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Nurture Skin: Natural Skincare For kids

Aug 21, 2019
Nurture Skin Nurturing Young Skin Naturally

Girls will be girls and one thing our girls enjoy is a little pampering! A bit of lip gloss, painting each other’s nails and lathering on some lotion. It’s all such fun but also a great opportunity to foster lifelong self care habits. And now, thanks to Nurture Skin, these habits can be practiced and established with the help of their natural skincare for kids!

Natural Skincare For Children

Nurture Skin wants to ensure that what we put on our children’s skin both protects it and keeps it healthy, while also not being harmful to the environment.

Why is Natural Skincare For kids important?

Studies have shown that the skin can absorb as much as 60% of the ingredients in the products we use. What if those ingredients are harmful? What is the longterm effect of these on our kid’s development, and the health of their skin?

It was this concern that led Sasha Knott to develop the Nurture Skin range. She wanted products she would be comfortable using on her nieces and daughters.

Clean Cosmetics South Africa

The range is also vegan, Halaal, Kosher and cruelty free. 

    • No alcohol or animal products are used.
    • Every ingredient is listed on the packaging and BEST OF ALL anyone can read and understand what they are.
    • Nurture Skin is proudly South African. Made right here and with the majority of the ingredients sourced locally.
    • Using local ingredients also keeps their carbon footprint low.
    • All products are tested in laboratories and in trails first but NEVER on animals.

Natural Nail Oil

Nurture Skin is passionate about “giving back”!

Nurture Skin Paying It FowardRemember To Recycle

  • A portion of every skincare product sold, goes towards buying a solar light for an underprivileged child. This might seem small but a light in the dark, in the cold of winter, providing a few extra hours of study time each day can help these kids achieve their dreams and educational goals.
  • Every container used is recyclable and if you can’t recycle them, simply return the empties for refill, or for Nurture Skin to recycle for you.
  • Each order arrives with a seeded square. These can be planted, watered and cared for teaching our kids to “nurture” the environment too.

Nurture Skin Natural Lip Balm

So what did we think?

The girls received a little “pamper kit” containing a moisturising hand cream, nail conditioner, lip gloss and lip balm. All specifically designed for children ages 4 to 14 aimed at caring for and protecting soft, young skin. 

All product are available in a natural or rose option.

Not a big fan of floral scents, Eliana and I prefer the natural. Lia however really enjoyed the subtle fragrance and pink tint of the rose. The lip balm is moisturising but being winter it tended to be quite solid and difficult to apply.

The lip gloss was everyone’s favourite, also acting as a moisturiser but with some shine! It’s not lasting and needs to be applied regularly but the girls didn’t mind and now we never leave home without a smack of “lippies”.

Natural Lip Balm for kids

The two products I liked the most was the nail conditioner and hand cream. I’ve never been good at taking care of my hands and nails and don’t want the same for our girls. We now have “nail sessions” once or twice a week where we sit together, all four of us applying conditioner and cream to each others hands and nails. We chat, we giggle and we take care of ourselves and each other. It’s something small but it’s become very special to us.

The nail conditioner is an oil, not a nail polish so even Ava can apply it with ease. We also keep the hand cream on the bathroom sink to ensure regular use.

Nurture Skin Natural Skincare For Kids

These Nurture Skin product are a lovely addition to our “clean beauty” routine, providing us with a wonderful alternative to the “less than natural” kids makeup and cosmetic options otherwise available. The girls can play dress-up, applying their pretend makeup without harming their skin. We will definitely be stocking up again!

Nurture Skin is available online at Also be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Disclosure: Nurture Skin sent these products to us for review. I was not paid to do so, after 6 weeks of use we wanted to share our experience. Product information provided by Nurture Skin, all opinions are our own.

Natural Skincare For Kids 1

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division.

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    This sounds amazing!

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      These really are such fun extras and I love that my girls get to play without us worrying.

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