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Organic Living: How to go “green”

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Eco-Friendly Living, Things we love | 0 comments

Organic living and “going green”… Not  a new topic to us. If you’ve been following the blog and our Instagram you’ll know we like all things natural, free range and chemical-free. I the past we’ve posted on topics such as:

Today I’m sharing all the details on how we live an organic life. I share where we shop, brands we love, links to online stores (just click on all the pretty pink words) and more.

We start with a “clean” home

I kick-off every month with an online visit to Faithful to Nature. This is our favourite organic retailer. They have the widest selection of products ranging from food, beauty, health, lifestyle, clothing, kids… The list goes on and on. They offer local and international brands and stock a variety of products to fit into anyone’s budget. This is where I stock up on dry food for our pantry, healthy snack options, all our home cleaning products, personal care items, disposable nappies, toiletries and all those thing usually found in a supermarket. They even have a useful “Waste-free Living” section teaching us how to minimise our carbon footprint.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

Eating organic

Next on the list; buying fresh produce, 100% grass-fed, free-range meat and dairy products, with no antibiotics or hormones added. Organic Worx are our go-to every week. It’s easy and convenient. Every Monday morning I receive an email listing all the goodies available that week – the list changes according to what’s in season and the best quality available. I have until Tuesday morning, 9h00 to place my order (a simple completion of the order form attached is all that’s needed). By Wednesday, Thursday at the latest, I receive an invoice for payment (EFT) and then collection takes place on Thursday and Friday.

Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

We LOVE the delicious fruits and veggies received each week and the meat and dairy products purchased are incredible too. The girls help me unpack and also enjoy smelling, tasting and touching everything. There’s just something about eating as nature intended that feeds the soul.

Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

Join the Organic Worx mailing list by sending an email to Gillian will be in touch. Unfortunately Organic Worx is Gauteng based and only an option if you are able to collect your orders in Centurion or Pretoria. I have however heard good things about Cape Town Online Market and will be looking into them this coming month.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

Keeping baby “green”

For the past 5+ years Pure Beginings have been our baby and kids brand of choice! From the birth of our 1st little lady it has been the only products used on Eliana, Lia and now Ava’s skin. We use the entire range from the bamboo wet wipes, bum cream, body wash and lotion. The toothpaste, mosquito repellent, teething gel… EVERYTHING! And we love it all. The girl’s favourite is the bubble bath, of course, and the new Probiotic Sensitive Baby Range has been fantastic too.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

To us having a “green” baby means looking into eco friendly diapering. We use cloth nappies and the Mother Nature Products AI3’s are our favourite – read more here.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”If you still prefer conventional paper nappies, Bio Baby bamboo disposables is a fantastic option (available to buy from Mother Nature Products or at Faithful to Nature).

Skincare we love

Our skin is our biggest organ and therefor organic, natural skincare should not be overlooked but rather prioritised. We are a family of 5, all with very different skin types. Mr Perfect has always had a sensitive skin, our poor Eliana use to struggle with eczema and dryness. My skin goes from dry to oily with sensitivity issues that come and go as I go from pregnant to breastfeeding to normal. After the birth of Lia, our 2nd, I developed severe and painful eczema all over my face and arms. I tried everything I could find and that doctors would prescribe. Nothing helped or gave me any relief.

That was until we discovered Pure Primal. This Bioidentical, tallow based skincare range is out of this world. We’ve been using the range for 2 years and will never use another. Gone are all our troubles. My skin feels more moisturised than ever with a healthy, natural appearance and feel. Eliana’s eczema has vanished and no more sensitivity complaint for any of us.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

My basics include the Charcoal Face Bar, Eye Rewind Cream and Hydrating Facial Moisturiser. I also only use their Strong Under Armor. During pregnancy I couldn’t live without the Repair Serum, never feeling itchy, not even for a day. Now my number 1 product is the Fat Lips Lip Balm and I’m also trying the new Skrunch Intense Hair Repair serum. Mr  Perfect can’t do without the Alpha Aftershave, Men’s Eye Cream and moisturiser. We also use the Skin Food Body Butters and Bastille Bath Bars. As their range grows so does our collection!

Be a “natural” beauty

Now that you’ve got good skincare, don’t spoil it with “bad” make-up. Lula Fox Ecolux Make-up get what it’s all about and want woman to feel pretty and enjoy the fun of makeup.

“Lula Fox is the thinking woman’s make-up range – a series of truly beautiful products that are ecologically sound yet made to the highest professional standard. Lula Fox is what we call ecolux: eco because it is not tested on animals and is made from natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients; lux because it is on a par with professional and mainstream make-up ranges but without the toxic ingredients and preservatives.”

As my current make-up stash runs out I am replacing every item with a product from their range. Currently I use their Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Blush, Loose Powder, Eye Liner, Brow Pomade, Eyeshadows, Setting Spray and Lipstick. All of these work wonderfully and have me looking picture perfect whether I’m out shooting, meeting others or just doing life. Another added bonus; their incredible range of brushes. They also have the best Goats Milk Brush Shampoo that have all my brushes looking and working like new.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

Organic spoils

Because I’m a woman… I like having choice and variety too. All of the above mentioned is our “basics” – the brands we use and support every month. Then, ever so often, I like spoiling myself or a loved one with some other pamper products.

Lulu & Marula have some  fabulous bath oils and face masks. Using the Calming bath oil and Purifying Mask and Polish turns my weekly “me-time” bath session into a DIY spa experience.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”The entire Skin Creamery collection is gorgeous and their Skin Tonic is one of my summer must-haves!Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”

For mamas with no time, the SKOON. Ruby Marine Overnight Hydrating Mask will have your skin feeling brand new, working hard while you sleep.Organic living, Organic Living: How to go “green”More and more retailers are joining the #greenrevolution and including organic produce and products, so keep an eye out for organic and natural options available at Dischem, Woolworths and Pick n Pay too.

And that’s how we do it! Remember “Going green” doesn’t have to happen over night. Make small, gradual changes that you can afford and feel comfortable with.

Happy “clean” shopping!


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