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5 ways to style boyfriend jeans

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. Let's talk "boyfriend jeans". Marilyn Monroe wore them first back in the 1960s and showed us all how a traditionally masculine look could still be feminine and cutting edge. Now, decades later this style of hip-hugging, baggy...

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How to be a SUPER MOM !

by | May 11, 2018 | Being a Mom, Just Motherhood | 112 comments

Okay mamas let get #real, #authentic, #honest, #candid… all those hashtags doing the rounds all over social media – constantly challenging us to prove ourselves and our worth. Let’s talk about the elusive “super mom”. The woman who does it all, has it all, with the perfect family and husband of the year. The mama you look up to. She inspires you, but at the same time you secretly loathe her and judge her, hoping she will “slip up” giving you a glimpse of her humanity. Sorry, she doesn’t exist and sometimes she only lives in the eye of the beholder. I know this for a fact because even I’ve been labeled a super mom by some and it’s not something I claim or want to be. I’m just a mom and completely content with exactly that.

Still not sold?

We ate Pizza last night. On a week night! And not the cauliflower base, low GI, health conscious, homemade kind. NO, not even a fancy, freshly made, thin base one… I’m talking thick base, MSG loaded, over produced, not even sure if that was cheese kind-of-pizza. All because after a day at home with all 3 of our girls I was just too tired to cook –  worst of all, I even let 10 month old Ava nibble on the crust. Did I mention, Ava’s nursery still isn’t done. Maybe we’ll have it ready for her 1st birthday? Lia almost lost a finger when our bunny bit her, Eliana had to do her 1st market day alone because somehow amidst making the goods, building a little shop, teaching her about pricing and sales, I missed the part where they invited mom along to the actual day. Thankfully another mama stepped in and helped her. Sometimes I scream because I lose my temper, sometimes I cry because I don’t know what else to do and sometimes I hide from the kids just to collect myself again.

Being a mom is hard and challenging and we make mistakes. That’s NORMAL and part of the job description BUT the hardest part isn’t raising your kids. Actually the hardest part is dealing with the constant judgement and guilt that comes with the territory.

Just a Mamma How to be a Super mom Mother's Day

You need to be one tough cookie to be a mom!

Parenting wasn’t meant to be easy and our parents dealt with a lot of the same struggles. Unfortunately however, technology has intensified these struggles. Add filters, clever captions, likes and comments and you’ve got the perfect recipe for self-doubt. In the past we were only subjected to mom-shaming when out and about. Now I get to feel bad about myself and all my parenting choices in the comfort of my own home, scrolling on my phone whilst lying in bed… there’s nowhere to hide!

Please understand, there’s nothing wrong with a perfectly curated Instagram feed or a polished Facebook page. It’s YOURS, do with it as you please… capture every last memory (good / bad), see it as a “best of” highlights reel, use it to express your creativity or to fill the world with beauty and inspiration, but always see it for what it is. Merely an app, to keep your pictures. Don’t make it into anything more and never give it the power to steal your joy.

We are our own toughest critics.

Fear and doubt have always been our greatest enemies and when you become a mom both of these double, triple, quadruple. We fear we aren’t doing enough, loving enough, giving enough. What if we lose ourselves, make a mistake, fail our kids? We care too much about what others think and say. Fear of failure has all of us reading about the latest parenting hack, educational approaches and best lifestyle choices. All this reading in turn confuses us even more so we google and read more and then we question, set up a poll and finally we end up back to square one, doubting every decision we’ve made. It’s exhausting! Believe me, the rat race hasn’t got a thing on the school run.

Somehow being a moms isn’t enough either… We have to have a purpose, run a company, be fabulous at a hobby or be the helping hand at every school event and charity, outshining our fellow moms (but not in an obvious, flashy way.) That would be rude. Rather keep it subtle and sweet so we “motivate” our fellow moms to be more. More what? More like what the world expects? Less like we where meant to?

Moms are fierce tigresses, protecting our young and sometimes that means attacking another tigress with a “did you forget to vaccinate your baby”, “didn’t you read the post on the school communicator”, “did you forget it was your turn to bring cake, aren’t you thankful Pick n Pay opens at 8 am?”. We want to sound caring but actually we’re just being judgmental, giving ourselves a mental high five for getting it right this time.

Whether you are ready to admit it or not, we are all constantly trying to prove to ourselves and the world that we are “super mom of the year”. The sad part is, no-one cares, especially not your kids – they’ve know this since conception.

Just a Mamma How to be a Super mom Mother's Day

So what can we do?

Maybe a small shift in the way we approach our dream of being a super mom is all that’s needed? Maybe if we rise to the occasion we can stop the constant feelings of failure and overwhelming doubt. I’ve said this so many times and this week Lindie Strydom once again drove the message home; there are no mistakes. Your children were entrusted to YOU and ONLY YOU. YOU are God’s first and best plan for that little person. No one knows them, loves them and can take care of them like you can. Even if you are not a Christian, this truth stands. It doesn’t matter if you carried that baby in your womb, if you had a surrogate or adopted. That little person was destined to be YOURS.

Claim this and see why comparison and judgement serves no purpose. Let’s stop trying to be a super mom to our kids and rather be super moms to one another.

Checklist for How to be a Super mom

And then lastly a little mom hack I’ve learnt over the years – The K.I.S.S principal. I’ve tweaked it a bit for motherhood.

Just a Mamma How to be a Super mom

Life has become busy and parenting has become too complicated. We invest so much into every small detail, in the end we don’t have the energy or time to appreciate, love and take the bigger picture into account. Being a mom (and dad) is a gift, one not everyone gets to experience, but we make it a job with daily productivity reviews, to-do lists and goals. This Mother’s Day (and everyday thereafter) I’m taking back my gift, loving our 3 girls a little more, hugging them a little longer, sitting next to them, playing, reading, just being mom. Savouring their joy and giving myself a break. Because I am exactly right for Eliana, Lia and Ava, just the way I am and so are you.Just a Mamma How to be a Super mom Mother's Day post

Now to spoil a super mom…

Of course we have a Mother’s Day giveaway. I have teamed up with 7 incredible mom-bosses to spoil one lucky lady, just because she is a mom.

This prize (to the value of over R2000) includes the following:

Just a Mamma How to be a Super mom Mother's Day post

How to win?

No need to follow or like any accounts – although I love all of the mamas mentioned above and I’m sure you will too. Signing up to newsletters are optional. I’m not even asking you a tricky question. All you need need to do to win all of the lovely goodies mentioned, is leave me a comment right here saying hello. Simple as that.

Good luck mamas and Happy Mother’s Day.

ust a Mamma How to be a Super mom Mother's Day Mother


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  3. Competition only open to South African residents residing in South Africa.
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  1. Michelle Goosen

    Jy het so waar en so mooi geskryf ❤️❤️

  2. Sunel Rossouw

    Hallo Mari-Louise
    Jou blog is fantasties! Ek het hierdie aan al my mamma vriendinne gestuur, dit is ‘n ongelooflike artikel.

  3. Tanya van Rensburg

    Hi! Thank you for this post. It was beautifully written and exactly what us Moms need to hear! I will be applying your KISS principal from now on. xxx

  4. Stephanie

    Hello 🙂 and I love this! ???

  5. Jana Blignaut

    Hi. Ek looooooove hierdie post, dit is beautiful!! ❤️❤️

  6. Carla Verster

    Baie mooi gestel, dankie! Geseënde Moedersdag vir jou hierdie komende Sondag!

  7. Jana

    Dankie vir hierdie! Jou boodskap is net wat hierdie mamma-hart nodig gehad het!! xxx

  8. Tamryn

    An amazing read!

  9. Tertia

    Hi. Dankie vir die blog. So waar. Ten spyte dat ekke van beroepsdag vergeet en die enigste mamma met n rooi hemp by mamma bederf dag is aangesien ekke die sms oor withemde vergeet het. Weet ekke ekke is nog die beste mamma vir my 3 kinders.

  10. Marieke de Vos

    Hallo Mari-Louise
    Thank you for the lovely blog post, gives us a fresh perspective on what is really important. xxx

  11. Isabel

    Mari-Louise, ek lees graag jou blog, maar is nie een om te comment nie, maar vandag se post kon ek nie op n beter dag lees nie!!
    Ek is onder ‘huisarres’ met n ons nuutste lyfie.
    Baie dankie vir die moed wat jy my vandag gee!
    Eks ver van n super-mom af, maar voel nou nie soos n mislukking nie?

  12. Lauren Hogarty

    Hello and thank you for your sincere blog…. such an encouraging read.

  13. Julie Jones

    Hello, and thank you – that was a lovely read, and something that’s so important for us moms to remember!

  14. Louzelle van Dyk


    Dankie dat jy altyd die waarheid deel, geen sugar coating, maar tog met soveel insig en deurnis!


  15. Sally

    Hello 🙂 what a lovely and true post to read, thank you ?

  16. Celeste van der Berg

    Hello vriendin!! So n mooi post, en so nodig om dit te hoor!

  17. Helen

    Love your beauty and honesty…and hello 🙂

  18. Carmen Isaacs

    Another honest and encouraging blog post… Just what I needed to hear today ? thank you

  19. Christi Pretorius

    Hello supermamma! Ek is vandag, nee wag die week, ok wag, al vir 5 maande pootuit! Met n baba wat net NIE slaap nie en ek wat volgende week begin werk na 6 maande op kraamverlof, weet ek nie hoe ek gaan cope nie!!! #teamnosleep maar ek gaan S U P E R probeer wees! Lekker moedersdag naweek! Ek sien uit na my eerste moedersdag sonday! Yay ?

  20. Sharleen

    Hi, this is so honest of you. Motherhood is a journey of errors, love and happiness.
    Enjoy your mothersday!

  21. Thanusha Kisten

    Hi. I love your blogs and posts. The one above is especially my favourite. Thank you for such a lovely read. Take care ♥️

  22. Gerna

    Ek gaan nou die print !! Met almal Wat mens judge sonder dat hulle dit weet Moet mens die elke dag lees!!

    Baie dankie jy het al weer my dag bietjie makliker gemaak!!


  23. Megan Jackson

    Hello 🙂 What a lovely blog post, thanks for sharing, and what a great giveaway! Happy Mothers Day ♡

  24. Mareli Snyman

    Hallo you are such an inspiration for me. I love your blog and your Instagram posts. You give me so much advice and from the beginning you were my go to mom if I hesitated. Love ❤️

  25. Annessa

    Well…Hello! And well said! Really needed this read today! #tiredmommyofateethingbaby Love your blog! ??

  26. Lynnith

    Being a mom is really hard work! And often I certainly want to just runaway sometimes, eish! Thanks for the encouragement x

  27. Letesha Korasie

    Hello. You are beautiful! Such and inspiration.

  28. Simone V

    Daai truth “ You are God’s first and best plan” is my fav lyn. Die beste ding is wat iemand nog vir my gesê het in my self-doubt tye, was dat Hy nét Best-sellers skryf. En my storie, no matter how *I* look at it, is uit en uit Sy best-seller. ?

  29. Melissa Grobler

    Hi! Thank you for sharing, it rings so true and definitely something to motivate us mammas to keep cheering eachother on..

  30. Taneale McFarlane

    Yes, yes, yes…to all of this! Thank you for putting this into words, it’s what every Mommy needs to hear – to make your journey with your kids your own ❤️ ❤️

  31. Lelanie Anderson

    Hello!! Gelukkige Moedersdag SuperMom! Love jou blogs! Baie dankie vir hierdie. Was so lekker en nodig om te lees. Hoop jy word vreeslik bederf. Xxx

  32. Kim Muller

    This post is such an amazing reminder for us all. Thank you so much!

  33. Deline

    Hallo! I choose to be a super-mom with flaws and all! Thanks for writing honest posts!

  34. Annelize

    What an amazing read. Thank you. And hello 🙂 such an inspiration!

  35. Candice Cooper

    Just what I needed to read, thanks for a SUPER blog post. I hope that you too have a wonderful mother’s day on Sunday x

  36. Keshia

    Hello!!! Such an inspiring read for a new mum like me

  37. Charene Soares

    Beautiful post and beautifully written! So much truth in every single word!

  38. Dani Green

    Too true! We all need to be gentle with ourselves and do the best we can each day with the tools we’ve been given ?

  39. Suné

    Hallo!! Dankie vir die great blog post. Net op die regte tyd oor my skerm gekom! X

  40. Elize Botes

    Hi! Dankie vir hierdie – uit jou hart waarheid- wat elke mamma nodig het om te hoor!❤️

  41. Nina

    Thanks for the mama love. Us moms rock xx

  42. Khadija Suliman

    Hello! ?

  43. Karen

    Social media tends to give a false impression of what life should be. And honestly, life is what you make of it, sans all the judgey-judgey from others. Being a mom is a blessing and a privilege, and we have the opportunity to help shape a beautiful soul to greatness. Sometimes what we need to hear is the bare bones honest truth. Thanks for this!

  44. Bhavani

    This is so beautifully written I feel like you’ve read my head and heart. I had a good week this week but last week… shooo
    Thank you for making me feel normal ❤️❤️??

  45. Sel

    Hi! Brilliant post, so refreshing to read such an honest post. Actually your blog is always so honest, love it!

  46. Cindy Kotze

    Loved reading this. So genuine and sincere.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration
    Much love

  47. Justine Steenkamp

    Hallo 🙂

    I just have to say. Thank you for those honest words. I’m mom to my 3 year old and 1 year old twins and it gets hectic some days.

    Just very nice to hear that we all go through the same thing in some or other way

    Thank you

  48. Carri Page

    hello, what a great post, I loved reading this, thank you ?

  49. Alice Herselman

    We are all super mom’s xxx

  50. Loren Best

    Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how much I needed to read this. It was so beautifully written and really resonated with me, i often find I mom shame myself..Am i a good mom? Am I failing Lottie in some way? Am i enough? Perhaps it’s the pressure of waiting so long for a baby, now that she is finally here I’m terrified I’m going to stuff up. After reading this though i honestly feel moved to tears that I’m not alone in my self doubt. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us my love, it was so very brave and inspiring. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day super mom ?

  51. Sameera Asmall

    Hi, absolutely enjoyed this read… was super awesome and just what I needed, thank you ? keep doing you, you are Amazing?❤ and Happy Mother’s day in Advance

  52. Sameera

    Hi there, what an absolutely beautiful read, love d it…thank you so much, keep doing you, you are Amazing!!!!
    And Happy Mother’s Day in Advance

  53. Stephanie v

    Hi love this post, so true we all doing the best we can in our motherhood role no right or wrong way , Happy mothers day ?

  54. Tania Kliphuis

    Lovely post. And so true. In our kids’ eyes, we’re already perfect. ❤️

  55. Rafaela Tayler

    Lovely read!❤️ Thank you!

  56. Ruth Erasmus

    Mom life is tough especially in our age of social media. Your post is beautiful and so captures my passion for building authentic mom community. Thanks for putting it so well.

  57. Sade

    Hello Super-Mom ❤

  58. Julia

    Hello and thanks for such a beautiful post ?

  59. Caitlyn Gottschalk

    Hello ? and thank you for such a heart felt and encouraging read. I needed that today! ♥

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  61. Allerise

    Thank you, for a fantastic read….

  62. Dorianne

    Ek weet nie hoekom nie maar ek sit eintlik en tjank nou
    Voel baie keer asof ek ok net wil wegkruip
    In n hoek sit en huil
    Skree uit frustrasie
    Wat my weereens net besef ek is nie alleen nie
    Dankie vir die post
    Van een Supermom na n ander

  63. Tanja Budler

    Dankie. Dis so mooi boodskap. ?

  64. Kelly

    Love this. Stepping into momhood soon and these kinds of posts are so encouraging xx

  65. Lizaan

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    What a lovely post!

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    Hallo mede-Super Mamma 😉 ? Dis so wonderlik lekker om ‘n mamma te wees vir my mooie baba Jahno – ek LOVE elke oomblik! Dankie vir die pragtige artikel! Soms kort mens so positiewe boodskap! Dankie xx

  73. Spirited Mama

    Hello. Wow, beautifully said. I am definitely my own worst critic. Being a mom is no easy task. There’s no manual, no one right way but only the way that works for you and your family. Love this.

  74. Sharine

    Hi daar.
    Fantastiese blog. Baie dankie
    Van ‘n eerste keer mamma wat moet leer om te “K.I.S.S”

  75. Melinda

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  76. Sumaya


    I have been following you for so long for the simple fact that you are real. You don’t post the sunshine moments in your life, you post the thunderstorms too. And that is being real and realistic. Too many times while scrolling I feel like I am not enough but a glimpse at your page and your captions make me feel so much better. Sending you love and blessings

  77. Riate Fisher

    Oulike artikel! Dankie!

  78. Ane Buchner

    Dankie vir ‘n heerlike lees blog met soveel goeie advies selfs vir ‘n derde-keer-mamma (met so bietjie van ‘n laatlammetjie!). Ek geniet al jou fotos en idees regtig!

  79. Marie-Louise van der Merwe

    Ag, hierdie is net wat ek nodig gehad het vandag. Ek sit met ‘n siek babatjie en het myself al ‘n paar keer gevang dat ek myself blameer – hoekom is ons so hard op onsself? Wens alle ma’s in die publieke oog wil so ‘n bietjie meer eerlik wees oor wat “behind the scenes” aangaan, want ons het dit nodig on te sien dat daar nie so iets soos ‘n perfekte ma is nie! Mal oor jou blog xxx

  80. Larise Kuhn

    Wow! So mooi en so waar! Baie dankie vir hierdie herinnering!

  81. Martina

    I will be honest. I landed on this blog post because I knew there was a giveaway and I always love the idea of winning some local freebies (despite I’m never that lucky to be the winner). But as I started reading it, I knew I would haved continued till the last word. Probably every mom will say this, but I can SO relate to every scenario you described! I love Instagram because it’s an incredibly inspiring platform, where you get to “meet” very interesting and creative people and constantly be inspired by them, but I ALWAYS have to remind myself that Instagram is just a pretty window, it’s not reality. Too often, we tend to compare ourselves to other moms, and too often we think they are more beautiful, more caring, more perfect, more intelligent, more talented, more “born to be”…. basically better moms! And this couldn’t be more wrong. Every journey is unique and not worth of comparison! Motherhood is far from being easy and definitely far from being perfect, but what is perfect are the small simple moments of the every day life, spent with our kids and partners. And we have to learn to treasure these moments (even when they are made of thick frozen pizza on a week night!) and stop being so hard with ourselves!!

  82. Megan

    Thank you for a lovely honest post. Only last week I was judging myself for letting my little girl go to my mom for the weekend so that I could study and get some sleep prior my exam. Though we always speak of our village I definitely struggle to use it. Going to make more of an effort so that i no longer try to pour from an empty cup. Xoxo

  83. Laura Du Toit

    I really love this blog! Even sent it to my sister who recently became a mommy herself! Fingers crossed that i can win this beautiful price ??

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    Amazing giveaway ?
    Love your blog posts.

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    I loved this post. The K.I.S.S principle is so true… we do tend to over think it.

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    Beautiful post!!!!
    Absolutely loved it

  97. Tanya Hugo


    This rung ridiculously true today on this day… where I am tired, overworked, and feeling depleted, but even more so feeling guilty for feeling this way, and not being able to give my 100% to my family while in this mood.

    Thank you!

  98. Sharne Kriel


    What an amazing read! Not just this post but all of the others as well.
    There are numerous days that you just sit and ponder about motherhood, it is not easy at all some of the days. Especially if your husband works away most of the time..

    Your post makes it feel that it is okay and they we all are Super Mommies.

    Thank you for all your relevant post, I enjoy them all!

    An amazing prize giveaway, another baby on the way and all will come very handy !

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    Love it!!! Ook ‘n mamma van 3, relate so baie wanneer ek jou blog posts lees…

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  104. Celeste

    Such a real post. We are our worst critiques and boy is it hard trying to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife. I get despondent when I see the other moms who look so put together. Time for makeup, hair, dressed well. I often look down at what I am wearing and think “oh boy! Did I really leave the house like this?”
    But reading about other moms who feel the same way makes me feel like maybe o might just make it, maybe I’m not doing such a bad job.
    Thank you for a awesome post.

  105. Shareefah Emandien

    Thank you for being a Super-Mom to me today ❤️.
    Just when I was thinking today I am such a horrible wife and mother. For Not cooking supper, and not clearing the clutter before my husband walks through the door. And for not doing laundry, and staying in PJ’s all day with the baby.. And letting the two year old drink some juice she found in a bottle from yesterday and run around in a nappy! Its endless, and having no relavtives and friends around makes it so tough. This is so inspirational, thank you again.
    Hello to supporting one another ❤️

  106. Mari Grobler

    So dankbaar vir mammas soos jy wat kan SÊ wat soveel van ons voel!
    Ek ken jou nie (al voel dit so ?)
    Jy word waardeer!

  107. Firnne

    I love your honesty and making being a mom so real. We all get caught up in our crazy lives and what we need to remember is that our kids are incredible gifts from God and if he doesn’t expect us to be perfect neither should we. We just need to be there with love and do our very best and know that it is going to be okay. Thank you for your blog – I think you are incredible to share your very honest story with your beautiful family ?

  108. Michelle Steenkamp

    Hallo! Dankie vir die pragtige stuk, dit laat mens net weer besef dat ons die beste gee vir ons kleingoed en ons nie onsself moet kruisig as alles nie ‘perfek’ is nie.

  109. Sofiah

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