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All about Silistraw – Reusable silicone straws

Jan 31, 2019
Just a Mamma Silistraw 1117

By now I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the alarming effects of single use plastics. I’m also not the first person to talk about reusable silicone straws, but why is it then that we find more microplastic in our oceans than there are stars in the milky way?

“At our current rate of consumption, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.”

It’s time to rapidly reduce our plastic use (a topic close to our hearts that I’ve previously written about). A small but significant change we all can make today is to SAY NO TO THE USE OF PLASTIC STRAWS!

Just a Mamma Silistraw Reusable silicone straw review

PLEDGE to #refusesingleuse

I couldn’t image enjoying a milkshake of tropical cocktail without a straw…

Drinking from a straw is also much less messy for our 1 year old especially, and it even helps to develop her tiny mouth muscles.

Straws aren’t the enemy. Single use plastic is! That’s why we couldn’t help but jump onboard the Silistraw reusable silicone straws train.

Just a Mamma Silistraw Reusable silicone straw review

What is the Silistraw?

Silistraw is a reusable silicone straw.

Why silicone?

  • It’s non-toxic, BPA free and an environmentally conscious material to use.
  • Silicone is durable, can be folded and cleaned easily. BONUS POINTS for being dishwasher friendly too!
  • It also makes these straws safe to use for hot and cold beverages and you wont have any metallic after taste lingering.
  • As a personal plus; our girls actually prefer the soft reusable silicone straws to all the other reusable straws we have. Ava can’t resists chewing the bamboo kind and the metal and glass straws can hurt both Lia and Ava if they aren’t careful while using them.
Just a Mamma Silistraw Reusable silicone straw review

I especially like the clever storage capsule that comes with your Silistraw. Now I can always have everyone’s straws clipped onto our diaper bag or altogether in my handbag. No more rummaging through everything. How convenient!

The nifty little cleaning brush also included in the capsule makes cleaning our Silistraws easy.

Where can I buy?

Online simply by visiting If you do however prefer viewing these in store click HERE for a list of stockists.

What does a Silistraw cost?

Just a Mamma Silistraw reusable siliscone straw capsules

The capsules start at R85 with limited editions available (perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts) at R100. All capsules include a Silistraw and 1 stainless steel Silistraw Cleaner.

Just a Mamma Silistraw reusable siliscone straws valentine's day limited editions

A pack of Silistraws includes one blush, navy, grey and aqua reusable silicone straw as well as and a stainless steel cleaner. These sell for R180. (Currently out of stock).

Just a Mamma Silistraw reusable siliscone straws 4 pack

Buy your reusable silicone straws TODAY and save!

Today is the last day for you to use our promo code: JUSTAMAMMA. Simply add the code to checkout at and you’ll receive 15% off your purchase. (Discount expires 31/01/2019).

Just a Mamma Silistraw reusable siliscone straws

“With a world population of over 7,6 billion people, if every person uses 1 plastic straw per day, that would result in over 7,6 billion plastic straws per day being added to the plastic waste that will take 200 years to decompose, whilst permeating its way into our food chain and harming sea and bird life across the world. Let’s take action together.”

Just a Mamma Silistraw reusable siliscone straws
Just a Mamma Silistraw Reusable silicone straw review

All stats provided by Silistraw. Find out more by following them on Instagram @silistrawofficial and liking them on Facebook page @silistrawofficial.

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