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Getting Summer ready: Laser Hair Removal with Laser Beautique

Aug 26, 2019
Laser Hair Removal With Laser Beautique

About 11years ago I was a blushing bride-to-be, eagerly getting pruned and pampered for our big day. I remember reading about laser hair removal, instantly intrigued. Shaving my underarm is the pits! And not just literally… I always itch, I always have little bumps and it kind of burns after I shave. Waxing doesn’t work well either… So I had a go at laser and got burnt badly! I had no plans of ever even doing any kind of hair removal again but I met Tzvia Hermann, the CEO and founder of  Laser Beautique. She assured me that a lot had changed and that the technology used in their clinics are only the best, most current and pain-free. I agreed to play guinea pig (one last time) giving Laser Hair Removal with Laser Beautique one chance.

What I Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Is it really pain-free?

The sessions is so quick. 5 Minutes for both underarms. The laser does heats up throughout the treatment but thanks to the IN-MOTION technology used it really is pain-free. I definitely still felt heat towards the last couple of minutes but never burning. (If you do feel burning-please tell your therapists to stop). I actually find it extremely difficult when I have my left underarm treated because it’s so ticklish. It takes all my self control not to move.

Will the hair ever grow back?

No but also yes. Hormones can cause random hair growth. You may notice new hair post pregnancy or while going through menopause but nothing a quick maintenance session can’t “fix”.

Is laser effective on light hair?

The laser works with the pigmentation inside your hair. So it works best with darker hair (a good option for blonde, grey and white hair is Electrolysis – also available at Laser Beautique). If you feel unsure simply book a FREE consultation session. A qualified aestheticians will have a look at your hair type and let you know what treatment will be the most effective.

Is laser hair removal effective on all ethnic groups?

Yes laser hair removal with Laser Beautique is safe and effective on all skin types including African and Asian skin, but the darker your skin tone the lower the treatment will be to prevent potentially damaging your skins pigmentation. This will mean more sessions needed for effective hair removal.

Can I do laser hair removal during pregnancy?

No, this is not advised and once again with all the hormones associated with pregnancy, it will most likely be a waste. Rather wait till after baby is born.

Can I do laser hair removal while breastfeeding?


Is laser hair removal safe while trying to conceive?

Yes and once the hair is removed that same hair won’t grow back. You may just need to do a touch-up maintenance treatment a few weeks postpartum for any random new hair growth.

Can I shave or do I need to grow-out my hair?

No growth needed (thank goodness). You can keep shaving as per usual between sessions. Just be sure to shave the day before your treatment too. I missed a spot under my right arm during session two and could definitely feel discomfort.

DON’T tweeze, wax or use an epilator. You need the hair to be rooted for laser hair removal to work. Also try to stay away from tanning and self-tanning lotions during laser hair removal. Avoid the use of any essential oils 24 hour before your session.

What is the cost of laser hair removal with laser Beautique?

There are a few payment options:

– Session by session: Pay as you treat, one treatment at a time.
– Packages: Treat multiple areas during 1 appointment. Packages are discounted at 5-7%.
– Courses: Treat the same area but purchase 8 sessions up front. (This is what I’m doing – only my underarms)
– Premium courses: Do multiple courses at once eg. 8 underarm, bikini and leg sessions all together. These are discounted even more according to the courses purchased.

Find a full price list by CLICKING HERE.

How many treatments is needed?

A lucky few only need 6 sessions. Most clients are hair free somewhere between 8-12 treatments.

How long between sessions?

At first 4 weeks is advised. Then as hair becomes less, 6 weeks.

Why did I choose to do Laser Hair Removal with Laser Beautique?

  • Tzvia has a passion for laser hair removal. One that stems from her own experience as a young girl struggling with excessive facial hair. She works hard at staying up to date with the latest in laser hair removal, developing world class treatments and protocols that ensures the best results. She wants women to feel confident head to toe!
  • The aestheticians treating me have all been fully trained. Very helpful and knowledgeable and not just about the treatment given but also on my skin and hair concerns. I trust these lovely ladies completely.
  • The laser used by Laser Beautique is FDA approved.
  • Lastly, 2 sessions in and I have NO BURNS and nothing negative to report. Now just to see the results…

Keep an I on the blog for a final before and after feature.

Laser Beautique Logo

Laser Beautique is running a little August promo too!

50% off laser hair removal till the end of August. Not a bad time to book a session.

Book a FREE CONSULTATION online at and be sure to follow Laser Beautique on social media on Instagram and Facebook for their latest promos.

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Laser Beautique. All information in laser hair removal was provided by Laser Beautique.

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