hub & Company

Your one-stop-studio for Mom-and-Babe (and Dad).

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

Brain-child of mamas, Delia Hooke and Tara Kitching. These mompreneurs wanted to create a beautiful environment for moms to come together and experience all motherhood has to offer. Focussing on that precious 1st years Bub Hub isn’t just about shopping gorgeous and great finds but more about offering parents a wonderful experience, support and tips. Creating a community of like-minded mamas and a space for them to meet and connect.

Their classes include:
  • Preggy Yoga and Post Natal Yoga
  • Preggy Pilates
  • Anti-natal Workshops
  • Baby Massage Classes (0-6mths)
  • Baby Rock Milestone Class (3-6mths)
  • We Can Talk Baby Signing 
  • BabyGym
  • Music Box
  • Toddler Yoga
  • Nanny Workshops
  • Saving Little Lives CPR and 1st Aid Course
  • Sleep Training
  • Photoshoots
  • Talks and Workshops

With over 6 branches all over Gauteng (sorry mommies from other provinces – but they are growing) it’s easy to find a Bub Hub near you. I can’t wait to become a Bub Hub mama as soon as baby number 3 arrives.

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

Find out more about Bub Hub here, find all the branch details here and follow them on Instagram too. Just search @bubhub and select your favourite branch.

3. Kimmy & Bear

These 3 sister show us how motherhood doesn’t mean becoming something new but rather embracing yet another aspect of womanhood. Raising 5 kids between the 3 of them, sisters Alex, Bailey and Cheska don’t just have each other’s backs but your’s too. Whether they are sharing this weeks reading list, tips on parenting, a fun toddler game or featuring other inspirational moms, there is always something beautiful and helpful embracing the journey that is motherhood.

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

Add the K&B clothing range, inspired by treasured childhood memories and every piece a mini masterpiece.

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

And if this isn’t enough, they can also help you out with your baby’s nursery or any other little person space. Read all about K&B spaces here and see the amazing “growing up room” they designed for DESIGN JOBURG earlier this month.

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!

Find the Kimmy & Bear blog here. Follow all the beauty of motherhood @kimmyandbear and shop some Kimmy & Bear prettiness here.

Mompreneur, Month of Mama: Rise of the mompreneur!


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