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Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup: Why I am joining the #cleanbeautyrevolution!

Mar 29, 2017
Just a Mamma Lula Fox MAkeup review

Core to who I am has always been trying to live a more “conscious life”. Switching out traditional products for new generation brands that are chemical-free, organic, natural and just better for us as well as the environment. With wonderful new companies joining the “clean living revolution” everyday it’s easy going green inside the home and even when using various body products but makeup has always been the one place I couldn’t find replacements for the big name beauty houses we all love… That was until I spent a morning at Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup HQ.

Sinéad Brook and Fiona Buchner are two inspirational #girlboss mamas that decided to leave their successful corporate lives behind in pursuit of their passion for well-being. Combining their talents, knowledge and years of experience in the creation of Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup!

“Eco because it is not tested on animals and is made from natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients; lux because it is on a par with professional and mainstream make-up ranges but without the toxic ingredients and preservatives.”

I love every part of that sentence and knew I had to try some products.

1. Moisturizing foundation, concealer and corrector.

Concealer is pretty much my best friend… Giving me a fresh, rested look when in reality dark circles have kind of been my new thing these past 5 years. This one does the trick and without making a “cakey” effect. The foundation, I adore! Fantastic coverage without feeling like I just smothered over a new layer of skin. It’s super light, silky and easy to apply and keeps my skin soft and moisturized all day and with seven different shades available (especially formulated to cover all of our South African skin tones) you are sure to find your match.Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup, Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup: Why I am joining the #cleanbeautyrevolution!

2. Highlighter

If you are like me, a mama wanting to look her best but not a beauty guru knowing all the tips and tricks, this highlighter is a must! Forget about contouring, I always end up looking like a Spur tribe member. Now I just sweep some shimmer across my cheeks, jawline and nose and PRESTO back is my 20-something glow! The look is truly natural without any funny shimmer and shine particles that have put me off from using highlighters in the past.Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup, Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup: Why I am joining the #cleanbeautyrevolution!

3. Eye shadows

Now this is where things get exciting!

Never have I come across an organic, eco-friendly or natural makeup brand with an extensive range of eye shadow colours as this one… From the palest of pinks to the richest of browns, blues, bronzes, matt and shimmering… 29 different shades and growing! Keeping things new, fresh and on trend. These will also stay on all day and are easy to apply and blend as you see fit. Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup, Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup: Why I am joining the #cleanbeautyrevolution!

4. Goats Milk Brush Shampoo

“You are buying clean, non toxic products – so make sure you keep them clean with a non toxic, chemical free, all natural brush shampoo.”

From never cleaning my makeup brushes, (cringe, I know) to now trying to do it at least once a week… It is super easy with the goats milk brush shampoo, I just give each brush a swirl in the tin, rinse and leave to dry. I’ll admit, it’s pretty gross to see how dirty those brushes are and now they are all working like when they were brand new!Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup, Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup: Why I am joining the #cleanbeautyrevolution!

I still have to switch out a few more makeup items before I can claim to be 100% part of the #cleanbeautyrevolution but its a process and I’m about 70% there. Next I’ll be replacing my mascara, eyeliner and brow powder and then I may even try my hand at a makeup tutorial (with an expert offcourse) so watch this space…😉

In the meantime, check out Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup on Instagram and Facebook or get shopping online.

Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup, Lula Fox Ecolux Makeup: Why I am joining the #cleanbeautyrevolution!

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