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Just a Mamma’s Top 5 Pregnancy lifesavers!

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Just Motherhood, Pregnancy | 0 comments

Doing pregnancy a 3rd time around has got it’s perks… One being I’ve tried most of what’s available on the market and I know what works when it comes to helping your body sustain and maintain a healthy pregnancy. No need to spend endless amounts on tons of product. These are my Top 5 pregnancy lifesavers that I simply can not do without.

1. Pregnancy vitamins and supplements Pregnancy lifesavers, Just a Mamma’s Top 5 Pregnancy lifesavers!

With tons of pregnancy vitamins available, you can really take your pick as long as you try to use one. I’ve tried others but my body prefers PregOmega and choosing the Plus option gives me peace of mind for the whole month. All our vitamins, minerals, omegas, calcium and everything else needed in 3 easy to take tablets. I take my tablets at night seeing as the mornings are a bit hectic and the Omega-3 fish oil capsules makes me nauseous when taken too early.

Boosting my vitamin intake with folic acid. Most woman only take these during trimester one but I always drink folic acid seeing as we are in the “baby-making’ phase. I go for the cheap one in the unmarked bottle from the pharmacist . Last time I checked it was R15 for a 100. They work just as well as any other available on the shelf.

Iron deficiency can lead to so many problems and keeping your iron reserve up while pregnant and breastfeeding is especially important. Being a yeast free, gluten free food supplement makes Floradix liquid iron my favourite.

2. SnacksPregnancy lifesavers, Just a Mamma’s Top 5 Pregnancy lifesavers!

We’ve always tried sticking to at least 5 meals a day but being pregnant, on the run, working and looking after a household of 4… Keeping myself and baby full and nourished can be the biggest challenge. This is were Raw Earth wholefood bars and Mom2B pregnancy shakes come in handy. I always have a bar in my handbag, in the car, in my desk drawer and our pantry (seeing as the girls love these too). The shakes work perfectly when I need a midmorning or late afternoon fix but don’t have any time to prepare something. Another favourite snack is raw walnuts.

3. Lulu & Marula Balancing Cleansing BalmPregnancy lifesavers, Just a Mamma’s Top 5 Pregnancy lifesavers!

Dryness and teenage acne has nothing on me during pregnancy… I’ve really struggled with bad skin the 1st and 2nd time around but not this time. I use the Balancing Cleansing Balm everyday. It not only cleanses my face but also removes make-up and leaving it on for an extra 10 minutes once a week acts as a mini home facial. Never again will I use anything else!

4. Pure Primal Repair SerumPregnancy lifesavers, Just a Mamma’s Top 5 Pregnancy lifesavers!

Stretch marks! The number one enemy of any mama-to-be. I get the whole “pride in my tiger stripes” things but when it comes to preventing stretch marks most woman will try just about anything. During my previous pregnancies I used a collection of oils, lotions and balms. Although they worked, it was an expensive and time consuming exercise. Now finally I have found 1 product that  does it all! The Pure Primal Repair Serum makes my ever increasing belly, breasts and booty feel softer than ever. Leaving my skin moisturised, nourished, replenished and ready to handle the strain of growing a baby. I will be doing an entire feature on this range soon but I just have to mention the range is 100% natural too.

5. Pure Primal Body BalmPregnancy lifesavers, Just a Mamma’s Top 5 Pregnancy lifesavers!

Yes, another Pure Primal product… I started using the Body Balm after my second pregnancy and will never stop. I had a severe allergic reaction during pregnancy and was unable to use any body products until I came across the Pure Primal Body Balm with Natural Vitamin E. This balm didn’t just moisturise my dry skin, it also healed the scars and itchiness I had been living with for almost a year. This goes all over my body neck to toe and I love the feel and smell and especially the results. It all has to do with the Bioidentical nature of this skincare range, but more on this soon.

For now that’s a wrap. Hoping all you sisters in pregnancy a happy, healthy, comfortable, itch-free and beautiful pregnancy.


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