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Just a Mamma Top 5 Valentine’s Day picks for him.

Feb 11, 2017

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the guys. We have a few favourite Valentine’s Day gifts for them too.

This is our TOP 5 Valentine’s day picks for him:

1. The‘s Beautiful box Valentine’s day 2017 Edition.

Great for him (or her). You’ll find everything needed for a fun couch picnic inside! See what it’s all about by clicking here.Orders are already closed but you can still win one of these with us! Just visit our Facebook page, Instagram and Valentine’s Day giveaway to find out how.

2. A box of mini-donuts by Mmm Macaroons.

Surprise him with coffee and a box of Valentines themed mini-donuts. The perfect indulgence for those with a sweet tooth.Mmm macaroons have also added a special Valentine’s Day treat hamper to our giveaway. Just another reason to enter.

3. Bespoke lounge wear by Woodstock Laundry.

With roots tracing back to 1979 these guys know what they are doing when is comes to producing quality, artisanally handcrafted pajamas, gowns and accessories for the modern man. Mr. Special will be looking HANDSOME and loving you for it!

4. Add some “fire” with Pure Primal Skincare Massage Candles.

Now I won’t get started on how completely amazing the entire Pure Primal range is (this will have to wait for a future blog post) but these massage candles are in a league of their own. The incredible scents available, the way the wax heats up, spreads and moisturises and the fact that it’s fantastic for your skin as well as non-toxic in every way are all reasons you have to try one of them.Ps: We love you, so we added one to our giveaway. YAY!

5. Nifty250 prints of love.

I’m a sucker for photos but with smartphones and Instagram people rarely print all their captured memories. Why not order a few Nifty250 prints of your “lovely” moments and make it a Nifty Valentine’s Day reminiscing over all those amazing times together.All orders placed up until the 14th of February will also get some delicious nougat from 1701.

No excuses ladies, time to get shopping for those Valentine’s Day gifts. Enjoy!

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