Just A Mamma Christmas Gift Guide: Something For Baby!

Nov 21, 2016

We have covered our TOP Christmas pick for Mama and the toddlers… This week we are listing our favourite picks for baby! Get ready for some serious cuteness!

1. First Year Milestone  Cards For The Little One

To kick off our TOP 5: First year milestone cards for your little one. These are available everywhere, in every colour, different designs and can even be gender specific. They really are handy (especially for mama’s of multiples) and help you keep track of all those big moments during baby’s 1st year. The ones featured below are from the Just a Mamma collection, yes, I sketched every card myself. This set is unisex and even have a little space at the back of each card for you to leave baby a note or write down something special about the specific milestone. For more info on these cards please send me an email at hello@justamamma.com


2. Mayalief Sensory Soft Toys

Another gorgeous brand I simply adore; Mayalief! You might remember a feature we ran earlier this year showing off their amazing decor. The range also includes some of the trendiest sensory soft toys around. Perfect for baby’s wanting something a little different but still educational.

I also have to include their beautiful receiver blankets. These scripture inspired pieces are perfect to put in baby’s hospital bag, for those amazing newborn shoots or even just to wrap your little one in during rainy days. Every baby needs one of these.

3. Houtkappers Range Wooden Toys

Call me obsessed but there is just something about wooden toys… The HOUTKAPPERS range is in a league of their own! The quality, craftsmanship, the materials used, the designs, the feel, the smell… EVERYTHING about EVERY PIECE mesmerises me. Every item is such a treasure, something that will last more than just one life-time and can easily be past down from generation to generation. With awesome designs for boys and girls any baby would be impressed!


4.  Cloth Nappies

Our next find isn’t a toy and might seem a little random. Cloth nappies! This is at the top every eco-friendly Mama and babe’s list and even those wanting to save some money. Modern cloth nappies are easy to use and very cute. With so many designs, styles and brands available Mama’s are spoiled for choice. Our favourite however is the All-in-one Bamboo Nappy from Mother Nature Products. These nappies are designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. They are bamboo which make them super soft, super absorbent and antibacterial too. What won us over was the cut and fit of these nappies. They really are leak-proof and not bulky at all making it easy to dress your little one and store these nappies at home or in the diaper bag. If you want to know more just or want to check out the entire range visit the Mother Nature Product website. This is truly a gift that will keep giving (saving).

5. Work of heart birth and milestone block sets

Our last pick: Another wooden item… Work of Heart  birth and milestone block sets. Laura is such a genius! What a clever idea… Creating beautiful personalised block sets containing all the precious information of your little ones birth day or even their 1st year. Our collection is growing as we add a set for every year of Lia’s life. These are beautiful for baby’s room and can also be used for photoshoots and birthday parties. Now that Lia’s older she likes stacking and playing with them. The possibilities with these sets are endless and you can make your set as unique as your baby choosing the colour, design, information… every detail. Shop these block online at Work of Heart’s Hello Pretty shop.

That’s a wrap. Our TOP 5 proudly South African picks for baby… What are your top picks this Christmas?

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