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Ava’s top 10: gift ideas for 4-year-olds

We love a good gift guide. Especially one created WITH the kids and seeing as we've just celebrated Ava's 4th birthday we thought it would be a great time to share all the presents she's been enjoying and playing with the most! Maybe her TOP 10 will provide a few gift...

Ava’s top 10: gift ideas for 4-year-olds

We love a good gift guide. Especially one created WITH the kids and seeing as we've just celebrated Ava's 4th birthday we thought it would be a great time to share all the presents she's been enjoying and playing with the most! Maybe her TOP 10 will provide a few gift...

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IMAGIMAGS: Magnetic Tiles in South Africa

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Just Kids, Play + Learn | 108 comments

I know you’ve seen these… They are all over social media… Inspiring the most amazing creations! And now we found the perfect set of Magnetic Tiles in South Africa.  IMAGIMAGS available from Timeless Toys. But first…

How To Encourage Co Operative Play

What are magnetic tiles?

Magnetic Tiles are open-ended construction toys that come in sets containing different colours and sizes of squares, rectangles and triangles. Some sets are themed and contain extra pieces like carts and figurines.

Open Ended Toys For Toddlers

They have magnets on the sides for easy attachment and can be used to build whatever you can imagine! Most are beautifully coloured and translucent. They are also really easy to handle and make for fantastic hands-on learning.

Best Toys For Toddlers

Why should your little one play with magnetic tiles?

Benefits Of Playing With Magnetic Tiles 1

Best Toys For Toddlers

What makes IMAGIMAGS Magnetic Tiles different?

  • While IMAGIMAGS sets are manufactured in China, (like most Magnetic Tile brands), this is the only magnet set of its kind that’s been designed locally, by ex-teacher, turned homeschool Mom in our very own city of Cape Town!

Imagimags Tile Sets

  • Nicola Frick saw the need for a version of magnetic tiles that not only offered great value for money but also included enough tiles and extras that sets it apart from other premium magnetic tile kits.
  • IMAGIMAGS is also the only 100+ piece magnetic tile set in the world that includes a STEAM inspiration booklet, TWO vehicles (great for collaborative play and to stop sibling squabbles!), four large bases and six figurines for added play value.

Best Magnetic Tile Set Brand For KidsBest Toys To Encourage Steam Development

  • Made from food-grade, BPA and Phthalate-free recyclable plastic. The plastic is ultrasonically welded, keeping the magnets safely encased.
  • IMAGIMAGS offer some of the largest magnets on the market, allowing kids to make bridges and swings not possible with other tiles.

Best Educational Toys For Kids South AfricaOnline Toy Store South Africa

  • They are compatible with all other premium magnet tile brands such as Magnatiles, Connetix or Playmags, so a great add on set.

Where to buy your IMAGIMAGS Magnetic Tiles

We got ours from local online toystore Timeless Toys. They are known for stocking only the best local and international toy brands and always deliver amazing service.

Timeless Toys Logo

Visit their online store at

Giveaway Closed – Congratulations Khatija Hassim (Instagram entry)

WIN your own set of IMAGIMAGS Magnetic Tiles with Timeless Toys!

Where To Buy Magnetic Tiles In South AfricaWhat Is Magnetic Tiles

How to enter:
  1. Leave us a comment below telling us what you like most about Imagimags Magnetic Tiles
  2. Make sure you follow Timeless Toys on Instagram or Facebook
  3. For more entries be sure to enter on this Instagram post AND Facebook post too.

And that’s it. GOOD LUCK!

Imagimags Magnetic Tiles


  1. Only entries via comments left below and our social media pages will be considered.
  2. This giveaway is only open to South African residents residing in South Africa.
  3. The winner must be 18+ years old.
  4. The giveaway closes on 26 November 2020.
  5.  The winner is picked at random and announced a few days later.
  6. This prize is not exchangeable or refundable.
  7. Please enter valid email and contact info. If we can not get hold of you within 48 hours a new winner will be picked.
  8. The greatest care will be taken when mailing your prize but Just a Mamma and Timeless Toys do not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged good

Benefits Of Playing With Magnetic Tiles


  1. Zanie

    Wow, this is amazing. Looks like it will work for all ages each using their age set off skills to build whatever their imagination allows. Would love to get one of these for my Lil one

    • Berenike

      I love that it encourages creativity, kids these days lack imagination thanks to electronics so this is such a great interactive toy. Fun for all the kids!

      • Nicole George

        This is a super fantastic idea, the fun my son will have with this whilst stimulating his mind and exploring his imaginative ideas. I’m sure dad and mom will have just as much fun playing along too.

      • Lyndsay Lingard

        I love that the children can work together and use there imagination while doing it. Keeping them busy for hours

        • Sarah

          Wow! My son will love this! I love the creativity it fosters and the endless fun he will have with them.

          • Grietjie

            We have four beautiful children who LOVE open-ended toys, specifically because it doesn’t have an age-restriction. These Imagimags tiles are PERFECT for our family since all of us will be able to play together according to our current skill levels! Truly a toy that will grow with our children.

          • Liesl

            I love that this set is at least designed in South Africa!

        • Chantelle Brink

          These tiles have endless possibilities on what to create. Willow played with similar ones our friends kids have and it amazes me to see what she sees when she looks at them to make something. Such a clever invention!

      • Lyndsay

        I love that the children can work together and use there imagination while doing it. Keeping them busy for hours

        • Charne

          WOW, just love all the creativity this toy brings to play. It can be or do anything

      • Charmaine Knox

        Oh my! These look amazing!!!! My kids love to build… any type of block… but I love how colorful these are and how the possibilities of creations are endless.

    • Nicole Mtshali

      Magnetic tiles are amazing for my little ones imagination. She enjoys construction toys so much and help her with a fine motor skills and expanding her play skills. And play is such a fundamental developmental skill that builds and incorporates other skills right into the adolescent age.

      • Mandy

        My son is tactile sensitive and this type of building and creativity “grounds” him when his having a terrible day. This would be amazing for him to play with during the holidays and with the big transition coming up with going to grade 1.

      • Brigitte

        A local magnetic tile brand that exceeds all the other brands! I love how the box includes so many different pieces, base plates, cars and figurines at such an affordable price. Open-ended toys like these are just amazing!

        • Shane

          These are just the most incredible toys to promote creativity, 3D learning, planning, feedbavk and feed forward integration. I absolutely love these toys and the kids would too!

    • Lisa

      It looks like the blocks are finally a great interactive toy system that my son, Andries, 4, whom has Down Syndrome will also be able to enjoy and grow his sculls with. Especially the creative problem solving!

      • Shai

        I have never seen anything like this before its deffo unique which my son will love
        He loves building and making new things which this is perfect for!

      • Kristin Hofmeyr

        I am a huge fan of open ended toys, especially when they can be used together with different toys for endless fun and creativity. These magnetic tiles are a perfect example. I love that it’s designed locally, and that the set comes with a huge variety of tiles. This is definitely on my wishlist!

    • Jolene

      <There are so many benefits to the magnetic tiles to mention. For my son I love that it is a educational, fun learning product. Children learn through play and the magnetic tiles sure have alot of play and alot to teach children.

    • Shubhra

      I am glad this is made from recyclable plastic and locally made. Is so colourful im sure my 4 year old is gonna go bonkers if she has this.

    • Kathleen

      My husband dreamt of our children’s names before our wedding. The first born would be called Akani which means ‘to build’ in Shangaan. We had our first son 18 months later and he was named Akani. Turns out five years later that he is a builder. Our furniture is often turned into forts, our counter tops become tents. He loves LEGO but these tiles would please him no end!

    • Sarah Mossley

      I love how creative children can be and that they are something that will be played with for many many years. Also great that you can keep adding to your collection. The colours are awesome too!

    • Nicole Edwards

      I LOVE these!
      I’m a homeschool mom and very picky about what we add to our playroom/classroom.

      I love open ended toys, toys that encourage thinking outside the box, developing math and science skills and just plain good fun!

      These are definitely on our wishlist!

      Holding thumbs!

    • Kelly

      These magnetic tiles are so bright and colourful and are perfect for open ended play and letting little ones’ imaginations run wild.

      • Nicole Tait

        I love that my little one can have fun with these tiles all whole stimulating her mind and building her motor skills. The colours are beautifully bright and vibrant and this should keep her busy for a while.


      Love that the magnetic tiles encourage creativity and allow little minds to grow and develop in a constructive and fun way. I also love that children of all ages can enjoy these, which makes it a great investment.

    • Tanya Geyser

      I would love to win this for my almost 4 year old boy. He loves building and constructing an I think this will help give his imagination wings!

  2. Nadia Xavier

    They are compatible with all other premium tile brands.

    • Michelle Graham

      I love how versatile they are!!! And the beautiful see through colors!!

      • Melissa

        I have been so envious of these awesome Magnetic tiles, the are so educational, and inspiration on imagination and you can literally build anything! Would be so awesome to win a set for my son⭐️ He would be in heaven for hours with this set⭐️

    • Natashia Smith

      I love it because you can use it for education purpose as well. Learning about the different colours, shape sizes etc, while the kids are playing.

    • Justine

      Hieride is nou nou oulime speelgoed. Dit kan werk cir alle ouderdomme en 1of meer kinders ook.
      Kan ure se pret voorsien!

  3. Kelly Jennings

    I love that young and old can play with it and learn vital skills

    • Taryn

      I love that imagimags magnetic tiles provide a brilliant opportunity for open-ended play which encourages creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Plus they are affordable and the pieces are beautifully coloured. A must-have for little people ❤️

      • Kelly

        This is beautiful n i like the fact that both my kids can play wid this , my daughter wanted this for her birthday in September but unfortunately we could not find it, been to stores n was told its not available in S. A this would be a perfect Christmas gift

      • Janine Bisschoff

        These tiles have been an must have for us for so long!
        I absolutely love the fact that it creates a space where imagination can flow. Any age can play with these, even me and hubby🤣👌🏻.
        I like that it creates problem solving skills. It helps with hand-eye coordination, math skills, teaches symmetry and it creates an environment for creativity!
        This truly is a one off a kind MUST have product!

      • Jenny du Preez

        Best open-ended toy ever! Fun and educational! Love the colours.

    • Simone Slabbert

      I love open-ended toys and these encourage STEM learning which is wonderful for any child! I like that IMAGIMAGS has enough tiles and extras so children’s imaginations can run wild ❤️

      • Kerosha

        Thank you for the informative review. This looks wonderful for open-ended creative play. Love how versatile it is. Also appreciate that it is safe for kids and the environment.

    • Joy

      Love how the whole family can enjoy these tiles! It’s a toy that holds its appeal for years. I love the colours and how you can build with them in so many different ways!
      Would love to own a set of Imagimags, my two would so enjoy them.

  4. Fatima Sader

    I absolutely love that they are so beautiful, colorful and invites children to play with them. Also love that they are easy to handle for younger kids working on their fine motor skills.

  5. Maxeen Veldman

    I just love magnetic tiles and have been on our wishlist for ages! So amazing that a locally woman owned business has made these amazing open ended toys more affordable and accessible to South African children

  6. Marelize van den Berg

    I like the fact that Imagimags Magnetic Tiles are easy to handle (especially for tiny hands) and that they help with a wide range of skills needed for developing brains.

    • Brigette Verhoef

      What’s not to love??? It’s hard to pick just one but I love that they have been designed by a local mom who sought to bring joy (and learning) to other children at an affordable price and locally, no huge international shipping costs!!!

  7. Jamey

    Love how these tiles let kids learn through play! Such a brilliant product, holding thumbs 🤞🏻 XXX

  8. Leani Bester

    Love, love, love that they come in such a large set and that it is play that inspires STEAM activities.

  9. Salome

    I can just say wow these magnetic Tiles is a tool for creativity, fun guaranteed. I love how creativity bursts with this toy.

    • Genevieve

      I love the fact that it is magnetic and that you can learn about 2D shapes and 3D objects while playing.

  10. Nicole Ferreira

    This has been on my wishlist for my little boy for ages but has just been out our budget unfortunately. I am very passionate about anything that promotes sensory development and these tiles would be the perfect addition to our house for my little one. Definitely entering this competition 💛 Holding thumbs💛

    • Anmar

      I love how colorful they are, how versatile they are. They are absolutely beautiful and just the fact that they are such an open ended toy is great.

  11. Amy

    I love that they can use their imaginations & be creative not to mention the early math skills & problem solving (which I have always been bad at so I’m sure this will help my boys out a lot) and on top of all that it’s BPA Free recyclable plastic.

  12. Tanya August

    I love how versatile these magnetic tiles are, and both my kids will be able to play and learn with them.

  13. Jacqueline Engelbrecht

    I love that all my kids (2. 6 and 8) could play with these toys and learn something. Bright attractive and fun with some learning going on too… Sounds like a win to me.

  14. Monique

    My kids played with these at a friends house and couldn’t stop talking bout them! Even my youngest at 3 loved these!
    Perfect to stimulate my two busy boys!

  15. Shelley Burt

    They are not only gorgeous colours but love that they are an open ended toy that kids can play with in so many way. Also that they are something that will be played with for many years.

  16. Megan Dawson

    I love that they are locally designed and made. I love how they captivate the imagination of my boys. I’m so excited to have found Imagimags!

    • Lauren Holley

      Love these. Know my son would be obsessed! Would love to win the giveaway.

  17. Mia van Heerden

    I love that these colourful blocks are fun (and educational) for young and old! Would love to spend the week babysitting my 4-year-old niece playing and learning with these. And it’s Proudly South African…amazing!

  18. Kayleigh

    I love the fact that this could keep my two year old niece busy for ages, keeping her mind active 💖

  19. Larissa

    I love that they encourage creativity and allow kids to use their imagination…bonus that they are so versatile and colourful!

  20. Rethea Jansen van Rensburg

    WOW! Didn’t know there was a South African made version of the magnetic tiles, so cool. I’ve always wanted them for my kids.

  21. Talitha Rautenbach

    I love the fact that these toys incorporates learning and play! ❤️

  22. Elisa

    I love that its both educational and play focused! And bonus for being locally made!

  23. Claire

    I saw this on an Australia mom’s Instagram post and saw it is so versatile! From a baby of a few months old to children that are older! I would love this for my baby! Being a creative mom I’d love to put this to creative uses such as in a window to see the different colours. Would be fantastic to win this not just for my baby but my niece and nephews as well!

  24. Priscila

    These are lovely! Will be a great tool to use with my patients in therapy to work on motor planning, spatial awareness and even some fine motor concepts. And something that my daughter can enjoy when she’s a bit older. What a wonderful and versatile toy.

  25. Jeanne Skinner

    This is right up there along duplo and lego in terms of quality toys kids can play with together

  26. Johean Marsh

    This has been on my wishlist for my little boy since forever! I love how it will keep both my 3yo boy AND my 1yo girl busy in different ways (he will build marvelous creations and she will most likely try to stack them or sort them by colour) AND give this tired mama a moment to sit back and enkea hot cup of coffee while the kids play by themselves!

  27. Nadine Ferreira

    The open-ended play of these is just amazing! And they are great for any age! Definitely a Timeless Toy!

    • Roxy

      We love the open ended play. Kids from 2 -12 can build and create anything they like. The engineering process that takes place and the amount of brain power and concentration it takes to build these creations is amazing. As a homeschool family these skills are invaluable to us. Creativity and problem solving as well as engineering in a non book manner that encourages out the box thinking… what more could we ask for? I think I might enjoy them even more?

  28. Anne Cousins

    A great toy to stimulate the imagination with its variety of colours and shapes. Endless fun.

  29. Roxy

    We love the open ended play. Kids from 2 -12 can build and create anything they like. The engineering process that takes place and the amount of brain power and concentration it takes to build these creations is amazing. As a homeschool family these skills are invaluable to us. Creativity and problem solving as well as engineering in a non book manner that encourages out the box thinking… what more could we ask for!!!!

  30. Roxy

    We love the open ended play. Kids from 2 -12 can build and create anything they like. The engineering process that takes place and the amount of brain power and concentration it takes to build these creations is amazing. As a homeschool family these skills are invaluable to us. Creativity and problem solving as well as engineering in a non book manner that encourages out the box thinking… what more could we ask for? I think I might enjoy them even more

  31. Alisha Hopley

    I’d absolutely love to win a set of these! My sister has a set for her son and cannot rave enough about them. I love how they keep the kiddies entertained and stimulated for hours, how it is educational and gets them to be creative. The magnetic tiles also make it so convenient for the little ones to play with. Brilliant idea 😃😃😃

  32. Bianca Heyns

    I love the open-ended ability of this game, and the imagination and creativity which it allows for! Looks amazing and have heard great reviews about it!

  33. Karen Powell

    How cool that they are compatible with the other brands too! And we love toys like this that you can pick away and rediscover another day. No need to constantly buy new toys. Thanks for sharing 🤩

  34. Juliette

    I love that it encourages open ended play and that the possibilities are limitless

  35. Liane Hosiosky

    I love that these inspire open-ended construction and allows the kids imagination and creativity to run wild. Can also teach the kids about colours and shapes at the same time and how they can connect to each other to build something. The fact they are compatible with other brands is also a WIN!!

    • Tana

      Love the fact that there is a booklet included!!!!

  36. Bianca

    I love how bright and fun they look, and that the set is large enough for both my children to be able to play with. Super versatile for all different ages which is always great when investing in something like this. Definitely on our wishlist!

  37. Beverley

    I love how endless the play options are with this beautiful tiles 💕

  38. Natalie

    These are amazing! My little one would love them! Steam learning all the way…

  39. Jenny

    Magnets look really durable!

    • Andra-Lee

      I love that it develops hand-eye coordination. I never worked on this enough as a child and I am still a butter fingers.

  40. Carri

    My son absolutely loves magnatiles, would love a set for him! I absolutely love how they encourage creativity and allows their little imaginations to run free and build the most incredible things !

  41. Lauren

    I have loved these tiles for so long! I played with them at a friends house and couldn’t get enough! At first my creativity was a little slow but I was amazed at how it started to grow the more I messed around with this amazing toy. I love that it really brings out our creativity and builds us in so many other ways too. And that’s just me! I haven’t even gotten started on my kids 😂 I would SO SO love this set. (For my kids I mean😜)

  42. Cathy Eitzen

    Just love that they inspire creativity, develop Maths skills, that they are such fun, very colourful and of course South African!

  43. Kirsty

    I have seen these being advertised and absolutely love the fact that they are locally produced. What a beautiful and creative Christmas present they would make for any child.

  44. Adele

    These are amazing and really allow for the kids to use their imagination. So clever, I’m sure the whole family would enjoy playing.

    • Nabila

      I’ve been obsessed with timeless toys since I was gifted some lovely toys from then when my little boy was born! I’m so excited for this incredible giveaway.. these beautiful tiles will grow with my child, encouraging imaginative play and problem solving skills. And not to mention they’re absolutely gorgeous to look at, and sturdy too! Absolutely dying to get my hands on a set..they look like so much fun to play with that I might find myself building and creating with them too, alongside my little boy!

  45. Martina

    It’s an open ended toy, exactly what I love offering to my kids. A versatile toy that supports and enhances their imagination. Thank you for always organising amazing giveaways, I’d loooove to win this one ❤️

  46. Khadija Fakir

    I love Imagimags because it is an open ended toy. There is so much you can do with this gorgeous toy. I can think of my daughter building a house and putting her doll house furniture inside. And my son will probably build high buildings and g at garages and park his cars inside. My kids love open ended play. I like to leave open ended toys (like my rainbow stacker) in my room on my carpet for them to grab whenever they want and use it in different ways. This beautiful toy is such an innovative idea and design and such value for money too.

  47. Julie Jones

    I love how these promote STEM concepts in such a fun (and pretty) way!

  48. Ellen Borain

    As a principal of a Pre- Primary school and a first time granny, I am always looking for toys that are fun, but also benefit children in various areas of their development during the vital early years of their lives. I would love to win this prize as I believe IMAGIMAGS meet all these criteria and mor.

  49. Lisa Shanglee

    I’m obsessed with these tiles!
    The creativity it encourages and there’s just soOooo much learning that takes place with open needed toys of this nature. Being able to put a structure together takes so much skill for a little one. Maths, patterns.. n so much more! Praying hard I will this one for my girl. 🙏🏽

  50. Nita Watson

    Absolutely love open ended toys and Imagimags is exactly that, my kids will love this as it is such a versatile toy that allows so much imaginative play!! We would love to win this!!!

  51. Tiffany

    Adore the open-ended play opportunities and encouragement for cooperative play, what a winner of a toy! Something the whole family can enjoy 🙂

  52. Cheri Kok

    It will give my girls the availability to explore their imagination and motoristic skills

  53. Tasneem Martin

    I love the fact that they are so bright and colorful, that they are open ended which encourages creativity and imagination development and that they can be built and incorporated with other toys for hours of fun and entertainment. I also especially love the fact that even though they have been manufactured in China, they have been designed by a local South African mamma and she has considered her market and so the price point is more competitive than other similar counterparts on the market!

  54. Jaclyn

    I love that they are made from food-grade, BPA and Phthalate-free recyclable plastic and that the plastic is ultrasonically welded, keeping the magnets safely encased. This is really important with small children.

  55. Nirvana

    Love that it helps with hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. Most of all love that it will keep the kids busy for hours 😁

  56. Maxine

    Absolutely love the open ended ness of these Magnatiles! Pushes children to be patient as they problem solve yet with their magnets gives them instant satisfaction as their creation grows! There are no rules and this allows for them to own their creation! Each time is new and different!

  57. Baku

    I love the fact that this can be used for kids of all ages in different ways , can be used by both boys and girls and this type of activity can enhance so many different skills and can be so therapeutic even for adults! Fun for the whole family.

  58. Debbie Muir

    My 4 year old daughter has autism and is fascinated by colours, shapes and sequences – so that’s what I love most about these tiles! Visual perception is one of her strengths and she would derive hours of joy playing and creating with these.

  59. Maegan Martin

    I love that you can play with them over and over and everytime you can create something new

  60. Willemijn Assink

    Love this so much! Amazing that it’s a local product and that it provides hours of open ended play for alle ages. My 3 would LOVE this!

  61. Jacqui Trinder

    I can’t believe I stumbled upon this gem of a competition on the last day while searching for the Christmas printables! The main thing that I love about these other than that they are made by a fellow homeschooling local Mommy (I MEAN!!! how incredible) is that they include the little people and vehicles. That’s so awesome for open ended play.

    Thank you for this and the printables!

  62. Lizanne Theron

    I love the fact that the tiles are colourful, open-ended and that it is so versatile. What’s not to love?!

    This is definitely on our Christmas Wish List*!

  63. Kirsty

    Classic, timeless, gender neutral, bright and colourful and endless possibilities!! What could be better!!


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