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Dec 8, 2016
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Even if you’re new to IG I’m sure you’ve seen images of the gorgeous mamma and mini-me duo “Following the Bean” somewhere while exploring the Instasphere. With 13k followers and growing, its safe to say that these gals have taken over the South African Instababy scene featuring everything from fashion to décor to toys and whatever’s in between…

I knew I needed to find out what’s behind the Bean…


Who is “Bean” and what’s “Following the Bean” all about?

“Bean” is a part time baby, full time model! She is the face of “Following The Bean”, a mommy/daughter duo, taking on the world one baby product at a time!

Tell me a little about your background and what lead you to start “Following the Bean”?

Pre-Bean days I was a fashion buyer turned photographer (moving back to South Africa and marrying Bean’s father inspired the change). @FollowingTheBean birthed simultaneously with the original Bean.

I had an incessant need to dress up and photograph our baby. 99% of our family and friends thought I was crazy, but for me, it was a public documentation of her life. Turns out the idea was rather useful! Bean’s account rapidly grew into a space where other parents could shop the same look through the links provided whilst the featured brand received great pictures and new business! My love language has always been to help others, so Following The Bean allows me to achieve that on a daily basis.

What does a day in the life of “Following the Bean” look like?

Sleep, eat, poop, model repeat!


Where do you find your inspiration?

It’s largely dictated by our local kids fashion designers, they set the trends and we collaborate accordingly.

3 Staples in Bean’s wardrobe?

Snood, Beanie and a denim jacket. 3 winter accessories that can literally be worn with anything!

5 things you never leave the house without:

Nappies, nappies, nappies, nappies and food! Have you ever been caught outside the house with a hangry child with a poopy bum? Think relentless bio hazard!

Your current “addiction”?

I can never buy enough ‘storage’ (Usually in the form of baskets) I started with none and now I have too many! It’s a problem! But an organised one.

Any advice for budding brand creators?

Utilize social media! If you didn’t Tweet, Instagram or Facebook your brand/product it doesn’t exist! There are also incredible marketing tools that come with a lot of these platforms which I’d need an entire blog post to explain but they’re there and they’re extremely useful! (This is where our ‘techie’ friends come in handy).


Follow the Bean here and visit their blog, Following the Bean, to get your daily fix of all things cute.


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